Smart Industry event ‘Develop the future’

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14 November 2019
18:00 - 22:15

Fully booked! Registration is no longer possible.

A solid, inspiring and informative program on ‘Develop the future’ within Smart Industry with speakers from organisations such as Microsoft, NS Treinmodernisering, Schneider Electric, Hutchison Ports ECT Rotterdam, DSM, Oasen and Van Oord Ship Management B.V.

On Thursday 14 November 2019,
ICT Group is organising the Smart Industry event in Maarssen, The Netherlands. The event focusses on the interaction between experts, colleagues, professionals, business relations and (fellow) service providers. Featuring informative presentations, stimulating success stories and inspiring cases, the event is an excellent opportunity to keep up-to-date in the domains of digitalisation, new developments and technologies within Smart Industry. Various networking intervals and meetings on the conference floor offer excellent occasions for sharing and expanding your knowledge as well as for personal meetings. Watch the demos of Wonderware, Cimpro, ABB, Raster, OrangeNXT, Siemens, Microsoft, ICT Group, OSIsoft and AspenTech.

Keynote speaker

Ernst Jan Stigter, General Manager: Microsoft Netherlands







Jos Blejie, CEO: ICT Group

Daan Baljet

Daan Baljet, Manager Electrical & Automation: Van Oord

Hans Spanjersberg, General Manager ICT: Hutchison Ports ECT Rotterdam

Jonathan Vondeling, IT Projectmanager: Oasen

Pim Berends, Sr. Business Consultant Industry: ICT Netherlands

Sander van Dasselaar, Vice President Industry: Schneider

Sander van Dasselaar, Vice President Industry: Schneider

Bas Lamme, OrangeNXT’s Trusted Advisor

Bart Lamot, Director Innovations: ICT Group

Leendert Mijnders, Sr. Business Consultant Industry: ICT Netherlands

Ruud van Drielen, Sr. Software Architect IA: ICT Netherlands

Alexander Spaans, Sr. ICT Projectmanager: NS Train Modernisation

John Koot, Alliance Director: OrangeNXT

Roel Wassenaar, Master Facilitator Continuous Improvement : DSM

Smart Industry 

Smart Industry is all about automation and digitalisation, and it combines (production) processes with the Internet of Things in order to connect devices, machines, raw materials, other production resources, the supply chain and employees.
The result comprises new production methods, new business models and new industries. Smart Industry involves a wide range of smart innovations aimed at all elements of business management, including process structure, smart information systems, smart production methods and other areas.

Program 2019

Digitalisation is shaking up the world. Rapid digitalisation of the industry requires structural changes to organisations and companies. If we want to remain future-proof and retain a leading edge, we have to adjust continuously to changes in the market and to offer new solutions. In short, we have to become (a bit) smarter every day.

Why is investing in Smart Industry a must in order to increase your turnover, expand your customer base and strengthen your competitive position? How does the convergence of IT and OT offer opportunities for efficiency, reliability, accuracy, continuity and security? What is our current situation? And what is our future? What will your business look like in five years from now?

These changes and developments, which are occurring at an extremely rapid pace, are forcing you to think about issues such as: ‘What are the implications for my organisation?’ ‘What does this mean for me personally?’ but also ‘How do we make sure that we retain our leading edge and our top position, and how do we keep our knowledge actual and up-to-date?’

Which choices do you have to make to realise this radical but also crucial change towards Smart Industry while at the same time keeping up with a continuously changing environment? Complex questions with a different answer for each organisation and a unique answer for each individual. What do innovation and Smart Industry mean for you as a person and as an employee, professional or manager? How can employees and employers get on and keep each other on their toes in these volatile and dynamic times? How can we bring people, technologies and ideas together?

Impressions 2018 en 2017


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Sr. Marketing & Communications Advisor

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