On Tuesday 24 November, ICT organised the webinar ‘Smart Logistics in Industry 4.0’ in collaboration with Reflex Logistics Solutions.

Logistics in the industrial sector, as in many other sectors, is undergoing enormous development. Many experience that modern production and logistics processes are becoming more complex by the day. Product life cycles are becoming shorter, suppliers and customers are located in all corners of the world and activities are being outsourced. Customers determine how and when goods are delivered and expect detailed status information 24/7. Regulatory compliance requirements in the areas of health, safety and transparency are also becoming more stringent.

The outbreak of COVID-19 has reinforced the need for change. We are seeing enormous pressure on the Supply Chain due to shortages of products. The ever-changing demands of customers lead to peaks and troughs in demand. In addition, in these difficult times, an increase in (online) sales leads to a growing demand for warehouse staff, while the rising number of infections means there are fewer people available.

In these times when the production process is determined by the wishes of the individual customer, the industry needs ways to work faster and more flexibly, and to optimise the production process. This requires new methods and a number of adequate measures for warehouse management. During the webinar, ICT Group demonstrated how you can meet these challenges with Reflex WMS and Industry 4.0.

In the webinar, the following was discussed:
– Making the logistics process controllable and optimising it within production logistics;
– How to reduce costs and increase capacity with smart production logistics solutions;
– How flexible software solutions enable information to be shared quickly and expanded easily.

Watch the recording!
The speakers were Hugo Farla (Business Consultant bij ICT Group) and Ronald Schepers (Reflex Logistics Solutions by Hardis Group)

Would you like more information?
If you have any questions or would like to receive more information, please contact Hugo Farla via or +31 655 447 845.

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