On Thursday May 14th 2020 we organised the webinar ‘Covid-19: Opportunities and threats within Smart Industry.’

We looked at topics such as: The new “agile” working, the possibilities of mixed reality, how do we create a smart and safe one and a half meters society and what steps should we take to be able to return to “business as usual”. The following topics were discussed:
* How do you keep employees healthy and available (working remotely, specifically for the OT domain).
* What are the (im)possibilities within a factory in a time of crisis.
* How can we use this time to boost digitization and performance to gain competitive advantage.
* How can you make a link between the physical, digital and virtual world with a hololens.

You can download the PowerPoint presentation of this webinar here. 

Let’s develop the future together!

The rapid digitization of the industry already required targeted changes in your organisation. Everything accelerates thanks to Covid-19. To remain future-proof, we must adapt to change and offer new solutions. For example, the transformation to a digital company, where you can see in real time what is happening in the virtual world. This can be virtual as in “virtual reality”, such as the world we see there, which is graphic, or via dashboards. With special tooling we can unlock all data points from the OT world.

We want to make the world (a little) smarter every day, and we are happy to do that together with you!

Watch the full webinar ‘Covid-19: Opportunities and threats within Smart Industry.’