Project: A2 tunnel boosts Maastricht region

In Maastricht, the first double-decker tunnel in the Netherlands opened on December 16, 2016. The highway traffic (A2) passes through the upper two tubes and local traffic (N2) through the bottom two tunnel tubes. ICT Group has played an important role in the project. Proudly we present you the, by ICT Group, implemented system in the new A2 tunnel near Maastricht. The system ensures that the 50 tunnel and traffic installations work together safely in the four tunnel tubes.

Getting this project done in the A2 tunnel was a challenge. But since we put the right specialists in the right place in an early stage already, ICT could grow in the project. Because we could begin testing the software and hardware at an early stage, we were enabled to correct errors faster. It made the lead time shorter and saved money.

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ICT Group Water and Process Automation Conference 2016 a huge success

With more than 100 excited visitors, the ICT Water and Process Automation Conference held on October 13, 2016 was a huge success. The leading conference on process automation focused on water quality and water quantity. Three parallel programs allowed visitors to choose from 30 presentations on design and management, products & solutions, and projects. The program also included workshops and interactive sessions. In addition, the central area was used to brief visitors on the solutions provided by the various engineering firms and system suppliers.

Feedback from attendees from water authorities, local authorities and engineering and consultancy firms was extremely positive. Attendees rated the atmosphere very highly and felt there was ample room for discussion. They also said they appreciated the opportunity to share expertise and investigate new technologies, along with their potential value. “There clearly is a growing need for cooperation between the system integrator, the consultant and the end-user at an early stage to allow an integrated approach to a project,” says Hans van der Kolk. “That’s why a day like today is so great, with everyone gathered right here in the same venue.”

Racing: A world of Passion and Technology!

On September 6, ICT hosted an event on passion and technology in Formula 1. One of the speakers was Jan Lammers, former Formula 1 racing driver. Lammers and ICT had arranged to meet together with the members of InMotion, a student team founded at Eindhoven University of Technology. The team is supported by various companies and top people from the racing world. Racing in a hybrid car for 24 hours while overtaking a Formula-1 car in terms of speed and fuel consumption: that’s the challenge the InMotion student racing team is facing. To take on this challenge, the team wants to compete in the Le Mans 24-hour race in the next few years. This car, the IM01, is equipped with a series of Hybrid power train components for maximum performance and high efficiency. ICT developed the software for the ECU’s (Electronic Control Units) using the Motar toolbox.  Jan Lammers will be giving a presentation to share his Formula 1 and Le Mans experiences, combined with stories about InMotion. Interested? Please contact Rob Hogeweg. Do you want to participate in IT projects that offer a real challenge? Start thinking about a career at ICT Group! Click here to view our current job offering.

Look at the future with the Microsoft HoloLens

On July 13 ICT proudly presented a first glimpse of the Microsoft HoloLens during an interactive ‘brain’ event. At this event we shared our view on innovation and our insights into Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. Also there was a demonstration with one of the first Microsoft HoloLens devices in The Netherlands. More information about this device?  Please contact Bart Lamot, Innovation Consultant. Do you also want to work on IT projects that are truly challenging? Consider a career at ICT Group! Find our up-to-date jobs page here.