Water Congres 2019

ICT Group again organized the leading ICT Group Water Congress in 2019. It was an inspiring day! A day with interaction between experts, colleagues, professionals, relations and (colleague) providers. This year we informed visitors about three important themes within Water: Automation, Computerization and Water 4.0.

Water boards, drinking water companies, municipalities and engineering consultancies met and discussed, among other things, (process) automation in the area of ​​waste water, surface water or drinking water. In addition, they let themselves be informed and inspired by various speakers in the field of smart IT solutions in Water.

Take a  look at the after movie of the ICT Group Water Congress 2019 or download the presentations of the day here.

Meet the management trainees

Meet the Management Trainees from ICT Group: Priya Pershad, Merle Meeuws and Jasper Groenendijk! These young professionals have gotten the chance to learn more about their abilities and to investigate which activities in an organisation they are interested in. In the two-year traineeship, they learn more about themselves, but they also assist the company in many levels.

In this video they introduce themselves and explain why they have decided to be a part of ICT’s Management Traineeship.

Relocation from Brazil to the Netherlands

A new career, a new future. At ICT Group in the Netherlands we employ over 30 different nationalities and our strong international environment made us realise we are all different, but we all have a lot in common. We would like to offer you a future in the Netherlands and we invite you to consider a move to our beautiful country.

Meet our colleague Daniel who is working for the High Tech unit. He’s been living in the Netherlands for six months now. In this video he tells us more about his relocation process and about working at ICT Group.

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goinGDutch: building the cycling community of the future

Recently, we celebrated the launch of goinGDutch and the opening of a new office at Schiphol. It was a fascinating day for the partnership in which Schiphol Airport, Microsoft, BAM Infra and OrangeNXT (part of the ICT Group) are building the cycling community of the future. What does this collaboration entail and how are we going to shape it together? View our vlog!

View the website: www.goingdutch.bike

ICT Developer Day 2019

In June, the annual ICT Developer Day 2019 took place. ​More than 100 colleagues were welcomed at Papendal. Because of the ICT Group’s strategy, this year’s theme was ‘Develop the Future’.

The ICT Developer Day is an annual event in which colleagues from the ICT Group share knowledge about innovative technical developments. Moreover, it is a great opportunity to meet colleagues in a sporting environment.

‘Moving container terminals to the 21st century’ at TOC Europe

ICT Group was present at the TOC Europe 2019 in Rotterdam Ahoy. Here we informed you about the possibilities within Digital Twin, Internet of Things, Middleware, Digital Transformation, Deep Learning Solutions and other Smart Solutions that ICT Group and OrangeNXT offer you.

In addition to our stand we informed you during the TECH TOC conference. TECH TOC is a conference for the stakeholders in port and terminal industry to come together, share experiences and expertise and map out solutions to common current and future challenges.

Presentation TECH TOC: Moving container terminals to the 21st century
Automating operations on a container terminal is hardly new nowadays. However, standard solutions do not always apply or offer only part of a solution. This means that some customization (or a lot) is still necessary. Furthermore, as more and more systems on a terminal are becoming automated, it turns out that people on a terminal do more than just their jobs.

The standard-off-the-shelf solutions only replace the main task its human predecessor fulfilled, but the employee did more than just that. Employees also notice things happening on the terminal or, more importantly, not happening. Automated systems do not.
With more and more automation based on products from different vendors, the number of eyes on the terminal diminishes and so the number of people noticing something is wrong (or will go wrong if nothing changes) also goes down.

In this presentation we have showed how we are working on automated terminals based both standard and custom-made terminals without losing that invaluable insight if all systems are working happily together.

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Edgard Spierts, 25 years of service: “I am always working on technology”

Meet Edgard Spierts. He recently celebrated his 25th anniversary at ICT Group. What makes his work at ICT so special, that he still works here? And what’s so great about his job?

Edgard started his career with military service with the navy. He already came into contact with software there. After his time with the navy, he came into contact with ICT. Much has changed in the field of software in 25 years. Learn more about Edgard’s experiences in 25 years of working at ICT.

“Your career is like an exercise on the surf of the sea. You are on your surfboard and you don’t know what the next wave will bring. “

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OrangeNXT and Ampelmann: To transfer employees safely to and from offshore work sites

Ferrying workers from the shore to various offshore facilities – including drilling rigs and wind turbines – has presented many companies with challenges for decades. In the past, many businesses relied on helicopters or personnel baskets and swing ropes to shuttle workers between platforms and ships. However, even in ideal circumstances this comes with a fair share of health and safety risks for employees: in a full 20 per cent of cases, bad weather and/or rough seas rule out the safe use of these methods.

OrangeNXT (an ICT Group company) developed conNXT, which is an IoT solution which can help Ampelmann to use data to improve the performance of its gangway. conNXT is a ready-to-use platform for remote monitoring, asset management and predictive maintenance and can be adapted to specific requirements with minimal effort.

The conNXT solution allows Ampelmann to monitor their systems, improve their preventive maintenance programmes, and focuses on putting preventive maintenance into practice.

Learn more

Do you want to learn more about the case? Read Microsoft’s Customer Story.

Smart technology to make roads safer

When BAM Infra Nederland, a multinational construction company, needed a more efficient and cost-effective way to visually inspect and maintain asphalt paving, it turned to OrangeNXT (an ICT Group company), a leading software integrator based in the Netherlands. Working together, the two companies developed a smart solution that uses Microsoft Azure, machine learning, and AI to train specially designed algorithms to accurately detect and classify various types of damage on paved surfaces. The new solution improves the speed, quality, efficiency, and accuracy of visual road checks, enables predictive asphalt maintenance, and reduces costs—freeing inspectors to focus their expertise where it is really needed.

Article and whitepaper

Click here to read an article about this case. Do you want to go more in-depth? Then download OrangeNXT’s whitepaper.

Relocation from Turkey to The Netherlands

A new career, a new future. At ICT Group we employ more than 30 different nationalities. With a strong international environment and more than 1,400 colleagues, we challenge you to talk with us.

We are happy to offer our international colleagues a future in the Netherlands and we invite them to take a step to this beautiful country. View the story of our Turkish colleagues Tunahan and Görkem. They moved to the Netherlands to make their dreams come true.

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