Predictive maintenance for pumping stations at Schiphol

At Schiphol, BAM Infra manages roughly 80 pumping stations. Before working with ICT Group, all the data obtained from the stations had to be manually processed and converted to relevant information. BAM wanted to be able to advance towards predictive maintenance. The main challenge for the Dedicated Digital Transformation team from ICT was to collect, transform and automatically analyse data from the pumping stations.

ICT Group Knowledge Event: Trends and Developments in IA

On Thursday November 16th 2017, the ICT Group Knowledge Event: Trends and Developments in IA took place. Visitors accepted the challenge and were informed about the trends and developments in IA and discussed the future of Industrial Automation.

The subject during the event were the solutions that help to make processes in industrial environments more efficient, flexible, easier, safer and more sustainable. During the event, there were inspirational keynote speakers as Raster, Siemens, Schneider, Wonderware BNL, ABB en ICT Group. The speakers presented subjects as Cybersecurity, Smart Manufacturing, Safety Systems, Data analysis, Telemetry and GIS Intergration.

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Water Congres 2017

Op 12 oktober 2017 vond in Vianen het ICT Group Water Congres plaats. Onze partners en ICT Group informeerden en demonstreerden de laatste stand van zaken in Procesoptimalisatie, MES, Industriële- en Procesautomatisering, Informatiebehoefte en -voorziening, Cybersecurity en hoe data om te zetten is naar waarde in de watersector, de Digitale Transformatie binnen water. Dit jaar was het Water Congres uitgebreid met een minibeursvloer en demoruimte’s waar systeemleveranciers de bezoekers zelf de gelegenheid gaven om de producten uit te proberen.

Heeft u het Water Congres gemist en werkt u bij een waterschap, drinkwaterbedrijf, gemeente of ingenieurs- adviesbureau en heeft u te maken met onder andere (proces)automatisering op het gebied van afvalwater, oppervlaktewater of drinkwater? Bekijk dan de Aftermovie van het Water Congres en schrijf 11 oktober 2018 alvast in uw agenda om er zeker van te zijn dat u het toonaangevende Water Congres in 2018 niet mist!

2017 – Inspireren en informeren
In 2017 liet de bezoeker zich informeren en inspireren en bepaalde zelf wat voor hem of haar interessant is.

– Luisteren naar diverse presentaties en praktijkcases van systeemleveranciers en ingenieursbureaus.
– Het bekijken van  prachtige demonstraties en interactieve sessies.
– Presentaties bezoeken uit het parallelle programma.
– Gesprekken voeren met ingenieursbureaus en systeemleveranciers op de mini-beurs.
– Netwerken in een ontspannen sfeer.

ICT Group, ABB, Siemens, Schneider, Wonderware Benelux, RoyalHaskoning DHV, Witteveen+Bos, KienIA en Nelen&Schuurmans waren aanwezig op het ICT Group Water Congres 2017.

Remeha Connect software solution by ICT Group

The Challenge: Transform a manufacturer of heating systems into a big data-driven service provider.

For this transformation Remeha wanted to gain insight into the central heating boiler. They wanted more connectivity to the boiler, to understand it better and plan maintenance efficiently. They also wanted to enable installers to help their customers more efficiently.

Remeha Connect
Data is the basis for new digital propositions. The data on the boilers is the basis for Remeha Connect. The platform consists of Microsoft IoT Suite products in an Azure Cloud.  This makes Remeha proactive and innovative. ICT Group helped Remeha to add digital functionality to future proof their products.

Want to know more about the benefits and opportunities the future offers? Or do you want to work on challenging IT projects?

Take a look at the video about Remeha and ICT Group.

Ricardo Rail adapts ‘SmartFleet’ by ICT Group

The Challenge: transform decades of experience into a digital service to scale globally.

This transformation required new IT. Ricardo Rail needed software that enables them to collect data, store and analyse them for useful information for their clients. ICT Group helped Ricardo Rail with this software.

ICT Group developed ‘SmartFleet’ with Ricardo Rail to enable its clients to give better advice based on actual data. ICT Group calls this data driven decision making. Ricardo Rail chose ICT Group as implementation partner for our knowledge and experience concerning IoT and big data analysis. ICT Group advised and supported Ricardo Rail during the whole transition.

Want to know the benefits of ‘Smart Fleet’ and how the knowledge of collected data was applied in to a Microsoft Azure cloud platform? Or do you want to work on challenging IT projects?

Take a look at the video about Ricardo Rail and ICT Group.

Smart charging with Greenflux

How to  charge cars in a quick, safe and cost- effective manner without overloading the network.

 The main challenge in smart charging is to ensure that drivers can charge their cars in a quick, safe and cost-effective manner, without overloading the electricity network. After all, electric cars consume a lot of energy.

ICT Group has built an entire control system of charging stations, including its hardware and software, as well as the GSOP cloud system. In addition, ICT has advised Greenflux to use Tele2 for the mobile connections between the charging stations and the cloud.

Smart Charging is a good example of a new energy service, based on IoT & Cloud technology. This type of innovation is essential in order to meet the challenges of the new energy market. ICT Group is proud to be playing a role in realizing this innovation.

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Racing team strikes again

They did it again! In June, the InMotion racing team broke the electric lap record at Circuit Zandvoort. Last weekend, they shattered another electric lap record during the SuperPrix in Zolder. During the event, professional driver known from Porsche GT3, Xavier Maassen, set a laptime of 1:42.614. An improvement of the former record by more than 18 seconds. ICT Group is one of the partners of InMotion and provided them with a completely new software platform called Motar. ICT Group congratulates InMotion with this new record! Partnership ICT and InMotion InMotion is an automotive race team that consists of students of Eindhoven University of Technology and Fontys University of Applied Sciences. InMotion aims to participate in the 24h race of Le Mans in 2020 with their IM01 race car. Together ICT and InMotion developed the Electronic Control Units (ECU’s) for the complete IM/e race car. ICT provides its Model based development Production Platform: Motar, consisting of the ECU’s hardware and platform software, while InMotion develops the control algorithms (application software) for these ECU’s.

After movie Developer Day 2017

Due to the succes of the previous editions, the ICT Developer Day was organized again on May 30th 2017 at Hotel and Congress Centre Papendal in Arnhem. And was once more an enormous success! Theme of this year’s edition: Accelerate! The market demands introducing innovative new products faster and faster. This acceleration requires new techniques and methods, including software development​. Keynote speaker Hans Bos, National Technology Officer Microsoft Netherlands, connected the history, today and future of technology. And he challenged us to accelerate in a responsible way. The technological opportunities are tremendous and it is up to us humans to establish frameworks and protect boundaries. Take a look at the after movie.

InMotion racecar breaks the electric lap record

They did it! With 1:48,371, the InMotion team shattered the electric lap record with 16 seconds. Beitske Visser, Dutch emerging talent in the international motorsport, had the honor of making the record attempt. An extensive network of partners has made it possible to optimize the technology of the race car in every detail. One of these partners is ICT Group. We provided a completely new software platform called Motar, which made it possible, among other things, for InMotion to deliver this amazing performance. ICT Group congratulates InMotion with their record! InMotion-ICT Group-MotarInMotion-ICT Group-Motar Seamless integration from Simulink Together ICT Group and InMotion developed the control ECUs for the racecar. ICT provided the Motar-platform, consisting of the ECU hardware, basic software and Model based development toolkit. InMotion developed the actual control algorithms that runs on these ECUs, controlling the entire car. With Motar, ICT offered a way to integrate control algorithms which are built in Simulink on a production class automotive hardware platform without any additional effort or hand-coding. By using the Motar toolbox in the Simulink control models, integration of these models on the ECU HW is done by a single button push.

What’s next The next step is the construction of a new car. With that new car, the ultimate goal of InMotion is to participate in the 24-hour race of Le Mans in 2020. InMotion-ICT Group-Motar (Photo credits: Gerlach Delissen Photography)