Aftermovie Production Process Automation event 2019

During the PPA event on January 29 in Nijkerk, ICT Group was present at the fair and gave an inspiring presentation on the role of MES in the digital transformation at NS Train Modernization. ICT Group gave a presentation together with ‘NS Treinmodernisering’ about the design of the new revision process, the operation of the automation and the role of MES to achieve fully digitized production.

NS Treinmodernisering is the revision and modernization company for parts and wagons of trains. In Haarlem, the wheel sets of trains are overhauled. A new building was realized in 2017 with new machining lines for the axles, with components such as wheels and brake discs. This revision process has been fully digitized and MES has been introduced as the “conductor” of the process. Based on inspection of the incoming axes, the route (workflow) is determined by the revision process. Various operations take place which are controlled and recorded by MES. The analyzes of this process have also been fully digitized, including production reports, OEE and Work-In-Progress, resulting in new insights.

Relocation South Africa – PLC/SCADA engineers

ICT Group is looking for PLC/SCADA engineers! As a PLC/SCADA engineer, you will be involved in complex software solutions for our customers in one of the following business units: Water & Infrastructure, Industry or Outsourced Services.

This call is specifically for PLC/SCADA engineers from South Africa. In this video, our South African colleagues Armand and Petrus discuss their experiences. How do they experience living and working in the Netherlands? And even more specifically: do they like working at ICT Group?

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Aftermovie InfraTech 2019

The Infra and Mobility unit of ICT Group, including InTraffic, ICT Water & Infra, NedMobiel, and OrangeNXT focusses on infrastructure and mobility issues.
By combining our expert knowledge in the field of engineering and realization of process automation, mobility solutions, tunnel safety, asset management and digital transformation, we can tackle any complex challenge.

‘We have a lot of knowledge of and experience with tunnels. We know the market and the players. We know how to engage in talks with other parties.’

Through this co-operation we can keep the Netherlands accessible, safe, available and durable. We gladly show you how we apply Infra & Mobility Solutions to make cities (and tunnels) a little smarter every day.

‘We do that with smart technology, mobility solutions, and data knowledge.’ 

OrangeNXT & Hytech International

Hytech uses OrangeNXT’s conNXT platform to manage and monitor its digital scales, which are located at as many as 3,300 PostNL sites.

The service engineers who install new scales and service the installed base have a mobile app that uses predictive maintenance to indicate which scales need service and when. This has led to incredible improvements: both the back-office workload and incidents have been reduced significantly. Watch the case video!

Aftermovie Group Meeting 2018

On December 19th, our annual Group Meeting took place.

Networking, conviviality, inspiration and good food were the ingredients for a great evening with all of the ICT Group colleagues. Jos Blejie looked back at 2018, the year in which we celebrated our 40th anniversary, keynote speaker Carlo van de Weijer shared a very interesting story about the future of mobility and everyone had a great time in the escape room, the Vision race car from InMotion and the F1 race simulators. Take a look at the after movie!

Group Meeting opening 2018

Now that 2018 is almost over, it is time to look back. It was a great year in which we celebrated our 40th anniversary. Since the start of our existence, things happened. “We happened”. ICT brought people, ideas and technologies together.

During our annual Group Meeting we thanked all our colleagues for their enthusiasm and their drive to make the world a little smarter every day. See you next year!

Traineeship Industrial Automation

How do you ensure that the Netherlands keeps their feet dry? And that 45 tunnel installations work together safely? Or that a production flow of 150 million vaccines remains optimally controlled?

We help you to get the best out of yourself with our Traineeship Industrial Automation. Together we will work to ensure that you develop into a streamlined junior software engineer IA, who is ready to enter the world of industrial and process automation. In this video, ou colleagues tell you more about their experiences.

Read more and apply! Note: the Traineeship completely in Dutch.

Knowledge Event: Trends and developments in IA

IT & OT are moving towards each other. ICT Group responds to that: we can bring the two sides together.

This was one of the topics during the ICT Group Knowledge Event: Trends and developments in Industrial Automation. Various speakers gave a presentation about these trends and developments in IA. Watch the after movie of the event that took place in November 2018.

Water Congress 2018

In 2018, ICT Group once again organized the leading ICT Group Water Congress. It was an interesting and valuable day.

Water boards, drinking water companies, municipalities and engineering consultancies met and discussed, among other things, (process) automation in the area of ​​waste water, surface water or drinking water. In addition, they let themselves be informed and inspired by various speakers in the field of smart IT solutions in Water.

Do you want to be present in 2019? Make a note in your agenda for next year on Thursday October 10, 2019.



Council of 20

​The council of 20 is a group of colleagues below the age of 30 that meet each other once in a while. During those meetings, they discuss their ideas and chances to improve ICT.

On September 11th, the Council met our CEO Jos Blejie. On that evening, they discussed the growth of ICT so far and worked on topics such as People & Culture, Workplace & Mobility and Technology & Markets​.