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Mixed Reality: hét gereedschap voor 2021!

Only available in Dutch ICT Group werkt op het gebied van Mixed Reality samen met Waterschap Vallei en Veluwe. We hebben een toepassing gebouwd om object georiënteerd data te presenteren op de plek waar je het nodig hebt. Het gerealiseerde vormt de modulaire basis voor verdere uitbreiding. De kracht zit ‘m niet in één onderdeel, […]


Hoe kunnen onze watersystemen de steeds extremere weersomstandigheden het hoofd bieden?

Only available in Dutch Nederland heeft de afgelopen jaren zowel te kampen gehad met hoosbuien als met extreme droogte. De bestaande infrastructuur en processen zijn hier vaak niet op ingericht. Hoe kan bestaande infrastructuur worden ingezet om wateroverlast en droogte tegen te gaan, bij voorkeur met zo laag mogelijke kosten? Een Beslissing Ondersteunend Systeem (BOS) […]


Keeping your legacy system up to date during new development

Almost every public transport company in the Netherlands is in the process of upgrading its application landscape, including NS Netherlands Railways. The outdated application Vervoer Per Trein (VPT), or Transport By Train, was gradually replaced by the new DONNA system. Whereas companies in these types of projects tend to put their old systems out to […]


Full year results 2020 ICT Group

Strong performance with EBITDA up 16%; impact Covid-19 on full year 2020 limited Highlights FY 2020 Full year revenue was up 3% at € 160.0 million, organically flat EBITDA increased 16% to € 19.2 million, EBITDA margin improved to 12.0% (2019: 10.6%) Net profit increased 63% to € 4.4 million Proposed dividend of € 0.40 […]



ICT GROUP AND A CONSORTIUM LED BY NPM CAPITAL AGREE ON RECOMMENDED ALL-CASH OFFER OF EUR 14.50 PER SHARE JOINT PRESS RELEASE This is a joint press release by ICT Group N.V. (“ICT Group” or the “Company“), NPM Investments XI B.V. (the “Offeror“) (a wholly-owned subsidiary of NPM Capital N.V. (“NPM Capital“)) and Teslin Ipanema […]


Webinar | Cyber security in IT/OT environments

IT and OT (Operational Technology) are becoming increasingly intertwined. This offers many advantages, such as easy and continuous access to information, higher levels of efficiency and the way technology adds value to processes. However, it also creates new cyber security risks and challenges. In this webinar, we as ICT Group will give our vision on […]


InTraffic makes BISON standards clear for everyone

If there is one sector that leads the way in implementing standards, it’s public transport organisations. Working in accordance with BISON standards that allow data exchanges with other partners in the public transport system has become common practice in the Netherlands. This puts the country ahead of the pack internationally. What role did the various […]


ICT Group starts partnership with KISTERS for adaptive water management through smart steering

ICT Group NV, a leading system integrator in the public water sector, is entering into a partnership with KISTERS AG. KISTERS offers innovative solutions for water management. The company is specialised in flexible, efficient and future-orientated software applications that integrate, manage, analyse and apply measurement and prediction data for smart water system steering, “dynamic level […]


Smart hubs offer affordable mobility in a sustainable manner

Thanks to the rapid rise of electric buses, mobility and energy are now inextricably linked. This raises a host of new issues. How can all vehicles be charged on time and also at the most favourable rate? The answer lies in smart hubs. A smart hub is a central control point that connects other devices, […]