Look at the future with the Microsoft HoloLens

On July 13 ICT proudly presented a first glimpse of the Microsoft HoloLens during an interactive ‘brain’ event. At this event we shared our view on innovation and our insights into Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. Also there was a demonstration with one of the first Microsoft HoloLens devices in The Netherlands. More information about this device?  Please contact Bart Lamot, Innovation Consultant. Do you also want to work on IT projects that are truly challenging? Consider a career at ICT Group! Find our up-to-date jobs page here.

Clever IT solutions for sustainable energy

The need for energy is increasing, while the climate is calling for reduced CO2 emissions. Sustainable energy is the solution, but this brings with it new challenges. Both consumers and companies with solar panels, a wind turbine or cogeneration unit can soon become both suppliers and consumers of energy. This makes supply and demand more difficult to predict. The increasing use of electric cars and heat pumps too will require a lot of extra capacity from the network.

Intelligent energy grids are the answer to these challenges. They offer the flexibility to mutually exchange energy and the scale to make it profitable. ICT Group offers solutions to make energy grids even cleverer, safer and more affordable. We do this with cloud solutions that coordinate supply and demand optimally and control energy storage, production and consumption in a smart way. Examples here are charging your car when the sun shines or the automatic control of business processes to reduce costs.

Clever software for High Tech industry

The high-tech industry is rapidly demanding increasingly advanced production machinery, measuring and control systems and equipment. What is the standard today has to be even more efficient, faster, stronger, smaller and more accurate tomorrow. Developing new machines or improving existing ones is an expensive enterprise. In addition, in recent years we have reached the limits of what is physically and electronically possible. Our challenge is to keep on pushing those boundaries with smart software. This enables us to compensate for the physical imperfections of equipment inexpensively and to raise performance to a higher level. This is a sure sign that software is shifting ever further away from its role as an enabler and becoming a key part of the process.

Smart IT solutions for water boards, drinking water companies and authorities

Water and infrastructure fulfil a basic human need. They have a great social importance and at the same time are very vulnerable. Think about climate change, water pollution or traffic problems. Installations and systems must offer maximum safety, availability, sustainability and reliability of (drinking) water, roads, bridges, tunnels and locks. To achieve this it is vital that all links in the chain are completely integrated and can cooperate: water boards, drinking water companies, local authorities and the Department of Waterways and Public Works, but also traffic information services, smart cars and operating and control systems of civil infrastructure.

ICT Group provides smart IT solutions that can read and operate installations and systems remotely. With the aid of the internet of things and big data these can predict when a system will fail or need maintenance. In this way we make management information immediately available, and offer proactive support to decision making.

Project: A4-tunnel Delft-Schiedam

The new A4 Delft-Schiedam highway, a seven kilometre long road ensuring less congestion on the A13, opened in December 2015. The Kethel tunnel, a 2 kilometre long land tunnel that runs through residential areas, is one component of the highway. The ICT Group was called in to ensure the safe control of all technical tunnel equipment.