Putting its first mileage on the InMotion racecar

ICT has partnered with Automotive Technology InMotion to mutually develop the IM/e racecar. InMotion strives to participate in the 24h race of Le Mans with their IM01 endurance racer. In January the team started with extensive testing on the dynamometer to gain insight into all sorts of data of the car. This week, it was time for another milestone. The car made its first ride outside. The circuit in Lelystad was scene of the “installation laps”. Check the video above this article for a great compilation.

A successful milestone
Tuesday February 21, InMotion took the IM/e to the track for the very first time. It was an exciting moment for the entire team. Racing driver Meindert van Buuren had the honor to put the first mileage on the car. Fortunately, the car performed great from the beginning, and the team was able to do some installation laps, followed by a predefined test plan. During testing they encountered some minor technical teething troubles, but it was nothing structural. Click here for a photo impression.

Testing, testing and more testing
Last January, the Motar powered InMotion IM/e drove its first meters. One of InMotions experienced racedrivers, Nick Catsburg, was at the wheel of the IM/e. This took place during an event hosted for InMotion’s partners/sponsors. After this successful shakedown, the car is optimized for the racetrack. Several test are executed at the dyno. Based on these dyno test-results the team took apart the car to improve several parts of the car. After the car has been fully rebuilt, it became track-worthy. To put some more mileage on it, this week the car made its maiden laps on an actual track.

Partnership ICT and InMotion
InMotion is an automotive race team that consists of students of Eindhoven University of Technology and Fontys University of Applied Sciences. InMotion aims to participate in the 24h race of Le Mans in 2020 with their IM01 race car. Together ICT and InMotion developed the Electronic Control Units (ECU’s) for the complete IM/e race car. ICT provides its Model based development Production Platform: Motar, consisting of the ECU’s hardware and platform software, while InMotion develops the control algorithms (application software) for these ECU’s.

Successful participation in PPA event

On February 9, ICT Group participated in the PPA (Production and Process Automation) Event 2017. During this day, guests of the PPA event discovered developments around 4.0 Industry, Industrial Internet of Things, Big Data and Cyber Security. ICT Group joined the event with a booth and a presentation by Stefan Pluis. About 100 visitors attended the presentation about Smart Model Predictive Control.

Check out this video impression with the highlights of the event. (Only available in Dutch.)

Start your Digital Transformation with the ICT 4C model

ICT Group has a long and proven track record as an industrial solutions provider in the domains smarter cities, industry and health. We have in-depth knowledge of embedded software and the primary industrial process of our customers. Also, we have proven experience with the integration of digital technologies. This combination ensures that we can provide you an end-to-end, integrated solution. From the sensor to data to insights. Our solutions are enabled by our unique Digital Transformation model which is based on a platform of standardized building blocks. The ICT Digital Transformation model is the starting point in the process of moving to a digital business. Within this model we distinguish 4 levels. Operational efficiency (Connect), Enable insights (Collect), Business Innovation (Control) and Business Transformation (Change). Click here for more information about Digital Transformation by ICT.

After-movie ICT Group Business Relation Day Healthcare January 12, 2017

On January 12, 2017, ICT hosted its annual Healthcare Partners Day at the Jeroen Bosch Hospital in Den Bosch. While enjoying drinks and a delicious Bossche Bol (a local pastry), visitors were inspired by renowned speakers and a variety of demo stands. Presentations relating to “Smarter Healthcare” showed best practices in the domain of Clinical Decision Support in radiology, medical software development (CE/FDA) in urology, and treatment advice based on big data in radiotherapy. The demo sessions showed various innovative IT solutions for healthcare. We received positive feedback from the more than 70 visitors who attended the event. Guests valued the open atmosphere, and there was ample time to ask questions and mingle. The variety of speakers made the event a highly enjoyable day for all who attended. They got to find out what’s new in our field as well as having the opportunity to extend their network.

Project: A2 tunnel boosts Maastricht region

In Maastricht, the first double-decker tunnel in the Netherlands opened on December 16, 2016. The highway traffic (A2) passes through the upper two tubes and local traffic (N2) through the bottom two tunnel tubes. ICT Group has played an important role in the project. Proudly we present you the, by ICT Group, implemented system in the new A2 tunnel near Maastricht. The system ensures that the 50 tunnel and traffic installations work together safely in the four tunnel tubes.

Getting this project done in the A2 tunnel was a challenge. But since we put the right specialists in the right place in an early stage already, ICT could grow in the project. Because we could begin testing the software and hardware at an early stage, we were enabled to correct errors faster. It made the lead time shorter and saved money.

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ICT Group Water and Process Automation Conference 2016 a huge success

With more than 100 excited visitors, the ICT Water and Process Automation Conference held on October 13, 2016 was a huge success. The leading conference on process automation focused on water quality and water quantity. Three parallel programs allowed visitors to choose from 30 presentations on design and management, products & solutions, and projects. The program also included workshops and interactive sessions. In addition, the central area was used to brief visitors on the solutions provided by the various engineering firms and system suppliers.

Feedback from attendees from water authorities, local authorities and engineering and consultancy firms was extremely positive. Attendees rated the atmosphere very highly and felt there was ample room for discussion. They also said they appreciated the opportunity to share expertise and investigate new technologies, along with their potential value. “There clearly is a growing need for cooperation between the system integrator, the consultant and the end-user at an early stage to allow an integrated approach to a project,” says Hans van der Kolk. “That’s why a day like today is so great, with everyone gathered right here in the same venue.”

Racing: A world of Passion and Technology!

On September 6, ICT hosted an event on passion and technology in Formula 1. One of the speakers was Jan Lammers, former Formula 1 racing driver. Lammers and ICT had arranged to meet together with the members of InMotion, a student team founded at Eindhoven University of Technology. The team is supported by various companies and top people from the racing world. Racing in a hybrid car for 24 hours while overtaking a Formula-1 car in terms of speed and fuel consumption: that’s the challenge the InMotion student racing team is facing. To take on this challenge, the team wants to compete in the Le Mans 24-hour race in the next few years. This car, the IM01, is equipped with a series of Hybrid power train components for maximum performance and high efficiency. ICT developed the software for the ECU’s (Electronic Control Units) using the Motar toolbox.  Jan Lammers will be giving a presentation to share his Formula 1 and Le Mans experiences, combined with stories about InMotion. Interested? Please contact Rob Hogeweg. Do you want to participate in IT projects that offer a real challenge? Start thinking about a career at ICT Group! Click here to view our current job offering.