Kevin develops software with Motar

ICT Group has been a partner of the racing team InMotion since 2015 and supports them with its model-based development Production Platform Motar. Our colleagues partnered with the racing team to implement the platform into its newest car: the Revolution.

Motar is a plug & play product of ICT Group and enables mechanical engineers to create software without programming skills. We have developed this tool especially for builders of (off-highway) vehicles who work within a Matlab/Simulink environment. Motar can be applied in various markets: not only automotive Tier-1’s, racing industry and large OEMs, but also the producers of trucks, miniloaders, agricultural vehicles and automated guided vehicles can generate software with the platform.

In this video, our colleague Kevin van Bergeijk shares his experiences about working at ICT Group and developing the Motar platform. He has been working on the implementation of Motar in InMotion’s racing car: Revolution. The video recordings took place during InMotion’s testing days. InMotion was at Breda International Airport where the Revolution drove its first meters.

“It’s great to see that InMotion is applying our Motar product in a racing car and that it’s ready for a test drive. It’s very satisfying to see your work being applied.”

Kevin van Bergeijk, Software Architect at ICT

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‘t Hart Verloskunde uses Sense4Baby

Since 2016, as part of the experiment region Zwolle, ‘t Hart Verloskunde has been making CTGs in cases of reduced fetal movement.
They do this with Sense4Baby, a mobile version of a CTG monitor.
Midwife Francois Hesseling and client Romy Herms talk about the benefits of CTG at the midwife.

Working at ICT Group – Loek van Zon

Meet Loek van Zon, service engineer at the Managed Services business unit of ICT Netherlands. Loek is on the road a lot, as he has to visit many different customers in many different locations.

As a service engineer, he is the first person the customer contacts with certain problems and it is his challenge to respond quickly and correctly. Watch the video to find out what makes this a great job for him.

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Centre of Excellence – Digital Twin technology

Smart, reliable software solutions are a prerequisite for continued excellence. Crucial to reducing the time-to-market and staying ahead of the competition. To deliver exactly the agreed quantities that meet all set standards and defined (quality) criteria. ICT presents the Centre of Excellence where all knowledge and experience gained from previous projects for high-tech players is concentrated. In addition, we test new technologies in our field lab on the basis of real cases in a conditioned environment. This research does not disrupt your processes and is objective and independent. We are happy to help you: from exploration and concept development to delivery and maintenance.

In this video our colleague Julien Schmaltz explains our expertise within the Centre of Excellence. Next to that, he goes in-depth on the digital twin technology.

ICT’s Motar and the racing team InMotion

 ICT Group has been a partner of InMotion since 2015 and supports the team with its model-based development Production Platform Motar.

Recently, the team launched its newest endurance racer: Revolution. With the Motar platform, ICT has developed the Electronic Control Units (ECU’s) for the complete car. Motar consists of the ECU’s hardware and platform software. The platform ensured that InMotion could develop and test software for their cars.

In this video, InMotion is at Breda International Airport where the Revolution drove its first meters. Moreover, the Motar platform is explained and InMotion talks about the added value of having ICT Group as a partner.

We are very pleased to have ICT Group as a partner because ECU’s are a valuable part of our car.

Laura van Erp, Marketing manager at InMotion

Working at ICT Group – Hugh van den Bosch & Magiel van Gaalen

Meet Hugh and Magiel, Software Designers at ICT Group. Hugh is originally a C# .NET developer and has been working at ICT Group for six months now. Upon entering the company, the HoloLens caught his attention and together with colleague Magiel he is currently looking at how they can use the HoloLens to automate processes within the Transport & Logistics sector. For Hugh, the first six months at ICT Group have been full of new experiences. You can hear how he experienced this in the video.

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Working at ICT Group – Jules Stohr

Meet Jules Stohr. After being part of ICT Group for some time, Jules left to continue as an independent. After exploring the outside world, Jules is back at ICT Group. Watch the video to see why he made the choice to come back and how he experienced it.

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Recording: Webinar From a digital port to a smart port

Open systems and data-driven orchestration

A wave of technological innovation and integration is enabling industries, including ports, to operate in a more data- and insight-driven way. A Smart Port uses automation and innovative technologies. Data intelligence and IoT improve performance and optimize Return on Investment.

In our webinar last May 27, we shared our vision on container terminal automation and how to achieve Smart Port Logistics.

Breaking chains

The ports of the future will expand their role by orchestrating information flows to improve the efficiency of their entire ecosystem. Information is the cornerstone of Port 4.0. As revolutionary as closed automation silos were in their days, today they limit your business. A new approach is needed if you want to stay in control and ahead of the curve. Replacing closed automation silos with open orchestrated systems is the key.

Our solutions are reflected in the ‘container terminal automation pyramid’. This breaks the chains of vendor-specific solutions by integrating them with a unified platform. This helps you drive your business through information gathering, vendor-independent planning and equipment control.

More information?

Would you like to know more about this webinar or discuss the possibilities of terminal automation? Please contact Karsten Peereboom.

Working at the Business unit High Tech

Meet some of your colleagues in the High Tech unit. The High Tech business unit of ICT Netherlands has a wide range of competencies and highly skilled people. The High Team has extensive international experience and gives its employees the flexibility to make their own career choices and supports their personal and professional development.

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The Tunnel Challenge with the students of Avans University

For third-year students of Electrical Engineering and Technical Informatics, April 12 and 13 at Avans University of Applied Sciences in Den Bosch were all about the Tunnel Challenge. Thinking about automation in tunnels was the challenge. ICT Group, INNOCY together with partner Schneider Electric were proud sponsors of this event.

Spread throughout the school in small groups, the students got to work with reconstructed physical tunnels and two virtual tunnels: digital twins supplied by INNOCY(part of ICT Group). The aim was to introduce the students to tunnel technology so that they can experience what it is like to carry out a project in practice. Watch the video to know how the students experienced it.

This initiative is widely supported within ICT Group by CoLab. CoLab is the innovation platform within ICT Group that has been working on ideation and social innovation since 2017. The projects range from research to the development of proof of concepts. The goal of the CoLab community is to learn and inspire. In CoLab, 50 students annually work together with ICT professionals to gain insight into new technologies and practices.