Round-table: Harmonisation within radiotherapy environments

Welcome at the ICT Healthcare round-table about harmonisation within radiotherapy environments. During this afternoon, we share knowledge and have an informed discussion about how different aspects within radiotherapy can be better coordinated. We do this from different perspectives from technology, clinic and research.


Challenges of the Data & Workflow management in the radiation oncology
Harold Beunk – Sr. Technical Consultant Healthcare interoperability
A novel seamlessly integrated Radiation Oncology workflow experience, facilitating state-of-the-art adaptive radiation oncology and personalized medicine research requires adoption of new IHE-RO profiles and DICOM 2nd generation objects. How do we prepare for the future from an integration point of view?

Improving patient treatment with online adaptive MR-guided radiotherapy
Dr. Miguel Palacios – Medical Physicist Amsterdam UMC
Integration of magnetic resonance in the radiotherapy workflow has allowed to improve patient care by adapting the treatment plan each day and reducing the volume of irradiated healthy tissue. In this presentation an overview of the implementation path and experience over the last three years with this new modality will be presented.

Acceptance of prediction models is a choice!
Dr. Johan van Soest – Postdoctoral researcher Maastricht University
Prediction models are becoming ubiquitous in radiotherapy. Not only for outcome prediction, but especially for operational excellence. Why does this happen, and does it matter?

Congress for Value-Based Care and Quality Registration

Healthcare providers can significantly increase the value of their patient care with good quality registrations. But how do you set it up so that the healthcare really improves? At the congress ‘Value-driven quality assurance’ you will gain insight into the development, the visions and the latest initiatives of quality registrations in Belgium and the Netherlands.

In addition to a short presentation on LogicNets, ICT Group, in collaboration with the HIV Monitoring Foundation, is giving a demonstration of DataCapTree, a solution built on the LogicNets Medical Diagnostic Framework.

Stichting HIV Monitoring (SHM, the Dutch HIV monitoring foundation) implemented a new smart data entry and storage system. SHM developed DataCapTree with the LogicNets Medical Decision Framework, ICT Group’s decision support solution.

DataCapTree collects pseudonymized medical data of people with HIV, which are used by the foundation to monitor the course of the disease and the efficacy of the HIV treatment. SHM’s annual ‘Monitoring Report’ may prompt NVHB (Nederlandse Vereniging van hiv Behandelaren [Dutch Association of HIV-treating physicians]) to change their treatment guidelines. SHM Deputy Director Sima Zaheri is pleased with the new system: ‘The new system facilitates improved data quality, which, in turn, helps us improve our monitoring performance. We intend to use this tool to further strengthen our commitment to better care for people with HIV.’

Are you interested in the Congress for Value-Based Care and Quality Registration, please visit the the website.

Health & Care 2018

Meet ICT Group and LogicNets during Health & Care! You can find them at Agoria’s stand.

Our goal is to inform you about the power of our Clinical Decision Support solution. We support doctors in making the right decisions with a decision support system, based on their own expertise. Moreover, during the day, we are giving a pitch presentation about LogicNets.

Health & Care is the meeting spot for 6.000 professionals in the healthcare sector, that brings together healthcare and government.
The keywords from the platform are innovate, meet and inspire.

Flanders expo 
Maaltekouter 1
BE-9051 Gent


Market introduction at ESTRO 37: CorTx-RT, ICT’s radiotherapy solution

During ESTRO 37, ICT Group will introduce  a novel radiotherapy solution, CorTx-RT. The event will take place 20-24 April 2018 in Barcelona, Spain.

CorTx-RT: Simplifies Radiation Oncology Complexity
CorTx-RT is a radiotherapy data- and workflow management solution, taking care of all the data hand-overs during the course of treatment. With the goal to improve patient safety, treatment quality and gain drastic reductions in treatment delays, while increasing workflow efficiency.

Are you curious about our radiotherapy solution? Watch the animation below!

Product information will be available soon.

Radiation Oncology is an innovative discipline which is rapidly evolving, we remain conscious of the fact that the strive for better and more accurate and precise treatments should go hand in hand with the effort to provide optimal care to radiation and oncology patients in general.

Besides the introduction of CorTx-RT, ICT Group will also inform you about the project in cooperation with Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH):  ‘A “big-data” platform, managing the clinical data & workflows and facilitating clinical research’ and a project in cooperation with Smart Scientific Solutions BV regarding a small animal application: ‘Optimizing preclinical research by using a data management platform’.

ESTRO is a society focusing on interdisciplinarity and multidisciplinarity, giving radiation oncologists, medical physicists, radiobiologists, brachytherapists and radiation therapists (RTTs) the opportunity to engage with other oncology organizations with the collective aim of improving cancer treatment. This conference will convey the theme ‘Innovation for Value and Access’.

Innovations in radiation oncology do not only have a positive impact on the value of our treatments, but we can also use the technological (e.g. automation, efficiency) and radiobiological (e.g. hypofractionation) advances to serve an ever growing subset of patients.

Plaça de Willy Brandt 11-14
08019 Barcelona

Zorg & ICT 2018

Are you a healthcare professional, ICT employee, manager or director at a healthcare institution? Do you want to know everything about the latest digital developments for healthcare? Then visit Zorg & ICT 2018  from 17 to 19 April 2018. Zorg & ICT is the starting point for digitally driven healthcare.

ICT Group is also present at the Zorg & ICT 2018. Find us at the stand of G2 Speech with number 01.D042. The Unit Healtcare can be found at the booth of InterSystems.

G2 Speech is a supplier of speech technology. This technology has been integrated by ICT Group into the LogicNet framework today. Through the integration, doctors can now keep their hands free and make structured reports with their voices and /or work via protocols. This can be used by for example radiologists, pathologists and surgeons during surgery.

The Unit Healtcare will emphasize our partnership with InterSystems as an application partner of InterSystems by introducing CorTx to the Zorg & ICT.

We are happy to meet you at the Zorg & ICT!

Dag van de Pathologie, 13 april
Meet LogicNets at Friday, April 13th during the Dag van de Pathologie in Veenendaal. We are at a stand with Sectra and G2 Speech.

Estro 37 Conference Barcelona 20,21, 22 & 23 April
Meet the Unit Healtcare at the Estro 37 beurs in Spain.

Health & Care, 24, 25 & 26 April
During the Health & Care beurs you can meet LogicNets at Agoria’s stand. During the day, we are giving a presentation about LogicNets.

TiiM Conference 2018 – Care to create opportunities

On March 29, 2018, the annual Technical Innovations in Medicine Conference will take place, organized by the Dutch Association for Technical Medicine. The theme of this edition is ‘Care to Create Opportunities’.

The Unit Healtcare is sponsor and will also attend this Conference with a stand to present its innovations in Healthcare in the field of software development, medical data exchange and product development. Visit the website for further information.

This edition of the TiiM Conference the theme is Care to Create Opportunities. There are countless possibilities for improving patient care. Which ideas and technologies are being developed and how do you create opportunities to implement these innovations in healthcare? How can you bring these innovations to the market? Is the market open to innovations? Are we innovating to innovate or to improve individual patient care?

ICT Group will be able to indicate with countless customer cases that innovating in healthcare is possible thanks to excellent knowledge and experience in the Healthcare domain and good partnership with customers and technology partners. We would like to get in touch with you on Thursday 29 March to discuss your challenge in the field of innovative patient care. Visit us during the TiiM Conference at the Galgenwaard Stadium in Utrecht.

Website TiiM Conference.

Mirth Connect training

Mirth Connect is a powerful Open Source Communication Server, which is also very effective in routing medical (HL7, DICOM) messages and enabling effective communication between a great many different systems. During this two-day hands-on training, the basic principles of working with Mirth Connect are explained by introducing you to the theory involved and allowing you to participate in a great many practical exercises. The training gives you a good idea of what is possible within the healthcare sector with the help of Mirth Connect. After completing the training, you will know a great deal more about the architecture and operation of Mirth Connect as well as the many benefits afforded by the Commercial Open Source approach.

Complete overview

The two-day training gives you a complete overview of Mirth Connect, whereby the most frequently used components are dealt with in various labs. You learn all about the most important basic Mirth components, including source and destination connectors, transformers and filters. The management, testing and debugging options are also dealt with.


In addition to theory, the focus of the training is on practical application, so you acquire direct hands-on experience using Mirth Connect. In the course of the training, you will quickly be making your own connectors and using various protocols, including LLP, e-mail and database connections. As a result, you obtain a good overview of the possibilities offered by Mirth Connect.
After completing the training, you will be able to install Mirth Connect and to design, build and roll out connectors. You will be familiar with the areas of application of Mirth Connect and will be able to advise others regarding the possibilities. After completing the Mirth Connect Fundamentals training, you can follow the Mirth Connect Advanced training.

Goal of the training

  • acquiring knowledge of the architecture and operation of Mirth Connect;
  • learning to install, use and manage Mirth Connect;
  • learning about the operation and possibilities of the various protocols;
  • acquiring solid practical experience with building, testing and debugging Mirth Connect connectors.

Target group

IT employees, institutions, medical support and service engineers, medical software developers and testers.

Practical information

  • Standard training fee: € 1000 (excl.VAT) per person, including training materials and lunch;
  • Customized training available, upon request, for your specific organization: maximum group size = 10 persons;
  • Location: Eindhoven (NL), Deventer (NL);
  • For specific requests for on-site training, training costs determined in mutual consultation.
  • Interested? For more information, send an e-mail to

Training data

The next training will be on February 5th and 6th, 2018. To sign up send an e-mail to Roel Barelds:

Demolab Event: Lifesaving software, breathtaking careers!

During the Demolab Event you can view software solutions and products that in many cases save or greatly improve the life of patients. Software solutions that will amaze you and  are of great importance for society.

ICT Healthcare likes to invite you to this innovative and educational event on Thursday, November 16th at the Gasfabriek in Deventer.
We will show you  this evening demonstrations of:
– Clinical Decision Support Systems;
– Workflow and data management systems for hospitals;
– Transplantation system for organs;
– Systems for the treatment of rheumatic diseases;
– Diagnostic systems.

ICT Group connects people, technology and ideas. And we link our knowledge of the market with innovative and integrated IT solutions for companies, products and projects. Our challenge is to make the world ‘smarter’ with you.

Breathtaking career opportunities
You also can experience this evening how is is to work at a company that links customer needs to the (development) needs of our employees.

In addition to the demonstrations, our professionals are present to answer your questions, to give you extra information about the projects and to tell you why work at the ICT Group is inspiring, valuable and educational. We strive to provide the professionals working with ICT Group with the challenge and development that they need. We do this by offering innovative projects, with plenty of opportunities for technical and personal growth, good salary and favorable secondary working conditions.

Are you a software professional with passion for people and their health?
Fill in the form below or contact us for more information. We will be pleased to see you on November 16th, 2017.

Date: November 16th, 2017
Location: Gasfabriek Deventer
Reception: 17:30 with a delicious buffet
End: 20.00 hours

Challenge us in Smarter Healthcare!

SIIM 2017 Annual meeting

ICT Healthcare is invited at SIIM 2017 to give a live demonstration of the new release of the DVTk tooling. Visit us during the ‘CIIP War Tools: WireShark, DVTk, DICOM Anatomy, and SQL’ Learning Lab to see the latest version of the tools. Learn about functionality and practical application from those currently developing and maintaining the DVTk toolkit.

If you would like to meet during SIIM, let us know by using the contact form at the DVTk website.
Friday June 2nd , from 1:15 pm – 3:15 pm, room 319-320.