Webinar | Virtual, Augmented & Mixed Reality

Virtual, Augmented, Mixed… Which Reality to choose?

In our webinar series on the theme of Industry 4.0, we share our practical experiences with you. This time we take you into the world of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality.

We look at what Mixed Reality can mean for your factory and address the following questions, among others:

  • How can you support your employees remotely?
  • What are the differences between Virtual and Augmented Reality?
  • How can you use Mixed Reality in your factory and combine it with real-time process data?
  • How are Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality now being applied at other companies?
  • How do you make the first step?

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Do you want to know more about the possibilities and opportunities that Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality have to offer? Then join our webinar! This webinar is in Dutch.

Tuesday, April 20, 10:00-11:00 a.m.
“Virtual, Augmented & Mixed Reality”

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Industry 4.0

Right now we are in the middle of the rise of Industry 4.0 (Smart Industries). The fourth industrial revolution has everything to do with Internet of Things, data driven work and automation of production processes. Industries are getting smarter because machines, products, services and people are constantly connected and sharing information.

Making your factory smarter with the help of new developments and technologies turns out to be a huge challenge. Technological developments follow each other in rapid succession and you have the choice of a large number of possibilities. But what is the most profitable in your situation? What choices should you make or not make? What practical experiences are there? As a provider of industrial technology solutions, ICT Group is capable of guiding you through this process.


The speakers

Leendert Mijnders, Senior Business Consultant at ICT Group

Leendert Mijnders

Innovations are giving factories more and more opportunities to improve their operational excellence and to follow changes in the market faster. But what do these innovations mean for the availability of your plant? What influence does it have on production processes and how do you guarantee continuity?

For more than 10 years Leendert Mijnders as Senior Business Consultant has been helping large international companies to bring IT and OT together in a connected factory and with the transformation to a smart factory. With a combination of knowledge and experience he supports the improvement of business processes and the realization of digital ambitions.

Oscar Reynhout, Innovation Manager at ICT Group

Oscar Reynhout

Innovation takes place at the intersection of software development, high tech and new business models. That’s where Oscar Reynhout has been for many years as Innovation Manager. Together with his colleagues he searches for optimal value propositions for customers in the industrial domain.

With the HoloLens and Augmented Reality, a new world of functional possibilities has opened up in which there is still much to discover. Given his background, it is not surprising that Oscar has a special interest in this.


More information & contact

Do you have a question about this webinar or would you like more information? Please contact Leendert Mijnders.


The IoT market is growing. In size and diversity. To keep up with the demand for knowledge sharing, we are therefore stepping up our game. The coming period the IoT Academy will organise two meetups per month instead of one. Online and as you would expect from the IoT Academy and OrangeNXT, an ICT Group company, will participate in this meetup as a guest speaker.

The first meetup will focus on the energy transition and how IoT and your company can contribute to it. The energy market is in full swing due to the climate objectives. It has to be greener, more efficient and more economical. We are going to talk about this from an IoT perspective. What will you learn?

  • 16:00 – Where do we stand with the Smart Grid?
    Three practical applications will be explained through live demonstrations:
    – Virtual Power Plant of the energy community in the municipality of Loenen (solar panels, heat pump, smart charge points, smart meter + optimisation algorithms)
    – Linking batteries to TenneT’s Crowd Balancing Platform
    – Increasing the ‘Groenscores’ of properties by deploying batteries

    Speakers: Heine van Wieren, Business Development manager Energy and Job Sloot product manager, both working at OrangeNXT.

  • 16:30 – How will the TROEF project announced on 3 March contribute to the Smart Grid?
    TROEF stands for ‘Transparent Reduction of CO2 and optimisation of energy flows and flexibility’ and aims to build one smart energy network by connecting as many energy-generating and consuming products and services as possible. In particular, the role of smart buildings is becoming increasingly important and concrete.

    Speakers: Dennis van Goch, programme manager innovation at BAM and Frank Snijders, Business Development at OrangeNXT

    The TROEF consortium consists of: BAM, Entrnce International, KPN, OrangeNXT, Stedin Netbeheer, Hogeschool Utrecht, NEN, Eindhoven University of Technology and Tymlez.

  • 16:45 Discussion/questions
  • 17:00 End
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Webinar | Adaptief waterbeheer door slim sturen

Only available in Dutch

Nederland heeft de afgelopen jaren zowel te kampen gehad met hoosbuien als met extreme droogte. De bestaande infrastructuur en processen zijn hier vaak niet op ingericht. Hoe kan bestaande infrastructuur worden ingezet om wateroverlast en droogte tegen te gaan, bij voorkeur met zo laag mogelijke kosten?

Op 15 april organiseert ICT samen met KISTERS een webinar over adaptief waterbeheer door slim sturen op basis van een BOS met RTO. Een Beslissing Ondersteunend Systeem (BOS) met real-time optimalisatie (RTO) voldoet aan de opkomende behoefte om slim te kunnen sturen om zodoende klimaatbestendiger te worden met de veranderende weersomstandigheden als extreme warmte, droogte of regenval. Hiermee krijgen beheerders een oplossing waarmee ze op een intuïtieve en nauwkeurige manier het watersysteem of de waterketen kunnen optimaliseren.

Tijdens de Webinar komen de volgende onderwerpen aan bod:

  • Wat is een digital twin van een oppervlaktewatersysteem?
  • Wat is real-time optimalisatie, en hoe verhoudt het zich tot dynamisch peilbeheer en slim malen?
  • De identificatie en ordening van sturings- en optimalisatiedoelen.
  • Een demonstratie van KISTERS Real-Time Optimalisatie in het KISTERS Water Portal voor real-time control en beslisondersteuning.

Dit Webinar wordt geleid door Arjen van Dam (ICT) en Jorn Baayen (KISTERS) en is Nederlands gesproken.

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Wilt u uw waterbeheer adaptief inrichten, bent u benieuwd naar de mogelijkheden van Digital Twin, of wilt u meer weten over de slim sturen op basis van een BOS met RTO?  Dan is dit webinar voor u!

Donderdag 15 april
10.00 uur: “Adaptief waterbeheer door slim sturen”

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De doelgroep voor dit Webinar is werkzaam bij een Waterschap, Rijkswaterstaat, Gemeente, Provincie of ingenieurs- adviesbureau in de rol van:

  • Hydroloog;
  • Peilbeheerder;
  • Klimaatadaptatie-, duurzaamheid- en energieconsultant.

Meer informatie & contact

Heeft u een vraag over het webinar of wilt u meer informatie? Neem dan contact op met Arjen van Dam. Of bekijk het artikel ‘Hoe kunnen onze watersystemen de steeds extremere  weersomstandigheden het hoofd bieden’.


Webinar | Cyber security in IT/OT environments

IT and OT (Operational Technology) are becoming increasingly intertwined. This offers many advantages, such as easy and continuous access to information, higher levels of efficiency and the way technology adds value to processes. However, it also creates new cyber security risks and challenges.

In this webinar, we as ICT Group will give our vision on cyber security for IT and OT systems, but above all we will share some interesting practical examples. Our 3 guest speakers, Onno Wierbos (Dutch Railways), Henk van Ee (Saxion University of Applied Sciences) and Martijn Kooij (Raster Industrial Automation) will share their knowledge and experience based on relevant security challenges and solutions from daily practice.

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Do you want to know more about cyber security in the process automation and OT-domain? On the basis of practical cases from experienced security specialists? Then this webinar is for you! This webinar is in Dutch.

Tuesday, March 30, 10:00-11:00 a.m.
“Cyber security in IT/OT environments”

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Choosing an integrated approach

Securing IT and OT systems properly is just as important today as developing them. This can be complex and comprehensive. ICT Group helps you to gain insight into this puzzle and to set the right priorities. As far as we are concerned, starting simple and opting for an integral approach is the best advice.


Towards an agile, but also secure NS organization

Onno Wierbos, IT Lead of the Test Competence Center at Dutch Railways

If you want to be agile in your IT delivery, complete outsourcing of cyber security is no longer an option. You have to get going yourself. But how do you go about that? Where do you start? How do you build up knowledge and skills? And how do you retain it? Onno Wierbos has carried out this transformation for Dutch Railways over the past 5 years. With success. He tells about the course of the past years, discusses the difficulties and the solutions. And he looks ahead to the next 5 years, because Dutch Railways is only halfway.

Onno Wierbos

With 20 years of experience in software development and telecommunications, Onno Wierbos’ craftsmanship is deeply rooted. Both in terms of content and management. Since 2012 Onno has been in charge of high quality IT production at Dutch Railways. His greatest passion is performance testing, security testing and sustainable implementation of test automation. 


Process automation in the OT domain

Henk van Ee, Lecturer in Security Management at Saxion University of Applied Sciences

Process automation, for example, controls traffic lights, locks, bridges and a machine in a cookie factory. For a long time, this was a kind of black box and the domain of technicians with the main objective: ensuring optimal availability of the system. Now that more and more systems and processes are linked to the Internet, you see that cybercriminals only need one hole to take over the operation of the processes, for example. With all its consequences. Henk van Ee talks about a number of practical assignments he has done for the Municipality of Apeldoorn. What is the state of cyber security of the matrix signs in the city, the control of locks and pumping stations and the operation of parking garages?

Henk van Ee

In addition to his work as a lecturer at Saxion University of Applied Sciences, Henk van Ee is active at the MKB Cyber Campus in Leeuwarden, where they carry out risk scans in the agricultural sector. There are often high fences around agricultural businesses to keep out physical burglars, but ‘digital’ fences against cybercriminals are limited. He has also done several assignments together with students within the Cybersecurity Center Maakindustrie Oost Nederland.


Cyber security detection on oil and gas production platforms

Martijn Kooij, Managing Director at Raster Industrial Automation

Security solutions for IT are widely adopted, but for OT environments there are still considerable challenges in that area. For example, Raster equipped an oil and gas production facility in the North Sea with a cyber security detection solution. By monitoring the network for unpredictable behavior and intruders, the continuity of production at the plant is guaranteed. Martijn Kooij explains what the reason was for implementing Raster’s cyber security solution here and what benefits this solution brings to the customer.

Martijn Kooij

Raster is a project-oriented system integrator specialized in production and process automation. From his expertise in operational excellence, industrial automation and various control and safety systems, Martijn Kooij jumped into the gap of cyber security solutions for OT systems with Raster Industrial Automation.


More information & contact

Do you have a question about the cyber security webinar or would you like more information? Please contact Pascal Maus or Christiaan Woldendorp.

Webinar | What is Model-Driven MES?

Create smart factories with Model-Driven MES that produce as energy-efficient and resource-efficient as possible thanks to fully automated processes? And through continuous process monitoring and adjustment, manufacture products that always meet the correct customer specifications and legal quality and safety standards?

ICT Group helps you produce smartly with innovative software and hardware solutions. Last year ICT was selected as a partner for the AVEVA Model-Driven MES program. With this partnership we have become part of a select global company that works on Model-Driven MES solutions and implementations. During the webinar “What is Model-Driven MES?” on Tuesday, February 9, we are happy to share our knowledge and experience with Model-Driven MES and list the possibilities for you.

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Are you using AVEVA (formerly Wonderware) and would you like to know what MDM can bring you, are you looking to further automate your factory, or is paperless work high on your wish list? Then this webinar is for you! This webinar is in Dutch.


Tuesday 9 February
10.00: “Model-Driven MES”

Live via Microsoft Teams

We cover the following topics:

  • Realising a smart factory
  • Configure work processes easily
  • Fast implementation by standard functionalities
  • Working fully web-based

More information & contact

Do you have a question about the webinar or would you like more information? Please contact Mark Eijkenboom.


EVENT | Dag van de Rail 2020 – The next step, how to connect to the future

Only available in Dutch

Verandering en Innovatie staan vaak op gespannen voet met beschikbaarheid en veiligheid. Echter als we de uitdagingen op het spoor in de komende 30 jaar willen oplossen, dan zullen we toch moeten veranderen en vernieuwen.

De uitdagingen op het spoor voor de komende jaren zijn onder andere:
– Capaciteitsgroei van meer dan 30 % voor personen- en goederenvervoer (ondanks Covid-19)
– Deze groei moet betaalbaar blijven en bij voorkeur bereikt met de bestaande infrastructuur.
– Duurzame mobiliteit: CO2-neutraal, hergebruik van materialen, Shift2Rail, Air2Rail, enz.
– Europese integratie: vervoer van personen en goederen, sneller en gemakkelijker.

Tijdens de eerste digitale editie van de Dag van de Rail op 7 december gaat InTraffic, een ICT Group onderneming, tijdens de keynote dieper in op dit onderwerp. Want, gelukkig hoeven we niet alle antwoorden zelf te bedenken. Als we goed om ons heen kijken, ‘gluren bij de buren’, dan kunnen de goede ideeën uit andere branches ook toepassen op de spoorbranche. Bert van Elburg, algemeen directeur bij InTraffic, ging in gesprek met personen uit drie verschillende branches waaronder de CIO van Oasen, directeur suppliers & services van EPEX, de Europese energiebeurs waarin de voormalige Nederlandse energiebeurs APX is opgegaan en ICT Group collega Eeuwke Wielinga, clusterdirecteur R&D Engineering.

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Het programma van de Dag van de Rail bestaat uit twee dagen. In de ochtend van 7 december vindt het plenaire deel plaats met de keynote door Bert van Elburg, een ‘visiontalk’ met onder meer Pier Eringa en Wilko Mol en ‘Women’s Thoughts met topvrouwen uit de spoorbranche. Op 8 december vindt een korte webinar reeks plaats waarvoor u zich apart in kan schrijven.

Meld u gratis aan voor de Dag van de Rail op 7 december en de break-outs op 8 december

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7 december
10.30 Opening door dagvoorzitter
10.45 Keynote hoofdsponsor: ‘Smarter Rail: think global, act global’Digitale Transformatie Rail door Bert van Elburg, Algemeen Directeur, InTraffic
11.15 Visies van de toekomst
11.45 Women’s thoughts
12.15 Afsluiting 

8 december
Future proof webinars
Tijdens deze future proof webinars gaan we verder de inhoud in over de toekomst van ons spoor. Hoe regelen we klimaatadaptatie bij het spoor en hoe houden we onze vitale railinfrastructuur veilig in dit digitale tijdperk?

SESSIE 1: 09.30 – 10.00 uur InTraffic
SESSIE 2: 10.30 – 11.00 uur ProRail
SESSIE 3: 11.30 – 12.00 uur Arcadis

Webinar | Data Driven Factory – De kracht van data voor uw fabriek!

Only available in Dutch

ICT Group organiseert ieder jaar het Smart Industry event. Dit succesvolle evenement geeft aanwezigen de gelegenheid up-to-date te blijven van nieuwe ontwikkelingen & technologieën binnen Smart Industry. Wij volgen de richtlijnen van het RIVM met betrekking tot het coronavirus. Om deze reden wordt er dit jaar geen fysiek Smart Industry event georganiseerd, maar gaan we online!

Ondanks COVID-19 gaan technologische ontwikkelingen gewoon door. Data speelt een steeds belangrijkere rol in nieuwe business modellen. Industrieën worden slimmer omdat machines, producten, diensten en mensen continu met elkaar in verbinding staan en informatie delen. Om u ook dit jaar te inspireren nodigen we u graag uit voor een online seminar via Microsoft Teams op 8 december om 10.00 uur!

Dinsdag 8 december
10.00 uur: “Data Driven Factory – De kracht van data voor uw fabriek!”

Live via Microsoft Teams

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We gaan in op de vraag wat data kan betekenen voor uw fabriek. Hoe kunt u meer inzicht krijgen en hoe kunt u de productiviteit van uw fabriek verbeteren? Kunt u de flexibiliteit en wendbaarheid van uw fabriek vergroten met behulp van data? Hoe maakt u de stap naar autonome processen? Tijdens het Webinar gaan we in op de volgende onderwerpen:

– Hoe maak ik de stap naar een data-driven factory?

– Welke uitdagingen kunt u verwachten?

– Hoe ziet dat er uit (voorbeelden)?

– Hoe pak ik dat aan (praktische aanpak)?

– Wat levert het op?

Webinar | Succesvol meer uit je data halen begint bij analoog

Only available in Dutch

Data is overal. En we weten dat door data slim in te zetten, nieuwe inzichten kunnen ontstaan, bedrijfsprocessen geoptimaliseerd kunnen worden, maar ook voorspellend onderhoud kan plaatsvinden.

Er is zoveel al gedigitaliseerd dat we soms door de data het doel niet meer weten te vinden. We zoeken nog altijd naar wat de weg is naar het succesvol inzetten van onze data om inzichten te krijgen en kansen te spotten. Waar zit het succes hem nu in? Is het in het datamodel, de software of de competenties van mensen. Op 3 december organiseert AllSolutions het webinar ‘Succesvol meer uit je data halen begint bij analoog’ in samenwerking met ICT. Jaco Bruinaars (Finance Director bij ICT Netherlands) en Jan van Wijngaarden (Managing Director bij AllSolutions) gaan in op bovenstaande vragen en dagen u als luisteraar uit ook uw vragen en dilemma’s in te brengen.

Van Data naar informatiemanagement
De techniek maakt het steeds makkelijker om data te verzamelen, analyseren, en visualiseren. Zo heeft ICT een data lake opgezet met data uit AllSolutions en andere interne systemen. Het combineren van die data zorgde voor nieuwe inzichten. Inzichten die ICT direct toe kon passen op een aantal interne processen. Zo werd beter inzichtelijk als een project buiten het gestelde budget, of de afgesproken tijd liep en kon eerder ingegrepen worden.

AllSolutions staat vele financieel managers betekenisvol bij met een online softwareplatform. Door slimmer gebruik te maken van big data kan er informatie – business intelligence – uitgehaald worden. Meer data geeft meer inzichten en meer mogelijkheden om kansen te spotten.

Meld u nu aan
Nieuwsgierig geworden? Het webinar is geschikt voor iedere finance professional die meer wil leren over hoe je succesvol data kunt inzetten om inzichten te genereren en kansen te spotten.

Schrijf u nu in via onderstaande link om deel te nemen aan het webinar via Microsoft Teams op donderdag 3 december om 14.00 uur!


International Automobil-Elektronik Kongress

This year, ICT Group will be present at the International Automobil-Elektronik. Due to COVID-19, the congress has been shifted towards an online event; a hybrid special. This congress is the industry meeting event for E/E decision-makers from manufacturers, suppliers and service providers in the automotive business. Come and meet us at our virtual booth and learn more about our smart solutions.

Meet us online

This year, the event has been shifted towards an online congress. It is a hybrid special where some participants and speakers will attend physically at the Panorama Lounge high above the roofs of Munich, while other participants and speakers will be directly connected via the Internet.

You can still connect with ICT Group at our virtual booth. Here, we will inform you about how ICT develops software for cars. With over 1500 professionals, ICT Group is a leading services and solutions provider for end-to-end, full-stack software. We work for large and well-known Tier-1 and Tier-2 suppliers in the international automotive OEM supply chains. We work closely together with our clients as thought partner and as software development partner for function development, validation & verification and system integration.

ICT Automotive has a thirty-years track record of experience in embedded software, with focus in the areas of infotainment, body, chassis and ADAS/AD. In addition, ICT Group has extensive expertise in related areas such as Mobility-as-a-Service, AI and ML, cloud and security. Recently we combined these areas of expertise in four groups that collaborate closely: Autonomous Driving, Connectivity, Electric and Shared.

Expertise that is required in all areas has been combined in a separate unit that works for all four areas, for instance security, cloud and AI.

We prepared a demonstration for you!

To accelerate the driving safety, we provide software conforming to the ISO 26262 functionality safety for automotive. Closely related, ICT Group is at the forefront of many of the latest developments in the field of connectivity (with Microsoft Azure), enabling vehicles receiving useful information from roadside infrastructure and utilization of big data generated from vehicles to improve traffic control and accident-related measures. With our Motar solution, we build model-based software which enables mechanical engineers in the automotive industry to create software without programming skills.

We are more than happy to demonstrate our possibilities.

About ICT

ICT Group co-creates software for the fully SW-defined vehicles to come, working for major automotive industry players. We are considered a trusted software development and thought partner for function development, validation & verification and system integration. To mitigate your risks of product-launch delays, we use our proven excellence to automotive software-launch in the domains infotainment, body, chassis and ADAS/AD. In this era, we leverage our expertise and know-how on Functional Safety, (Cyber) Security and Cloud, to add value to our client’s ACES challenges and roadmaps.

About the congress

With the “Automobil-Elektronik Kongress – hybrid special 2020” we offer a hybrid event on November 23 and 24, 2020, where some participants and speakers will attend physically at the Panorama Lounge high above the roofs of Munich, while other participants and speakers will be directly connected via the Internet.

In the Panorama Lounge, which is located on the 26th floor of the Süddeutsche Zeitung high-rise building, we will set up a TV studio from which the contributions, discussions and keynotes will be broadcast worldwide and live. In their inspiring presentations speakers will all address the main topic: digitization in the automotive industry. In order to encourage interaction, both the strictly limited number of guests on site and the virtually connected participants can address their questions directly to the speakers. Networking 1:1 and a chat roulette will be available as well as specially prepared topic rooms. With up-to-date lectures about the topics automotive megatrends, autonomous mobility, e-mobility, end2end architecture, software defined car and connected mobility the congress will cover some of the most important challenges of the automotive electronics industry.

Attend with discount

Because ICT has a virtual booth at AEK, we can offer you a 10% discount. Use the following code during your online registration: Sp10Ex82010102. We hope to meet you there!

Workshop ‘The bridge between Information Technology and Operational Technology’

We follow the guidelines of the RIVM regarding the Coronavirus. During this workshop we will be safeguarding the 1,5 meter guideline. Therefore we only have limited seats for this workshop.

IT and OT will not stay separated forever… 

Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) both have a long and separate history. Both technologies have developed along separate paths, with different goals and operating in totally different ecosystems. The gap between these two key technologies means that manufacturers and chemical or manufacturing companies are hindered in having access to the information needed to work efficiently and effectively. Lack of the right information at the right time can lead to unreliable results and making the wrong decisions.

An integrated environment…

With the advent of Industrial Internet, smart machines, Internet of Things (IoT) and Advanced Analytics, manufacturers/companies are increasingly taking advantage of the benefits of bringing IT and OT together in an integrated smart environment. You can also benefit if you:

  • Want to use the benefits of Big Data;
  • Want to view the right information at the right time to make better decisions;
  • Want to optimize your business processes;
  • Want to work and produce faster, more efficiently, more sustainably and cheaper;
  • Want to reduce risks;
  • Want to realize shorter lead times for projects.


Digitization, new developments and technologies immediately raise the question of what this means for your company, but also for you as a person. What choices do you have to make in order to stay ahead in your market in the future?

ICT Group is pleased to invite you to this unique workshop to network with experts from the sector, to engage in conversation with colleagues and to actively work on the most important steps to get IT and OT aligned. Participation is free of charge. We will start small. Keep it manageable and compact and start building on a solid foundation. Which specific pilot can you carry out? What challenges do we face? How can we tackle these challenges? What results can you achieve? What is the return on this pilot? And what is next …?

At the end of the morning you will have a business case for one proof of value, a concrete pilot. Something tangible that can be reached in 10 to 20 working days and that you can start the same day with. Take a look at the OrangeNXT (an ICT Group company) website to see how we can do that together with you.


09.30 – 09.45 hours: Welcome with coffee and tea.
09.45 – 09.55 hours: Opening
09.55 – 10.15 hours: Presentation ‘IT meets OT, Delivering Digital Excellence, today’– Leendert Mijnders – Business Consultant Industry.
IT is the baby of the business, which revolves around financial data. OT is the engine of the workplace, where productivity and continuity are controlled. Two separate worlds that have to work together to make the organization future-proof. Much efficiency improvement is hidden in better collaboration between IT and OT. In this presentation: the steps needed to get both aligned and practical examples for inspiration to apply in the workshop.
10.15 – 11.30 hours: Workshop: building a bridge between Information Technology and Operational Technology
11.30 – 12.00 hours: Interactive discussion. Share experiences and ask questions based on the presentation, workshop and practical examples.
12.00 hours: Lunch and closing.

Animation and practical examples

View practical examples and be inspired to get IT and OT aligned within your own organization. Download the ‘Alignment of IT and OT for a digital enterprise‘ flyer.