Workshop ‘The bridge between Information Technology and Operational Technology’

IT and OT will not stay separated forever… 

Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) both have a long and separate history. Both technologies have developed along separate paths, with different goals and operating in totally different ecosystems. The gap between these two key technologies means that manufacturers and chemical or manufacturing companies are hindered in having access to the information needed to work efficiently and effectively. Lack of the right information at the right time can lead to unreliable results and making the wrong decisions.

An integrated environment…

With the advent of Industrial Internet, smart machines, Internet of Things (IoT) and Advanced Analytics, manufacturers/companies are increasingly taking advantage of the benefits of bringing IT and OT together in an integrated smart environment. You can also benefit if you:

  • Want to use the benefits of Big Data;
  • Want to view the right information at the right time to make better decisions;
  • Want to optimize your business processes;
  • Want to work and produce faster, more efficiently, more sustainably and cheaper;
  • Want to reduce risks;
  • Want to realize shorter lead times for projects.


Digitization, new developments and technologies immediately raise the question of what this means for your company, but also for you as a person. What choices do you have to make in order to stay ahead in your market in the future?

ICT Group is pleased to invite you to this unique workshop to network with experts from the sector, to engage in conversation with colleagues and to actively work on the most important steps to get IT and OT aligned. Participation is free of charge. We will start small. Keep it manageable and compact and start building on a solid foundation. Which specific pilot can you carry out? What challenges do we face? How can we tackle these challenges? What results can you achieve? What is the return on this pilot? And what is next …?

At the end of the morning you will have a business case for one proof of value, a concrete pilot. Something tangible that can be reached in 10 to 20 working days and that you can start the same day with. Take a look at the OrangeNXT (an ICT Group company) website to see how we can do that together with you.


09.30 – 09.45 hours: Welcome with coffee and tea.
09.45 – 09.55 hours: Opening – Martin Bijl – Business Development Manager Industry.
09.55 – 10.15 hours: Presentation ‘IT meets OT, Delivering Digital Excellence, today’– Leendert Mijnders – Business Consultant Industry.
IT is the baby of the business, which revolves around financial data. OT is the engine of the workplace, where productivity and continuity are controlled. Two separate worlds that have to work together to make the organization future-proof. Much efficiency improvement is hidden in better collaboration between IT and OT. In this presentation: the steps needed to get both aligned and practical examples for inspiration to apply in the workshop.

10.15 – 11.30 hours: Workshop: building a bridge between Information Technology and Operational Technology
In this hour you will work structured, on building a bridge between IT and OT. Two worlds that must work together. This collaboration doesn’t go without a hitch. What can (or should) you do to make it work en how does this apply to your organisation?
11.30 – 12.00 hours: Interactive discussion. Share experiences and ask questions based on the presentation, workshop and practical examples.
12.00 hours: Lunch and closing.

Animation and practical examples

View practical examples and be inspired to get IT and OT aligned within your own organization. Download the ‘Alignment of IT and OT for a digital enterprise‘ flyer.

TOC Europe | Global Container Supply Chain Event

Learn, Debate & Network at TOC Europe in Rotterdam from June 9 to 11,2020.
ICT Group will be part of this great event with our Unit Transport & Logistics and we would like to welcome you at our booth with number G12. Check the floorplan. TOC Europe is part of a global portfolio of events that bring together stakeholders of the container supply chain to learn, debate and network. It is one of the leading port technology and terminal operations event.

ICT Group – Transport & Logistics
With innovative solutions based on Cloud technology, combined with more than 750 years of domain experience in developing and maintaining IT solutions for automated container terminals and warehousing in the Rotterdam area, ICT Group is able to deliver IT solutions to handle goods safer and more efficiently. We realise IT solutions to improve the Supply Chain of containers and goods, so the productivity improves and costs reduce. We connect and collect data, and we combine various sources of information in such a way that companies can easily access specific data real-time and safely. Read more on our webpage.

We would like to meet you
There is no substitute for the real thing! It would be great to meet you in June! As a busy executive we understand that your time is important. Keeping up to date with industry developments is a MUST and at TOC Europe we can debate, talk, network and learn more about these developments.

Visit ICT Group at the TOC Europe and we would be pleased to inform you how we can help to accelerate in Port and Terminal Solutions. No time to visit us? Please give us a call or send us an email.

Production Process Automation (PPA) event 2020

Meet ICT Group at the PPA event on January 28, 2020 in Den Bosch and register for our inspiring presentation.

Presentation: How do I align IT and OT?
Speaker: Leendert Mijnders (ICT Netherlands)

Due to growing international competition, pressure on margins and changes in the chain, many manufacturing companies are experiencing the pressure to work even more efficiently. Much efficiency improvement is hidden in better collaboration between IT and OT. IT is the baby of the business, where everything revolves around financial data. OT is the engine of the workplace, where productivity is almost obsessively controlled. Two separate worlds that suddenly have to work together to make their organisation future-proof. In this presentation we discuss the steps needed to get both aligned, with practical examples.

Sign up today! Click here. 

Other presentations during the PPA event will focus on Industrial Internet of Things, intelligent sensor technology, standards, predictive analytics, plant asset management and continuity of production. Take a look at the website of the PPA Event for the complete program.

Effectiveness and efficiency have been the key words for the production and process industry over the years. Current developments in Industry 4.0, the Industrial Internet of Things, Big Data and also Cyber ​​Security require concrete and at the same time strategic choices. A visit to the PPA event offers you knowledge to make the right choices. Both in the context of technological innovations and in the cooperation with the chain. The added value lies in the use of industrial automation and system integration.

Watch our video of the Production Process Automation event in 2019 en 2018.

Visit the website for more information on the PPA Event.

Smart Industry event ‘Develop the future’

Fully booked! Registration is no longer possible.

A solid, inspiring and informative program on ‘Develop the future’ within Smart Industry with speakers from organisations such as Microsoft, NS Treinmodernisering, Schneider Electric, Hutchison Ports ECT Rotterdam, DSM, Oasen and Van Oord Ship Management B.V.

On Thursday 14 November 2019,
ICT Group is organising the Smart Industry event in Maarssen, The Netherlands. The event focusses on the interaction between experts, colleagues, professionals, business relations and (fellow) service providers. Featuring informative presentations, stimulating success stories and inspiring cases, the event is an excellent opportunity to keep up-to-date in the domains of digitalisation, new developments and technologies within Smart Industry. Various networking intervals and meetings on the conference floor offer excellent occasions for sharing and expanding your knowledge as well as for personal meetings. Watch the demos of Wonderware, Cimpro, ABB, Raster, OrangeNXT, Siemens, Microsoft, ICT Group, OSIsoft and AspenTech.

Keynote speaker

Ernst Jan Stigter, General Manager: Microsoft Netherlands







Jos Blejie, CEO: ICT Group

Daan Baljet

Daan Baljet, Manager Electrical & Automation: Van Oord

Hans Spanjersberg, General Manager ICT: Hutchison Ports ECT Rotterdam

Jonathan Vondeling, IT Projectmanager: Oasen

Pim Berends, Sr. Business Consultant Industry: ICT Netherlands

Sander van Dasselaar, Vice President Industry: Schneider

Sander van Dasselaar, Vice President Industry: Schneider

Bas Lamme, OrangeNXT’s Trusted Advisor

Bart Lamot, Director Innovations: ICT Group

Leendert Mijnders, Sr. Business Consultant Industry: ICT Netherlands

Ruud van Drielen, Sr. Software Architect IA: ICT Netherlands

Alexander Spaans, Sr. ICT Projectmanager: NS Train Modernisation

John Koot, Alliance Director: OrangeNXT

Roel Wassenaar, Master Facilitator Continuous Improvement : DSM

Smart Industry 

Smart Industry is all about automation and digitalisation, and it combines (production) processes with the Internet of Things in order to connect devices, machines, raw materials, other production resources, the supply chain and employees.
The result comprises new production methods, new business models and new industries. Smart Industry involves a wide range of smart innovations aimed at all elements of business management, including process structure, smart information systems, smart production methods and other areas.

Program 2019

Digitalisation is shaking up the world. Rapid digitalisation of the industry requires structural changes to organisations and companies. If we want to remain future-proof and retain a leading edge, we have to adjust continuously to changes in the market and to offer new solutions. In short, we have to become (a bit) smarter every day.

Why is investing in Smart Industry a must in order to increase your turnover, expand your customer base and strengthen your competitive position? How does the convergence of IT and OT offer opportunities for efficiency, reliability, accuracy, continuity and security? What is our current situation? And what is our future? What will your business look like in five years from now?

These changes and developments, which are occurring at an extremely rapid pace, are forcing you to think about issues such as: ‘What are the implications for my organisation?’ ‘What does this mean for me personally?’ but also ‘How do we make sure that we retain our leading edge and our top position, and how do we keep our knowledge actual and up-to-date?’

Which choices do you have to make to realise this radical but also crucial change towards Smart Industry while at the same time keeping up with a continuously changing environment? Complex questions with a different answer for each organisation and a unique answer for each individual. What do innovation and Smart Industry mean for you as a person and as an employee, professional or manager? How can employees and employers get on and keep each other on their toes in these volatile and dynamic times? How can we bring people, technologies and ideas together?

Impressions 2018 en 2017


RoundTable: Digital Operations | The challenge of IT and OT

The registration for this event is closed. You can still register for the Smart Industry event on November 14, where IT and OT are also presented.

Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) have a long, isolated history. Both developed along separate paths, with different goals, operating in completely different ecosystems.

The gap between these two critical elements hinders manufacturers and (small) chemical companiesin having necessary information on hand. The lack of proper information at the right time can get translated into wrong decisions and unreliable outputs.

With the advent of the Industrial Internet, smart machines, Internet of Things and  Advanced Analytics, manufacturers have started realizing the benefits of bringing IT and OT together in a connected (smart) setting. Companies need to have a connected factory if they want to:
• Reap the benefits of Big Data;
• Gain information for better decisions;
• Optimize business processes;
• Want to work and produce faster, more efficiently, more sustainably and cheaper;
• Lower risks and shortened project timelines.

Digitalisation, new developments and technologies immediately raise the question of what this means for your company. Do you have to make choices now to stay ahead in your market in the future and if so, which ones? IT and OT won’t remain isolated forever…

ICT Group presents, in cooperation with OrangeNXT, DSM and various other companies, this unique chance to network with Industry experts in a small setting at Brightlands Chemelot Campus in Geleen.
Join the conversation and find out!

09.30 hours – 09.45 hours:
Welcome with coffee and tea.

09.45 hours – 10.00 hours:
Opening by ICT Group – Martin Bijl – Business Development Manager Industry.

10.00 hours – 10.30 hours:
ICT Group – Leendert Mijnders – Business Consultant Industry : “IT meets OT, Delivering Digital Excellence, Today”. As a Business Consultant Industry, Leendert Mijnders advises clients in the chemical and food sector on optimizing their factories through the automation of discrete, batchwise and continuous processes. His specialization consists of a combination of business and consultancy.Years of experience and different skills enable Leendert to develop information policy and business cases, to improve IT / OT and to convert innovation processes into business changes.

10.35 hours – 11.15 hours:
DSM (Heerlen) – Gabriel Rabelo: “Experiences with implementation of the “Digital Ways of Working” at DSM”. Gabriel Rabelo is working at DSM as a change agent between the users and developers, focusing on the users and how they can benefit from new technologies and the digital transformation in manufacturing operations. He also has experience as a production manager in the pharmaceutical and food industry. Gabriel is currently supporting DSM’s continuous improvement process towards the ‘World Class Ambitions in Operations’. Full of passion, Gabriel is part of a great goal that strives to create better living conditions now and in the future.

11.15 hours – 12.00 hours:
Interactive RoundTable led by John Koot – Alliance Director OrangeNXT: “Bridging the gap between IT and OT, today”. Sharing experiences based on practical examples.

12.00 hours – 12.30 hours:
Tour on Campus: Innovations in the Center Court.

12.30 hours:
Lunch and end of the program.


Do you work at a production company, a small / large chemical company or within Industrial Automation? Register below free of charge.
DSM logo

Round-table: Harmonisation within radiotherapy environments

Welcome at the ICT Healthcare round-table about harmonisation within radiotherapy environments. During this afternoon, we share knowledge and have an informed discussion about how different aspects within radiotherapy can be better coordinated. We do this from different perspectives from technology, clinic and research.


Challenges of the Data & Workflow management in the radiation oncology
Harold Beunk – Sr. Technical Consultant Healthcare interoperability
A novel seamlessly integrated Radiation Oncology workflow experience, facilitating state-of-the-art adaptive radiation oncology and personalized medicine research requires adoption of new IHE-RO profiles and DICOM 2nd generation objects. How do we prepare for the future from an integration point of view?

Improving patient treatment with online adaptive MR-guided radiotherapy
Dr. Miguel Palacios – Medical Physicist Amsterdam UMC
Integration of magnetic resonance in the radiotherapy workflow has allowed to improve patient care by adapting the treatment plan each day and reducing the volume of irradiated healthy tissue. In this presentation an overview of the implementation path and experience over the last three years with this new modality will be presented.

Acceptance of prediction models is a choice!
Dr. Johan van Soest – Postdoctoral researcher Maastricht University
Prediction models are becoming ubiquitous in radiotherapy. Not only for outcome prediction, but especially for operational excellence. Why does this happen, and does it matter?

ICT Group at OSIsoft Netherlands Regional Seminar

ICT Group will be present with a combination of 3 entities: ICT with the unit Industry, Raster and OrangeNXT who all work together on PI based solutions. Our focus is on delivering solutions for Real-Time Quality Control for various industries. We will demonstrate the Virtual Inspector (for image recognition solutions) and the Virtual Lab (for quality control with Artificial Intelligence). Both analytic cloud based solutions are connected to the PI-system.

Want to learn more about the PI System, OSIsoft’s technology direction and how customers like you are digitally transforming within critical operations? The free Regional Seminars of OSIsoft are designed to keep you up-to-date. Each year, over 2,000 customers attend our regional seminars to:
– Present their stories
– Network with peers and partners
– Hear about industry trends
– See the latest from OSIsoft

Talks from OSIsoft, their customers and their partners will cover insight on how to maximize the value of your PI Data for industrial analytics, deliver a strategic approach to operations ready analytics data and how minimize delays and failures from data inaccessibility, intensive data processing, and poor data quality.


Sign up for the seminar and take a look at the agenda via this link.

Water Congress 2019: Water 4.0, Automation and Computerization

— Dutch only —

Van harte uitgenodigd
Ook in 2019 organiseert ICT Group weer het toonaangevende ICT Group Water Congres. Werkt u bij een waterschap, drinkwaterbedrijf, gemeente of ingenieurs- adviesbureau en heeft u te maken met onder andere (proces)automatisering op het gebied van afvalwater, oppervlaktewater of drinkwater en wilt u op de hoogte blijven van slimme IT-oplossingen in Water? Dan mag u het toonaangevende ICT Group Water Congres in het midden van het land niet missen!

“De perfecte gelegenheid voor de branche om kennis met elkaar uit te wisselen, te netwerken en nieuwe inzichten op te doen.”

Dit jaar informeren wij u graag over drie belangrijke thema’s binnen Water: Automatisering, Informatisering en Water 4.0. Bekijk het volledige programma.

– Industriële-, Technische- en Procesautomatisering.
– PLC, SCADA, DCS, Historische Data opslag en Telemetrie.
– Product, Project, Consultancy en Onderhoud

– Informatie: Beleid, Voorziening, Architectuur, Ontsluiting, Validatie, Benutting, Beheer e.a.

Water 4.0
– Uitdagingen binnen de watersector. Extreem droog en nat weer, Waterschaarste, Energietransitie, Cybersecurity, Digitalisering en Krapte op de arbeidsmarkt.
– Technische mogelijkheden: Kunstmatige Intelligentie, Internet of Things, Big data, Datascience, Machine Learning en Robotic Process Automation.

Lees hier het artikel Water 4.0: Op welke manier kan de technologische innovatie en vooruitgang nu en straks invulling geven aan uitdagingen binnen de Watersector? 

Keynote spreker
Oliver Grievson is gespecialiseerd in ‘Analysis of water and wastewater’, ‘Experimental Project Design’, ‘Water and Wastewater operational management’, ‘Process Engineering’, ‘Wastewater Instrumentation’, ‘IWA Instrumentation, Control and Automation (ICA)’ en de Smart Water Industry. Tevens is hij eigenaar van Water Industry Process Automation & Control (WIPAC) en partner van CIWEM als reviewer en lid van het ‘professional standards committee’. Oliver is betrokken geweest bij de totstandkoming van de publicatie van het IWA Digital Water rapport dat onderdeel is van het International Water Association’s (IWA) 5-jaar Strategic Plan 2019 – 2024. Op het ICT Water Congres geeft Oliver een toelichting op ‘Digital Water’ waar ook Water 4.0 onder verstaan wordt. Ook is er voldoende tijd voor interactie met Oliver rondom zijn kennis, kunde en netwerk.

Bekijk hier het volledige programma van 2019.

Naast diverse presentaties is er voldoende gelegenheid om de beursvloer te bezoeken waar u de mogelijkheid krijgt verder in gesprek te gaan met diverse systeemleveranciers en ingenieursbureaus en uw netwerk te onderhouden tijdens de diverse pauzes.

Wilt u nog even terugblikken op de edities van vorige jaren? Bekijk hier de impressies van 2018 en 2017.

Wij ontmoeten u graag op donderdag 10 oktober in Nieuwegein bij Green Village!

Meld u aan op deze website.

Knowledge session: SYSTEMS ENGINEERING | APRIL 16

– This knowledge session is in Dutch only! – 

Bij ICT Group verbinden we mensen, technologieën en ideeën met elkaar. Kennisdeling is daar een belangrijk onderdeel in. Vandaar dat er met enige regelmaat kennissessies worden georganiseerd.  Een thema waar veel interesse naar uit gaat is Systems Engineering (SE). Ben jij al bekend met Systems Engineering?

Tijdens deze kennissessie worden de hoofdlijnen van SE uitgelegd door René van der Pluijm, project manager, en is dus een must voor iedereen die meer wil weten over dit interessante onderwerp.

Systems Engineering
Systems Engineering gaat vooral over klanteneisen, ontwerpafwegingen en gemaakte keuzes. Door deze informatie goed op te slaan, wordt miscommunicatie voorkomen. Fouten, vertragingen en schadeclaims worden hiermee vermeden.

Een opdrachtgever moet de vraag duidelijk omschrijven, de opdrachtnemer moet zorgvuldig ontwerpen, de technische oplossingen verifiëren en valideren, en de kwaliteit van het werk waarborgen. Ook dienen de partijen uitgangspunten en afspraken met de omgeving vast te leggen. Dit maakt de noodzaak van gestructureerd werken alleen maar groter.

Meld je hier aan!

Een kijkje bij één van de meest geavanceerde automatische containerterminals van Europa

ICT Group en Hutchison Ports ECT Rotterdam (ECT) organiseren op donderdagavond 11 april 2019 een exclusief, inspirerend en informerend event voor ICT’ers die willen werken in en aan een slimme haven. Bekijk hier het volledige programma.

Ontdek welke uitdagingen en kansen hier voor jouw carrière liggen. Ontdek welke bijdrage jíj kunt leveren aan een complexe en geavanceerde containerterminal. Ontdek op 11 april wat de impact van jouw werk op de terminal kan zijn.

“Simpelweg automatiseren, daar wordt een terminal niet beter van. Het gaat om de wisselwerking tussen automatisering en de mens.” (Pascal Muller – Software Engineer).

Lees hier de blog over de uitdaging van Pascal – Software Engineer bij ICT Group: Pascal’s uitdaging: de meest geavanceerde terminal te blijven.

Ben jij:
• Software ontwikkelaar (C#, Java, Azure.NET)
• Architect
• (System/network/software) Engineer
• Projectmanager
• Application consultant
• Information Security Officer
• Business analist
• Linux/Unix beheerder

En, wil jij werken in een inspirerende technische omgeving? Dan geven we je een kijkje in de keuken van ECT en laten we je kennis maken met diverse collega’s die werkzaam zijn bij ECT of ICT Group. Jij bepaalt met wie je wilt spreken (speeddate). Meld je dus vandaag nog aan!

Er is een beperkt aantal plaatsen beschikbaar. Op 4 april as. laten we je weten of je aanmelding definitief is. Zijn er meer aanmeldingen dan beschikbare plaatsen, dan zullen we helaas een keuze moeten maken. In alle gevallen ontvang je bericht. Indien je bent toegelaten, ontvang je een toegangsbewijs per e-mail, die je kunt uitprinten of kunt tonen op je mobiel. Neem ook je identiteitsbewijs mee op 11 april. Vergeet deze niet!

“Je hebt te maken met verschillende technieken en communicatieprotocollen; simpele TCP, websockets, webservices, PLC, communicatie, etc. Al die verschillende werelden moet je begrijpen.” (Pieter van der Spek – Systeemarchitect).


Aanmelden voor dit event is niet meer mogelijk.