ICT & Logistics exhibition

The ICT & Logistics exhibiton will take place on On November 5, 6 and 7 at the Jaarbeurs Utrecht.

ICT & Logistics is the platform voor ICT applications and services in the logistics chain. You can also find ICT Transport & Logistics and OrangeNXT on the exhibition floor. We are looking forward to meet you at stand: 01.A144 and at 01.E141 as a iSHARE partner.

We are happy to inform you during the exhibition about different smart solutions, such as:

– Last mile solutions
– WMS solutions
– Supply chain solutions
– Mobile solutions


We would like to invite you to our presentation in collaboration with HelloFresh on Tuesday November 5th, at 11.00 hours in theater 4, Big Data & Analytics and our presentation on Wednesday November 6th, at 11.30 hours in theater 8, iSHARE theater.

HelloFresh: The HelloFresh route to happy customers

HelloFresh strives to provide the best possible delivery experience to their customers. Combining a complete revamp of their logistics IT-landscape, a philosophy of putting the customer at centre of everything they do ánd a connected fleet enables them to do just that. Discover how they did this during this presentation.

Mark Sugirtharajah

Mark Sugirtharajah

Mark Sugirtharajah, Supply Chain & Operations at HelloFresh will provide this presentation and tell you more about the possibilities to connect people, devices and data and how OrangeNXT (an ICT Group company) made this possible for HelloFresh.


On Wednesday November 6, we will tell you how we use the “Keep It Simple” approach. Hereby we help (our) customers with:
1. Retrieving Data/Information from known and/or unknown parties using iSHARE agreements.
2. Sharing Data/Information with known and/or unknown parties using iSHARE agreements.
3. Checking authorizations in an iSHARE Authorization Register.
4. Joining the iSHARE network of trusted parties.

By using iSHARE, ICT Group can, based on an Agile/Scrum approach/service with short Sprints, provide advice and realization to securely share data.

See you in the Jaarbeurs Utrecht!
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Big Data Expo 2018

OrangeNXT at Big Data Expo
This year,  OrangeNXT, an ICT Group company, participates at Big Data Expo. We will be present at Microsoft’s stand, number 44. During the expo, Jeroen Delcour will give a presentation.

The presentation is all about high accuracy mapping from videos for efficient asset management in cities.
Asset management in a city is a though job. To do this efficiently, construction companies need highly accurate and up-to-date maps of the environment. Google Maps isn’t enough, but doing on-site surveys is expensive and time-consuming. However, driving through and recording 360° video from a car is cheap and easy. By modelling camera optics and applying machine learning, we automatically generate high-accuracy maps of the environment from video.

Visit the presentation on Thursday, September 20th at 15:00h in the Tech Demo Hall.

Meet OrangeNXT at stand number 44
OrangeNXT: connecting People, Devices and Data.

People, mobileNXT, focus on Field Service
Demo: mobileNXT demo
References: Bavaria, ECT, Engie, BPost.

Devices, conNXT, focus on Asset Management
Demo: conNXT demo
References: Ampelmann, Greenflux, Hytech, Flamco, Remeha, etc.

Data, digitalNXT, focus on Connected Factory (IT / OT convergence), Data Science projecten
Demo: BAM Asphalt/Telecom/Rail, IHC, etc.
References: IHC, BAM, etc.


“Big Data is the future. It provides insights in the past, the present, but also in the future. It creates a basis you – as a person and as an organisation – can use to make accurate strategic decisions and to actively find and implement smart solutions and efficiency improvements.” – Big Data Expo

World of Technology & Science 2018

ICT Group and Strypes are participating in the World of Technology & Science in ‘De Jaarbeurs’ in Utrecht on October 2 – 5, 2018.

The World of Technology & Science and Industrial Processing trade fairs are integrated into one exhibition: World of Technology & Science 2018. WoTS consists of five generic titles: World of Automation, World of Laboratory, World of Motion & Drives, World of Electronics and Industrial Processing . With this division the branches get their own identity, exhibition program and they focus on their own visitor target groups with interactive exhibition projects and appealing and current seminar topics.

The automation of a complex process into a working system is one thing. But how do you create an ICT solution that delivers much more? How do you get more speed? More comfort? More sustainability? More profit? That’s the challenge and ICT Group loves a challenge. The more complex the project is, the more enthusiastic we get. And the more ambitious the goal, the more we push our boundaries.

Although ‘The Internet of Things’ is no longer a new concept, many companies are still experiencing difficulties in switching to online management and monitoring of their devices and machines. It’s not easy to build your own IoT Cloud. By developing the conNXT IoT Platform, ICT Group has already done all the hard work for you. ConNXT allows you to reduce your costs and increase satisfaction among your customers within a minimum of time.

It is the IoT Platform used by ICT Group for its IoT projects. ConNXT is the perfect foundation for customized projects and products, and that includes your customized IoT Cloud. With its proven functionality and quality, conNXT guarantees that your project will get off to a flying start.

Strypes at WoTS
The developments in the current digital economy require innovative software that contributes to business operations. These developments raise questions when determining the software development road-map at Original Equipment Manufacturers and Independent Software Vendors.

• How do you develop a Minimal Viable Product with the shortest possible Time To Market?
• Is my team scalable enough?
• How do you keep the costs low, and:
• How do I extend the life of my product?

Strypes introduces Software Development as a Service (SDaaS)
Software Development as a Service is an approach to cut the costs and complications to traditional role-based models. SDaaS allows customers to outsource work packages instead of hiring resources.


Zorg & ICT 2018

Are you a healthcare professional, ICT employee, manager or director at a healthcare institution? Do you want to know everything about the latest digital developments for healthcare? Then visit Zorg & ICT 2018  from 17 to 19 April 2018. Zorg & ICT is the starting point for digitally driven healthcare.

ICT Group is also present at the Zorg & ICT 2018. Find us at the stand of G2 Speech with number 01.D042. The Unit Healtcare can be found at the booth of InterSystems.

G2 Speech is a supplier of speech technology. This technology has been integrated by ICT Group into the LogicNet framework today. Through the integration, doctors can now keep their hands free and make structured reports with their voices and /or work via protocols. This can be used by for example radiologists, pathologists and surgeons during surgery.

The Unit Healtcare will emphasize our partnership with InterSystems as an application partner of InterSystems by introducing CorTx to the Zorg & ICT.

We are happy to meet you at the Zorg & ICT!

Dag van de Pathologie, 13 april
Meet LogicNets at Friday, April 13th during the Dag van de Pathologie in Veenendaal. We are at a stand with Sectra and G2 Speech.

Estro 37 Conference Barcelona 20,21, 22 & 23 April
Meet the Unit Healtcare at the Estro 37 beurs in Spain.

Health & Care, 24, 25 & 26 April
During the Health & Care beurs you can meet LogicNets at Agoria’s stand. During the day, we are giving a presentation about LogicNets.

Trade Show Zorg & ICT

Zorg & ICT is the knowledge platform for people-centered health care innovation. The trade show is the annual benchmark for ICT and innovation in healthcare. Zorg & ICT provides inspiration and information to improve care processes and applications. Healthcare professionals will find the latest ICT applications and services to optimize care.

Together with our partner InterSystems, ICT Group attends the trade show with a stand. The innovative technologies of InterSystems makes it possible to quickly develop medical applications and connect both internal and external, regional and country level. ICT Group develops the connectors for the exchange of these medical data. Also, ICT Group will show a short movie of their ‘Radiation Oncology Collaboration Platform’ and ‘Mobile platform’.

Zorg & ICT is of interest to (general) management, advisors / consultants, IT managers, IT staff and IT consultants working at or for hospitals, nursing homes, home care, welfare and care for the elderly, disabled and governments.

Visit us at stand number: 11.E034.

Through this registration form you can register free for Zorg & ICT 2017.