BlockChain event

In the first BlockChain meeting last November, we have learned about the basics of the underlying technologies and of the company Byelex, who is issuing formal shares of its company using Ethereum. For the next meeting (TuesdayFebruary 20th) we have found someone very experienced in the field: Vince Meens.

Vince is (amongst others):

  • the founder of the BTCdirect exchange (;
  • working on Mobotiq, the first peer-to-peer mobility operator that integrates specifically designed, autonomous pods and that eliminates all intermediaries between you and your ride (;
  • founder of Jetwise, a private jet rental service, which didn’t make it;
  • manager entrepreneurship development for Brightlands Smart Services Campus (see his vision on:

Vince will explain the audience about two sides of the blockchain technology, based on his own experiences: cryptocoins and his experiences in setting up one of the bigger exchanges, and how blockchain can be used for other applications than currencies. He will explain about Mobotiq in general, and the role of blockchain in particular. Finally he will illustrate how the technology can help ICT and our customer, or moreover: when to use blockchain, and when not? What potential does it have in the long run, and how can you fully deploy it? We are aiming for an interactive session and assume basic knowledge of the blockchain technologies and terms.

The second part of the evening is to learn what ICT is currently doing with the topic. Currently several students are working on blockchain assignments and they will pitch their projects to us. We can discuss, help and follow them now and in the coming months.

This event will be hosted in our Eindhoven office and we hope to see as many of you as possible, but act fast: we only have limited seating!


17:00     Walk-in
17:30     Dinner
18:15     Start talk Vince Meens
20:00     Pitches students
20:30     Wrap-up, drinks

Sign up for the second Blockchain meeting!

Do you want to sign up for the second BlockChain event? You can sign up by sending an email to with the subject line ‘BrainEvent ​BlockChain’.


Roundtable Eindhoven: The connected factory

On July 6th 2017, ICT Group, Microsoft, Tele2 and Omron are proud to present this unique chance to talk with Industry experts in a small setting at ICT Group’s office in Eindhoven. Join the conversation and find out how your organization can make the leap from today to tomorrow by embracing the power of the Digital factory.

This roundtable is designed for leaders and decision makers. We have key speakers from Omron Corporation and Microsoft Corporation speaking about Intelligence factories, from the Intelligent connectivity to Intelligent insights to Intelligent actions.

Key highlights include:

  • Practical, tangible advice to begin or extend your organisation’s digital transformation journey.
  • Digital transformation customer success stories.
  • Experts present ready to help you design and build your digital business.
  • Presentations and breakout session to support you in successfully reaching your goals.

Furthermore, the roundtable will be packed with great customer stories and real world examples that demonstrate how you can make your business a digital business. Take away practical, usable solutions you can implement straight away.

You can sign up for this event by mailing:

Demolab: Lifesaving software, breathtaking careers

ICT-Healthcare-ICT Group

ICT Healthcare is a company with solutions in software that make the difference between life and death. It sounds like a firm pay off, but it is true. You’re invited to see it for yourself at the Demolab event. At the same time, you can experience what it’s like to work in a company that’s able to bridge customers’ needs with the (personal development) needs of our co-workers.

Lifesaving software demo’s
– Clinical Decision Support System
– Hospital Workflow and Data Management System
– System for Transplantable Organs
– Systems for the treatment of Bone Diseases
– Diagnostics Systems

Breathtaking career opportunities
Beside the demo’s, our professionals will be present to answer your questions, give you extra information about the projects and inform you why it’s great fun to work at ICT Group. Satisfaction of our professionals, by offering innovative projects, plenty of possibilities to grow both on a technical and personal level and a set of good compensation and benefits, is our main goal.

So if you are a software professional with a passion for human health, fill out the form below or contact us for more information. We are pleased to welcome you on May 11, 2017.
N.b. Don’t worry about diner. The event includes a buffet.

Training DICOM Fundamentals and DVTK applied

Will you soon be working with the DICOM standard? The two-day workshop ‘DICOM Fundamentals and DVTk applied’ will familiarize you with the terminology and workings of DICOM. The workshop combines theory and practical training to give you insight into the DICOM standard and its application.

The two-day training ‘DICOM Fundamentals and DVTk applied’ combines theoretical knowledge, practical training and in-depth application. On the first day, the focus is on acquiring the necessary knowledge, whereby theory is illustrated with specific practical examples. The second day is devoted to workshops in which theory and practice are integrated with each other. You also learn to work with open source DVTk tools. Experience has shown us that putting your theoretical knowledge into practice as soon as possible is the most effective way of obtaining a clear insight into how the DICOM standard works and its purpose and application.

The DICOM training is accredited by the professional association NVKF (Dutch Association for Clinical Physics) for 20 points.

For more information please visit the Healthcare training page or subscribe by using the form below.

Information evening about the Dutch tax system for internationals

On Tuesday, January 10th 2017, specialized tax-law firm Exterus ( will come to the office of ICT in Eindhoven to give an introduction of the Dutch tax system. They will share info about the system in general, how to handle your (first) tax return in the Netherlands and what specifics are applicable to internationals. Also, there will be time available to ask your questions.

The program is as follows:

17.30-18.30: Welcome and buffet

18.45-20.30: Presentation and questions

It is no longer possible to register for this event!
Thanks for your interest

Brainevent@ICT; Mobile App Development

Theme: Mobile App Development, Xamarin vs. Cordova Ionic Modern Web development

Platforms of Mobile App Development (Native, Hybrid, Low-code, HTML5)
This Brainevent we will explore the realm of mobile development platforms and give some insight in how to ideate an App idea.
We will focus on business Apps and what they can do for you, your workforce and customers.

During the presentation platforms like, native development and HTML development will be compared. Although it sounds like a spoiler, there is no one platform to rule them all. So please join us and discus which platform fits your business needs and what the future of these platforms will look like.

During the second part of this event we will guide you to use Design Thinking for the best business App of the evening.

17.30- Welcome, buffet and drinks
18.30- Start presentation
21.00- Drinks
Presentation will be in English

Look at the future with the Microsoft HoloLens

ICT Group would like to invite you to an amazing event which will take place on July 13th, 2016.

Please join us to “Look at the future with the Microsoft HoloLens”.

Microsoft HoloLens is the first fully self-contained, holographic computer enabling you to interact with high definition holograms in your world. ICT Group proudly presents a first glimpse of this device on July 13th. At this event we will share our view on innovation and our insights into Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. There will also be a demonstration with one of the first Microsoft HoloLens devices in The Netherlands.

This event is open for everyone with an interest in innovation and technology and it is free of charge: all you have to do is register by email. After registration, you will receive a confirmation. This confirmation is also your entrance ticket, so please bring it to the event (printed or digital).

ICT Group Eindhoven
Prof. Dr. Dorgelolaan 30
5613 AM Eindhoven (4th floor)

At 17.30h, we’d like to welcome you with a buffet. The event will end around 20.30.

Please send an email with your contact details and the number of attendees to

European Tcl/Tk User Meeting 2016

Every year around June, a group of developers join together for the European Tcl/Tk User Meeting, talking about the “best-kept secret in the software industry”. Tcl/Tk is used everywhere, from Cisco routers to Nuclear Power Plants and from Veldhoven (ASML) to Mars (pathfinder). This year, the EuroTcl meeting is hosted by ICT, in the weekend of June 25/26. There will be presentations from various people, among them our colleague Jan Nijtmans and also the architect and primary author of SQLite: D. Richard Hipp.

For more information and registration please visit:

Certified Scrum master in 2 days

Certified Scrum Trainer Danko Kovatch gives unique training in the Netherlands

Danko Kovatch, founder of Agile Sparks, is one of the few Certified Scrum Trainers in the world. He is known for his energetic and unique way of presenting Scrum. A training course given by Danko makes you forever Scrum minded. Therefore we are proud to organize together with Danko Kovatch the Certified Scrum Master (CSM) training course. September 21 and 22 in Eindhoven.

This is a unique possibility to join Danko’s interactive two-day course (workshop) filled with exercises and becoming a certified Scrum Master after a successful completion of the course. Danko will cover all SCRUM topics, giving the basic knowledge and understanding regarding Scrum and the way you can apply it.

Being a certified Scrum master (CSM) is the beginning of a journey. Each course of Danko has its own unique dynamics. The more interaction during the course, the more you get out of it. Covered topics:

  • The history of Agile
  • Your project pains
  • Scrum introduction
  • Change management in Scrum
  • Planning and estimation
  • User stories – the right way to write them
  • Roles & Responsibilities
  • Day in a life of a Scrum master
  • Building self-maintained cross functional team
  • Ceremonies
  • Definition of Done
  • Artifacts
  • Assimilation scrum in a wide variety of environments
  • Scaling scrum
  • Negotiating skills and techniques
  • The manager’s role in scrum

Practical Information about the training course

We have a limited number of seats available, if you wish to participate, please fill in the form below.  Costs: € 1.395,00 (excl. VAT) per person, including certificate after successful exam.

We hope to welcome you on 21 and 22 September in Eindhoven.