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In the May 2020 issue of Gunaïkea, an article about STAN® was published entitled “A Clinical Viewpoint on the Impact of STAN Use on Midwifery Policies during Labor and Delivery.” It concerns an “Evaluation of 14 years of STAN monitoring in the Maria Hospital Noord-Limburg in Pelt”, written by gynecologist Bart Bollen. The content of […]


Haaglanden Medical Centre: Sense4Baby allows pregnant women to make a daily heart recording of their baby at home

Monitoring the unborn baby every day with a CTG-scan. This is possible for pregnant women with a medical indication who are under antenatal care at Haaglanden Medical Centre (HMC). Thanks to Sense4Baby, a solution by ICT Healthcare. There they are. Mother Marije and her healthy daughter Elin, just a few weeks old. For a while […]


Jeroen’s challenge: Improving the diagnosis and treatment of patients and as a result optimising quality of life

Jeroen Wennekes is Operational Manager (OM) at ICT Healthcare Technology Solutions, a developer of advanced systems to improve the diagnosis and treatment of patients and as a result optimise quality of life. With his degree in Embedded Software, Jeroen started as a junior software engineer and quickly became one of the rising stars within ICT […]


Faster building and testing with automatized coding

Julien and Rachid discuss smart ways of working and collaborating with Model Based Testing & Model Driven Engineering. Model Based Testing (MBT) and Model Driven Engineering (MDE) are methods for faster, low-cost and more efficient software design. They allow you to create an abstract model based on system requirements. Tools automatically generate the code for […]


Data&Purpose: ICT Group zet data science en AI kennis in voor maatschappelijke vraagstukken

– News item only available in Dutch –  Met een passie voor data science en artificial intelligence (AI) hebben een aantal Eindhovense data-bedrijven de handen ineen geslagen om hun kennis en kunde in te zetten voor goede doelen. Het nieuwe partnership, ‘Data & Purpose’, focust op het helpen van organisaties die zich, op non-profit basis, […]


Sense4Baby helps pregnant women during COVID-19

Being pregnant with complications has a huge impact on the life of an expectant mother. The COVID-19 virus creates a major challenge for pregnant women who require extra check-ups during their pregnancy. The current advice from government to travel as little as possible can make it difficult to provide the right amount of healthcare to […]