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InTraffic makes BISON standards clear for everyone

If there is one sector that leads the way in implementing standards, it’s public transport organisations. Working in accordance with BISON standards that allow data exchanges with other partners in the public transport system has become common practice in the Netherlands. This puts the country ahead of the pack internationally. What role did the various […]


Smart hubs offer affordable mobility in a sustainable manner

Thanks to the rapid rise of electric buses, mobility and energy are now inextricably linked. This raises a host of new issues. How can all vehicles be charged on time and also at the most favourable rate? The answer lies in smart hubs. A smart hub is a central control point that connects other devices, […]


The results and lessons learned from eight years of chain tests for NS: Detect errors at an earlier stage by testing in the chain during the development phase

In 2012 NS organised a mini-competition for a chain test cycle. InTraffic, an ICT Group company, won the competition and involved ACC ICT as its partner in the domain of infrastructure. This collaboration is coming to an end after a period of eight years because the chains tests have been made part of an NS-wide […]


Innovation with the Hololens 2

In collaboration with Waterschap Vallei & Veluwe, ICT Group has started a pilot with the Hololens 2 in which an installation has been digitized and projected. In a corona-proof experience session, advocates from various departments were able to form an idea of ​​how the use of the Hololens makes daily work easier and more efficient […]


Webinar – Water Congres Online

– Only available in Dutch –  U bent van harte uitgenodigd om deel te nemen aan de online variant van het jaarlijkse ICT Group Water Congres. Wij volgen de richtlijnen van het RIVM met betrekking tot het Coronavirus. Om deze reden wordt er dit jaar geen fysiek Water Congres georganiseerd. Op donderdag 8 oktober organiseren […]


InTraffic blikt terug op geslaagd digitaal Hackatrain event

— Only available in Dutch — Net als in 2018 is InTraffic, een ICT Group onderneming, trotse sponsor van het Hackatrain event dat dit jaar zijn vijfjarig jubileum viert. Van origine is de Hackatrain een driedaagse Hackathon op de trein naar Berlijn met aansluitend een Tech event zoals Tech Open Air. Dit jaar vond de […]


ICT Group and SixBlocks solution collaborate to combat complexity in administrative processes

Business rules-approach allows complex processes to be automated in a matter of weeks IT-systems for executing administrative processes are often extremely complex, resulting in a huge amount of administrative red tape. Even if an organisation manages to implement an administrative system, the process of adjusting is usually a complicated and tiresome task. An additional challenge […]


Agile working methods in a safety-environment

Companies that develop software which must function in a safety environment need to comply with the European CENELEC standard. The CENELEC standards stipulate which processes you need to follow when you develop safety-relevant software. These standards are based on the V-model: build first, test later. This working method is a proven and robust approach to […]