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Using Cordis Suite to Design Control Logic

Cordis Suite is a practical toolset that enables you to design software according to the principles of Model-Driven Engineering. Cordis Suite is suited mainly for control logic, i.e., software used to drive moving (‘mechatronic’) systems. This includes software for high-tech machines such as medical equipment or 3D printers, along with infrastructural systems such as bridges […]


High Tech business unit continues collaboration with Verum

The High Tech business unit of ICT Group continues to focus on Model Driven Engineering. To broaden our knowledge, ICT Group actively seeks partnerships with specialized organizations like Verum. Verum’s product ‘Dezyne’ enables software engineers to create, explore and formally verify component based designs for embedded and technical software systems. In the past 6 months, […]


ICT extends the Model Driven Engineering skills

The biggest challenge while developing software for systems is the communication and alignment between all disciplines and everyone involved in the process. Model Driven Engineering (MDE) is a methodology that enables complete synergy between all parties. It’s a next step in software development that is not completely new but for which the time now seems […]


Value (idea)-diversity!

In April 2016, former football international John de Wolf was appointed ‘Ambassador against unemployment of those over 50 (years of age)’. The Dutch government decided to start this campaign due to the fact that there’s a significant group of 50+ unemployed who have problems finding a new job. Many employers are reluctant to hire them, […]


ICT and ASML team up to bring software support services to the next level

Around 2013, ASML ran into a problem familiar to many fast-growing high tech companies. With its technology growing increasingly complex, its software engineers were fully focused on product development while spending less time on the process behind it all. But outsourcing process support was unsatisfactory – until ASML’s Stefan de Hoog and Ad van Dongen […]


Are you a peach or a coconut?

Vincent Merk (TU/e) gives an introduction to intercultural awareness ICT Group was founded in the Netherlands in 1978, but now it’s 2016 and the organization is internationalizing rapidly. Not only because we are working for clients worldwide or have offices abroad, but even more so because in the Eindhoven region almost a quarter of our […]


Clever software for High Tech industry

The high-tech industry is rapidly demanding increasingly advanced production machinery, measuring and control systems and equipment. What is the standard today has to be even more efficient, faster, stronger, smaller and more accurate tomorrow. Developing new machines or improving existing ones is an expensive enterprise. In addition, in recent years we have reached the limits […]