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How do you control the production process and make optimal use of production resources?

MES implementation with automated workflow Implementation of a MES system optimizes the management of the production process and ensures that people, machines and products are efficiently deployed. The concrete quality objectives that Sonneborn aimed to achieve via automation included insight into the real-time production process, centralized management of information, and optimization of the overall production […]


How do you streamline the production of 2,800 cheeses per hour?

MES system for cheese production The dairy products production facility ‘De Graafstroom’ in Bleskensgraaf is part of the DeltaMilk cooperative. The production facility specializes in the production of round and rectangular Gouda cheeses. The production facility has presently been expanded with an extra cheese ripening and storage facility, extra processing lines and a new delivery […]


How do you convert an old DSC-operating system into a new GE-platform in 7 days

SABIC’s 3000 I/O 7-day conversion project SABIC Innovative Plastics (SABIC IP) produces high-quality plastics as a raw material for parts in the automobile industry and other sectors. Prior to this project, SABIC IP was using a DCS system to control and visualise its mixing and transportation systems. However, after more than 18 years in operation, […]


How do you improve internal logistics on two packaging departments?

FrieslandCampina: MES system for packaging line FrieslandCampina in Leeuwarden produces long-life dairy products. FrieslandCampina in Beilen primarily produces baby food. In order to optimise the logistics in the packaging departments at both sites, FrieslandCampina commissioned implementation of a barcode system from ICT. ICT engineered and installed the BAS system. The BAS system receives order information […]


How do you increase production and reduce the amount of disruptions and variations in products?

MES system for DSM Food Specialties DSM Food Specialties in Delft is one of the main suppliers of high-quality ingredients for the food industry. DSM Food Specialties produces a range of products that includes ingredients for dairy foods and beverages, flavourings, functional foods and enzymes for the baking industry. A MES system was required for […]


How do you fully integrate new SIL-certified systems and instrumentation the existing systems?

SIL reclassification at DSM DSM Elastomers’ Keltan range of high-quality EPDM rubber compounds has made the company a market leader in this field. During a technical assessment of safety system design and operation, it was found that the EPT1 and EPT2 loops in the Schneider Electric PLCs were associated with an excessively high probability of […]


ICT has engineered a link between SAP and the SattLine process control system for BYK-Cera

SAP PP link with SattLine and SattBatch BYK-Cera produces high quality wax emulsion additives that are used in automobile paints, other paints, coatings and printing ink. The production process mainly consists of metering liquid raw materials from the tank array. Production has been expanded on many occasions in recent years, meaning that the control system […]


Adding a new control layer having instrumentation and valves operating at a higher level

PCS7 with Simatic Batch for Beckers Beckers in Tilburg produces ragout-filled snacks like croquettes. The ragout preparation department cooks the meat first and then uses a recipe to mix fat, flour, spices and bouillon with the cooked meat. The ability to creatively develop new products, cost-effective production and delivery of high-quality products are of the […]


Press release: ICT and InMotion annouce partnership

Today ICT (ICT) and Stichting Automotive Technology InMotion (InMotion) announce a partnership. InMotion is an automotive race team that consists of students of Eindhoven University of Technology and Fontys University of Applied Sciences. InMotion aims to participate in the 24h race of Le Mans in 2017 with their IM01 race car. Furthermore they set out […]


Press release: Annual Results 2014

Key developments in 4th quarter and full year 2014 Revenue up 4% at € 63.0 million in 2014, as a result of more licence sales and more direct employees. Operating margin from ordinary continuing operations after exceptional items comparable to 2013 at 7%. In the second half of 2014 ICT announced and completed the divestment of […]