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Gert-Jan’s Challenge: Predicting the behaviour of AGV’s in order to reduce the number of congestions

Port terminals use Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) to transport containers between the quay cranes and the stack. Because the AGVs are used in a limited area, traffic often crosses, frequently leading to unwanted stops. This has a serious impact on the traffic flow, planning and fuel consumption. Never finished learning Gert-Jan van der Wielen wanted […]


Webinar | Water Congres Online 8 oktober

Wij volgen de richtlijnen van het RIVM met betrekking tot het Coronavirus. Om deze reden wordt er dit jaar geen fysiek Water Congres georganiseerd. Op donderdag 8 oktober organiseren wij een Webinar waarin Procesautomatisering van Afvalwater, Oppervlaktewater en Drinkwater centraal staan. Samen met onze strategische partners in procesautomatisering bieden wij u vier opeenvolgende Webinars. Hierdoor […]




Workshop | IBAZ 8 september

Omdat op dinsdag 8 september de Waterinfodag niet doorgaat, organiseert ICT Group een online IBAZ Workshop. Na het volgen van deze workshop heeft u een beeld in hoeverre de data-analyse in IBAZ een meerwaarde levert ten opzichte van de Bedrijfsvergelijking Zuiveringsbeheer (BVZ). ‘IBAZ is een webapplicatie die nieuwe en unieke inzichten geeft die ontstaan vanuit […]


Smartlink ensures actual availability of data and reliability in production processes

Everywhere across the world compressors are used by factories, power plants and hospitals. Gas, compressed or ultraclean medical grade air from sea container-sized compressors are crucial to the (business) processes of these organisations. IoT and the latest cloud solutions are used to ensure actual and reliable data. Wherever and whenever you need it. Atlas Copco […]


H1 2020 results ICT Group

Solid first half 2020 Highlights H1 2020 Revenue in H1 2020 increased 2% to € 81.4 million (H1 2019: € 79.8 million), organically down 1.3% EBITDA was stable at € 8.9 million (H1 2019: € 8.8 million) COVID-19 impact was limited in Q1, effects were more visible in April and May and as of June […]


Agile working methods in a safety-environment

Companies that develop software which must function in a safety environment need to comply with the European CENELEC standard. The CENELEC standards stipulate which processes you need to follow when you develop safety-relevant software. These standards are based on the V-model: build first, test later. This working method is a proven and robust approach to […]


Jeffrey’s challenge: Keep learning and participating in interesting projects

Having completed his study in industrial automation, Jeffrey had ample choice from the jobs that were available. Even before his graduation, recruiters started making him offers. And this is how he came into contact with Raster. The personal atmosphere of this small-scale subsidiary of the ICT Group was the decisive factor in choosing this company, […]