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Within business unit ERD Products of ICT Netherlands B.V. different hardware products are developed and being sold to different customers of ICT. These products consist of multiple components, like PCBAs, displays, wiring harnesses, housing, assembly materials, etc and still more components are added to our portfolio as we constantly widen our scope and take on more activities to support our customers.

As the number of products and with that the number of different component increases, the need of a (semi-)professional warehouse management system increases as well. Currently the stock is maintained in different EXCEL files, but as the number of items and transactions in these files increases it becomes harder to stay in control and keep the overview. Also the reporting mechanisms are limited resulting in a lot of human interaction.


The whish of ICT is to have an easy accessible warehouse management system that makes it possible to control the stock and transactions in a simple but clear and robust manner. Tracking and tracing of individual items within the database is a must, as well as the generation of periodic reports with stock and turnover information.

The goal of the assignment is the following:

This project consists of a requirement phase for a warehouse management system:

  • The student should inventories the standard features of commercial warehouse management systems.
  • The student should inventories the requirements for such a system within ERD Products.
  • Together with the product owner the student will make a final requirements overview.

The warehouse management system will be based on a database:

  • The student checks which type of database is most suitable for the system.
  • The student will configure a database and its data system.

A simple front-end is required to handle all transactions and reporting:

  • The student should design a simple but solid front-end to handle transactions for both single items as well as batch-wise items.
  • The student should design a configurable reporting interface to generate periodic reports like stock volume, turnover, etc
  • The student should design a front-end to track and trace products or items based on their unique serial number.

Optionally a simple native app to present the data would be nice.
The student should optionally develop a native app to represent certain data from the database (for example: current stock amount and location).

Onze wensen

The graduation student will be supported by two ICT engineers. One will take on the daily support, the other will take on the technical support. 
We also expect that the student will be supported by school.

Depending on the corona regulations, the assignment can be executed by the student at home, and daily contact is possible by means of Teams. As the team is located in the ICT office in Deventer, a couple of visits to this office should not be a problem.
When it is possible to execute the assignment again in the offices, it will take place near the team in the ICT office in Deventer.

We are looking for a bachelor student ready for their graduation project (4th year)

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