STAF 2019 – Industry Day

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The STAF Industry Day event will showcase practical applications of Model Based/Driven technologies in industry, showing the level of adoption in industry and reflecting on the associated challenges. The event is an opportunity for networking with relevant academics and industrial partners in the field.

ICT is a proud sponsor of the event.

ICT Group at STAF

During the event, several informative sessions will take place. During Session 1: Applications of Domain Specific Languages, our colleague Frank van der Kruijssen will present an interactive case study for Radiation Oncology Workflow. Frank will present together with John Wolfgang from Massachusetts General Hospital / Harvard Medical School.

Session 1 – Presentation: 11:00-11:40
User Interactions and their impact on DSL Design: An interactive case study for Radiation Oncology Workflow

The complexity of software intensive systems is increasing, directly impacting development efficiency. Model-Driven Engineering technologies help increasing efficiency by raising the level of abstraction. Domain-Specific Languages as an integral part of Model-Driven Engineering support the description of different facets of the problem domain in a clean and concise way.

During the development of a workflow and data management system for radiation oncology, we experienced that the interaction between the user and the system engineer is crucial to prevent foreign domain aspects from creeping into the Domain-Specific Language. These extra-domain aspects introduce unnecessary complexity. To address this challenge, we used Domain-Driven Design methods. These methods helped keeping the Domain-Specific Language concise which resulted in an efficient software development effort.

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During the STAF Industry Day, ICT will be present with a stand. Please come and visit us and see how we have modelled the Fishertechnik Factory Simulation.
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Software Technologies: Applications and Foundations (STAF) is a federation of leading conferences on software technologies. It was formed after the end of the successful TOOLS federated event in 2012, providing a loose umbrella organisation with a steering committee that aims to provide continuity.

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