Brainevent@ICT; Mobile App Development

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8 november 2016
17:30 - 21:00

Theme: Mobile App Development, Xamarin vs. Cordova Ionic Modern Web development

Platforms of Mobile App Development (Native, Hybrid, Low-code, HTML5)
This Brainevent we will explore the realm of mobile development platforms and give some insight in how to ideate an App idea.
We will focus on business Apps and what they can do for you, your workforce and customers.

During the presentation platforms like, native development and HTML development will be compared. Although it sounds like a spoiler, there is no one platform to rule them all. So please join us and discus which platform fits your business needs and what the future of these platforms will look like.

During the second part of this event we will guide you to use Design Thinking for the best business App of the evening.

17.30- Welcome, buffet and drinks
18.30- Start presentation
21.00- Drinks
Presentation will be in English

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