BlockChain event

In the first BlockChain meeting last November, we have learned about the basics of the underlying technologies and of the company Byelex, who is issuing formal shares of its company using Ethereum. For the next meeting (TuesdayFebruary 20th) we have found someone very experienced in the field: Vince Meens.

Vince is (amongst others):

  • the founder of the BTCdirect exchange (www.btcdirect.eu);
  • working on Mobotiq, the first peer-to-peer mobility operator that integrates specifically designed, autonomous pods and that eliminates all intermediaries between you and your ride (www.mobotiq.com);
  • founder of Jetwise, a private jet rental service, which didn’t make it;
  • manager entrepreneurship development for Brightlands Smart Services Campus (see his vision on: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DeDagkFnzPw).

Vince will explain the audience about two sides of the blockchain technology, based on his own experiences: cryptocoins and his experiences in setting up one of the bigger exchanges, and how blockchain can be used for other applications than currencies. He will explain about Mobotiq in general, and the role of blockchain in particular. Finally he will illustrate how the technology can help ICT and our customer, or moreover: when to use blockchain, and when not? What potential does it have in the long run, and how can you fully deploy it? We are aiming for an interactive session and assume basic knowledge of the blockchain technologies and terms.

The second part of the evening is to learn what ICT is currently doing with the topic. Currently several students are working on blockchain assignments and they will pitch their projects to us. We can discuss, help and follow them now and in the coming months.

This event will be hosted in our Eindhoven office and we hope to see as many of you as possible, but act fast: we only have limited seating!


17:00     Walk-in
17:30     Dinner
18:15     Start talk Vince Meens
20:00     Pitches students
20:30     Wrap-up, drinks

Sign up for the second Blockchain meeting!

Do you want to sign up for the second BlockChain event? You can sign up by sending an email to events@ict.nl with the subject line ‘BrainEvent ​BlockChain’.

Contact voor dit evenement

Carla Stuifzand

Marketing Communications Director / Corporate Spokesperson

t +31 88 90 82 000

e carla.stuifzand@ict.nl