Press release: Full Year Results 2017 ICT GROUP NV


Integration of acquisitions and continued investments result in a more powerful organisation

Highlights FY 2017

  • Revenue up 17% to € 105.0 million, 7% organic growth
  • EBITDA increased 17% to € 12.0 million
  • Acquisitions of HTS and NedMobiel further strengthen position in Smarter Industries respectively Smarter Cities
  • The net result came in at € 5.2 million, compared to € 5.0 million in 2016 that included a one-off gain of € 0.8 million
  • Proposed dividend of € 0.35 per share for the year 2017

Highlights Q4 2017

  • Revenue up 7% to € 28.5 million, EBITDA realised at € 4.2 million (Q4 2016: € 4.0 million)
  • Organically, revenue growth was in line with the full year growth


  • ICT expects a further growth in revenue and EBITDA for 2018 compared to 2017

Key figures

Jos Blejie, CEO of ICT Group N.V.: “We successfully took ICT Group to the next level in 2017. Both in terms of scale, as we surpassed the milestones of 1,000 employees and € 100 million in revenue, but even more so in terms of our readiness for the future. By decisively embarking on our strategic road map for growth, we once again delivered on our promises. We recorded sustainable levels of growth, while making the world a little smarter every day. The full integration of Nozhup and HTS resulted in a major step forward in our position in the industry and vital infrastructure sectors. The integration, combined with continued investments in the organisation, led to a more powerful organisation. The rapid pace of technological developments requires a certain critical mass to operate at the forefront of these developments. This is why growth is once again our key objective for 2018. Organic growth remains our main growth driver and we will also continue our buy and build strategy.”

Strategy update

Progress in 2017
In 2017, ICT passed the milestone of 1,000 employees as a result of acquisitions, hires and a modest attrition rate. In an employment market characterised by an ever-growing shortage of IT talents, ICT’s efforts to have an appealing profile as an employer bear fruit as the company scored well in terms of attracting and retaining talented people in 2017.

In 2017, ICT prioritised the integration of the acquisitions made over the previous year, to safeguard a proper basis for the consolidation of future potential, without losing focus on driving organic growth. ICT fully integrated Nozhup, which was acquired in September 2016. With the acquisition of Nozhup, ICT gained significant scale in its activities in the industrial automation market, and also widened its customer base in this market. The integration of Nozhup enabled ICT to move further up in the value chain.

Further acquisitions
In June 2017, ICT acquired High Tech Solutions B.V., an industrial automation project and services provider, employing 25 highly educated professionals. HTS delivers consultancy services in various markets within the domain of Smarter Industries. In November 2017, ICT signed a letter of intent to acquire 100% of the shares of NedMobiel B.V., a Dutch expert consultancy company for complex infrastructures, such as tunnels, bridges, water locks, motorways and mobility solutions. The fields of expertise of NedMobiel include (tunnel) safety, asset management and project management.

Digital transformation
A key strategic theme, interwoven with all other key trends throughout ICT’s activities, is digital transformation. In 2017, ICT has therefore set up a dedicated Digital Transformation Unit, a team that works across all sectors and industries. The combination of profound Digital Transformation expertise and the deep knowledge of those industries provides ICT with a unique proposition.

Focus in 2018
In 2018, ICT will continue to focus on the further execution of this strategy, aimed at organic growth combined with add-on acquisitions.

ICT aims to grow organically by 5% per annum. ICT’s performance in the last four years demonstrates its ability to deliver on this target. As the company has clearly achieved a substantial position in Smarter Industries, fuelled in part by the acquisition of Nozhup, the focus of the acquisition strategy in 2018 will be increasing its size in Smarter Cities and Smarter Health. ICT will continue to be disciplined in its acquisition strategy.

Further expansion of the digital transformation activities will also be a key priority for 2018, aimed at building more innovative solutions in-house. ICT remains focused on creating all the right conditions to take further steps in the transformation into a total solutions provider.

Notes to the results

In 2017, ICT Group’s revenue came in at € 105.0 million, 17% higher than the € 89.7 million reported in 2016. Organically, revenue increased by 7%. Acquisitions accounted for 10% of ICT Group’s revenue growth. Organic growth was driven mainly by the increase in the number of FTEs, higher average rates and improvements in a number of markets. Added value increased by 18% to € 93.4 million in 2017.

Revenue at ICT Netherlands increased by 18% to € 81.3 million in 2017 from € 69.0 million in the previous year. Nozhup, which ICT acquired in September 2016, and fully integrated within ICT Netherlands in the first half of 2017, was the main contributor to this increase. Productivity levels were in line with last year. The average tariff increase was in line with the average salary increase.

Strypes Bulgaria (“ICT Nearshoring”) reported a 27% increase in revenue to € 9.6 million in 2017, from
€ 7.6 million in 2016. This increase was recorded at both existing and new clients.

The segment ‘Other’ recorded revenues of € 16.4 million in 2017 (2016: € 14.3 million). The slow start of Improve was balanced by its recovery in the second half and the good start to the year for Raster was offset by a more moderate second half. In 2017, BMA benefited from the delayed launch of a new generation of foetal heart monitors, which resulted in a substantial increase in revenue.

Costs/personnel expenses
Personnel costs increased to € 62.5 million (2016: € 52.0 million), as a result of the marked increase in the number of employees and an increase in salaries. Other operating expenses increased by 11%, as a result of recent acquisitions and higher costs for recruitment, office accommodation and a further professionalization of the organisation. The costs related to strategic initiatives and the realisation of acquisitions and partnerships amounted to € 0.2 million (2016: € 0.5 million).

EBITDA for the full year 2017 increased by 17% to € 12.0 million, compared to € 10.3 million in 2016. The increase was mainly due to the higher EBITDA at ICT Netherlands (up 25% to € 8.3 million in 2017, from € 6.6 million in 2016). This was the result of both the organic growth realised and the full year consolidation of Nozhup, plus the consolidation of HTS from June 2017. Strypes Bulgaria recorded higher EBITDA of € 1.9 million (up 12%). In 2017, ICT continued its investments in the organisational effectiveness of Strypes Bulgaria, to safeguard continued and sustainable strong growth of its nearshoring activities. The segment Other recorded EBITDA of € 1.8 million (2016: € 2.0 million). In 2017, Raster experienced margin pressure as a result of the adverse impact of two projects in the second half of 2017, which resulted in substantially lower results. As a result of a good performance in the second half of the year, BMA recorded substantially better results compared to the previous year.

The overall EBITDA margin declined slightly to 11.4% in 2017 from 11.5% in 2016.

Amortisation and depreciation
ICT has valued and is amortising a number of intangible assets, including order backlog, software and the customer relations of its recent acquisitions. Amortisation in 2017 amounted to € 2.7 million (2016:
€ 2.3 million). Depreciation amounted to € 0.9 million in 2017 (2016: € 0.6 million).

Operating profit increased 14% to € 8.4 million in 2017 (2016: € 7.4 million). The operating margin came in at 8.0%, compared with 8.2% in 2016.

The results from joint ventures and associates

The total result from joint ventures and associates amounted to a loss of € 0.4 million (2016: € 0.8 million loss). InTraffic contributed € 0.1 million to the results (2016: € 0.2 million).

In November 2017, the minority stake (25%) in Strypes Nederland B.V. (held by Strypes Bulgaria) was divested to the existing shareholders. This divestment resulted in a book profit of € 0.2 million.

In 2017, LogicNets’ revenue was stable when compared with the previous year. LogicNets did manage to win new reputable customers but the company is still loss-making. ICT still believes in the strategic importance of the platform, but it will take some time before the company realises substantial growth and moves into profit. ICT therefore decided to fully impair its stake in LogicNets in the fourth quarter of 2017. The downward valuation of LogicNets, including our share in its loss for the year, amounted to € 0.5 million.

Interest expenses came in at the same level as last year at € 0.5 million (2016: € 0.5 million).

In 2017, corporate income taxes related to the continuing business operations amounted to € 1.9 million, compared with € 1.7 million taxes in 2016. In 2017 there have been no one-off tax items, whereas in 2016, following the official liquidation of the German activities, taxes from discontinued operations for 2016 amounted to a one-off tax credit of € 0.8 million.

Net profit for the full year 2017 came in at € 5.2 million, a slight increase compared to last year (€ 5.0 million). Excluding the one-off tax gain of € 0.8 million recorded in 2016, net profit was up by 24%. Earnings per share amounted to € 0.56 in 2017 (2016: € 0.56). The number of outstanding ordinary shares had increased to 9,411,301 at year-end 2017 (31 December 2016: 9,288,309), due to shares issued for stock dividend and the employee share participation plan.

Cash flow movement
The cash flow from operating activities amounted to € 7.9 million positive in 2017 (2016: € 5.1 million positive). This increase was the result of the growth of the company and the fact that there were no cash tax payments in 2017, as a result of the tax benefits related to the liquidation of the German activities in December 2016. Working capital increased in line with the increased activity levels, as well as the increased average scope of projects. ICT maintains disciplined working capital management.

Cash outflow on investment activities amounted to € 2.9 million in 2017, compared with € 8.4 million in 2016. The purchase price cash consideration for the acquisition of HTS (€ 1.2 million) and investments in office accommodation (€ 1.3 million) had the largest impact. The divestment of Strypes Netherlands had a positive impact of € 0.7 million.

Cash flow from financing activities amounted to € 4.3 million negative (2016: € 2.2 million positive), as a result of the net effect of dividend paid (€ 2.1 million), the repayments of existing acquisition financing (€ 2.6 million) and the proceeds from the issuance of shares (€ 0.5 million cash inflow).
The net cash flow amounted to € 0.7 million (2016: € 1.1 million negative).

Balance sheet structure
As a result of the net effect of the payment of a dividend of € 2.1 million, and net profit of € 5.2 million, shareholders’ equity increased to € 47.7 million in 2017 (2016: € 43.7 million). The balance sheet total increased to € 81.6 million at year-end 2017, from € 79.2 million at year-end 2016. Solvency (shareholders’ equity/total assets) stood at 58% at year-end 2017, compared with 55% at year-end 2016, which represents a sound financial basis.

Dividend proposal
ICT proposes a dividend of € 0.35 per share for the 2017 financial year (2016: € 0.33). The dividend payment is subject to the approval of the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (AGM) to be held on 9 May 2018. For the calculation of the proposed dividend, the realised net profit is adjusted for the non-cash amortisation amounts and the downward valuation of LogicNets. This results in an adjusted net profit for the full year 2017 of € 8.3 million. The proposed dividend of € 0.35 per share represents a pay-out ratio of 40% of the adjusted net profit. ICT offers an option for payment in cash or in shares.

ICT will determine the dividend payment in shares one day after the end of the optional period on the basis of the average price of ICT shares during the last five trading days of the optional period, which shall end on 28 May 2018. The dividend will be payable, in cash or in shares, on 30 June 2018.

Subsequent events

On 24 January 2018, ICT completed the purchase of 100% of the shares of NedMobiel B.V. The purchase price amounts to € 2.3 million in cash and a contingent consideration will be payable based on the EBITDA that NedMobiel will achieve in 2018, capped at € 0.5 million.

On 5 February 2018, ICT Group signed a letter of intent with Movares and InTraffic to acquire the remaining 50% of the shares in InTraffic from joint venture partner Movares. Following the acquisition ICT Group will hold 100% of the shares of InTraffic. Acquiring InTraffic in full will allow ICT to strengthen its position in its strategic theme ‘Smarter Cities’.

InTraffic, located in Nieuwegein, designs and builds applications for Public Transport, Infrastructure Monitoring and Travel Information. The company was founded in 2003 as a joint venture between ICT Group and engineering company Movares. InTraffic generates annual turnover of approximately € 19 million. Closing of the transaction is expected end of March 2018. InTraffic will be fully consolidated as from the closing of the transaction, while currently ICT’s 50% stake is reported as ‘result from joint ventures’. The purchase consideration for 50% of the shares will be paid in cash.

Industry growth will be driven by multiple trends in 2018 and beyond, including the advent of Digital Transformation. ICT sees the continued expansion of its digital transformation activities as a key priority for 2018. ICT will focus increasingly on building innovative solutions in-house. Again in 2018, we will work hard to create all the right conditions to take additional steps in our transformation into a total solutions provider.

In 2018, ICT will continue to focus on the growth of the company, both organically and through acquisitions. As the company has clearly achieved a substantial position in Smarter Industries, the focus of our acquisition strategy in 2018 will be on increasing the company’s size in Smarter Cities and Smarter Health. ICT will continue to be disciplined and cautious in its acquisition strategy.

ICT expects its capital expenditures and research & development expenditures to increase in 2018, in line with the increased scale of the company. The battle for talent will continue and attracting and retaining the right people continues to be one of our key priorities.

Based on the above, ICT expects a further growth in revenue and EBITDA in 2018 compared to 2017.


Cautionary statement
This press release contains forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements are always based on assumptions and estimates relating to uncertain events over which ICT Group N.V. has no control. They concern, for example, measures taken by the Dutch and other governments, currency movements, price fluctuations, changes in law and regulations, legal precedents and market developments. ICT Group N.V. would like to stress that the contents of this press release are based on the information that is currently available. The reality can always deviate from expectations for the future. ICT Group N.V. has no obligation to update the statements contained in this document, unless required by law.

In this press release, where information has been presented in thousands or millions of units, amounts may have been rounded. Accordingly, totals of columns or rows of numbers in tables or charts may not be equal to the apparent sum of the individual items. Actual numbers may differ from those contained herein due to such rounding.

2017 financial information
The 2017 financial information included in the Extracts from Consolidated Financial Statements attached to this press release is derived from the Annual Report 2017, that has been authorized for issue. The Annual Report has not yet been published by law and still has to be adopted by the Annual General Meeting on 09 May 2018. In accordance with section 393, title 9, book 2 of the Netherlands Civil Code, PricewaterhouseCoopers Accountants N.V. has issued an unqualified auditor’s opinion on the Annual Report.

Annexes: Extracts from Consolidated Financial Statements 2017
– Consolidated statement of comprehensive income
– Consolidated balance sheet
– Consolidated statement of changes in equity
– Consolidated statement of cash flows
– Other financial information
– Segment information

Click here to download the Annex of the Annual Results of 2017.

ICT Group and IoT.nxt announce their partnership for Internet of Things

ICT Group (ICT) and IoT.nxt announce their partnership for Internet of Things (IoT)

ICT and IoT.nxt entered into a partnership to comply with the increasing demand for IoT (Internet of Things) applications and further digitization across many different industry verticals, IoTnxt’s technology agnostic platform offers horizontal integration of ‘islands’ of digitization with an unprecedented ROI. By leveraging all existing devices and infrastructure into one single platform, visibility and new insights are provided that will open doors for new business models and (strategic) services.

The IoT.nxt hardware and software solutions in combination with ICT’s domain expertise in different industry verticals as well as the expert knowledge of Cloud, Machine Learning, BI and IoT, enables ICT to completely shape the digital transformation journey of their customers.

Frank Snijders, Business Development Executive at ICT Group “This partnership will offer Business grade IoT solutions for our customers’ Digital Transformation journey’. For many years several sectors have been struggling with unstructured and disparate data coming from many types of assets. With this partnership, our customers can now be supported through one interconnected, interoperable ecosystem, transforming data into actionable information and business ROI.”
View testimonial video Frank Snijders.

Joe Bester, Marketing Director of IoT.nxt states: “The company has engaged with different companies since the opening of its office in The Hague in September last year, seeking appropriate partners to introduce its IoT solutions and drive its expansion in Europe. The ICT Group is an ideal partner as they are leaders in their field of expertise and by partnering with them we can drive business value for any company in any industry. Digital transformation is now a business imperative and our companies will jointly assist businesses to embark on and fast-track that process. We believe our innovation, especially around interoperability and edge intelligence will enhance their offering and deliver fast results for customers.”

IoT.nxt focuses on delivering innovative software and hardware solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT.nxt has developed an open platform framework that is used for rapid software development, integration and deployment in the Internet of Things realm.This world leading framework that makes the efficiencies, cost savings and increased revenue from IoT a reality for businesses. The major strength of the IoT.nxt framework is that the solution is technology agnostic, which overcomes the challenge of connecting any and all devices or systems. This enables you to deploy best of breed technologies (hardware/sensors/subsystems) but at the same time also achieve interoperability and interconnectivity between all the currently deployed systems and devices from the edge to the cloud. The IoT.nxt platform allows rapid deployment and businesses to action an Internet of Things strategy with little or no disruption to your current operations

ICT Group tekent raamovereenkomst

De Waterschappen Drents Overijsselse Delta en Vechtstromen hebben 23 februari 2018 een raamovereenkomst gesloten met ICT Group.

ICT Group is de komende 4 tot 8 jaar partner van deze waterschappen in alle software gerelateerde diensten op het gebied van procesautomatisering. De brede kennis van en ruime ervaring van ICT Group bij waterschappen en met de gevraagde systemen (Alliance partner van Schneider en gecertificeerd voor Mitsubishi), gecombineerd met de expertise in informatiebeveiliging hebben geleid tot deze gunning.

Werkzaamheden ten aanzien van procesautomatisering worden steeds complexer. Dit heeft te maken met de hedendaagse technische mogelijkheden almede de gecompliceerde zuiveringstechnologieën om het afvalwater tot de benodigde effluentkwaliteit te zuiveren. Door samen te werken en een gezamenlijke standaard toe te passen kan binnen de waterschappen kennis worden uitgewisseld. Zo hoeft niet ieder waterschap het wiel opnieuw uit te vinden. Daarnaast kan de kwaliteit worden verhoogd doordat bewezen standaarden breed worden ingezet.

ICT Group appoints Roy Jansen as Chief Operating Officer

ICT Group N.V. (ICT Group) today announced the appointment of Roy Jansen as Chief Operating Officer (COO) of ICT Group. In this position Roy Jansen will be responsible for the operational execution of the corporate strategy of ICT Group.

Roy Jansen joined ICT in 2008. Since 2012 he has been responsible for the business units within ICT Automatisering Nederland B.V. The appointment of Roy Jansen supports ICT’s growth strategy aimed at expanding its current distinctive niche position, both organically and through acquisitions.

The role of COO at ICT Group is non-statutory. The composition of the Executive Board of ICT Group remains unchanged. Roy Jansen will remain a statutory director of ICT Automatisering Nederland BV.

Stichting HIV Monitoring neemt slim datasysteem van ICT Group in gebruik

Datasysteem op basis van LogicNets draagt bij aan efficiëntere monitoring van hiv

Stichting HIV Monitoring (SHM) heeft op maandag 5 februari 2018 een nieuw, slim data-invoer- en opslagsysteem in gebruik genomen. SHM bouwde de zogeheten DataCapTree met LogicNets Medical Decision Framework, de beslissingsondersteuningsoplossing van ICT Group.

DataCapTree verzamelt gepseudonimiseerde medische gegevens van hiv-patiënten. Deze worden door de stichting gebruikt voor de monitoring van het ziektebeloop en de effectiviteit van de behandeling van hiv. Het jaarlijkse ‘Monitoring Report’ van SHM kan voor NVHB (Nederlandse Vereniging van hiv Behandelaren) aanleiding geven om de behandelrichtlijnen aan te passen. Sima Zaheri, adjunct-directeur van SHM is blij met de ingebruikname: ‘Door het systeem verbetert de kwaliteit van onze data en dus van onze monitoring. Daarmee hopen we een nog grotere bijdrage te leveren aan betere zorg voor hiv-patiënten.’

Dataverzamelaars van Stichting HIV Monitoring worden middels een vooraf gedefinieerd protocol op de juiste wijze stap voor stap door het invoerproces geleid. ‘In ons oude systeem zaten deze stappen in de hoofden van onze dataverzamelaars. De grote afhankelijkheid van de dataverzamelaar maakte het systeem gevoelig voor interpretatieverschillen en fouten. Kwaliteitscontroles kostten daardoor veel tijd’, legt Sima Zaheri het verschil met het nieuwe systeem uit. ‘Ons nieuwe systeem op basis van LogicNets ondersteunt de dataverzamelaar op een slimme manier. Het leidt hen gestructureerd door het proces. Daarnaast geeft het een waarschuwing wanneer invoerwaarden ontbreken of onjuist zijn; het systeem denkt dus met de dataverzamelaars mee.’

Na uitgebreid marktonderzoek koos SHM in mei 2016 voor de LogicNets-oplossing van ICT Group. Doorslaggevend waren de moduleerbaarheid van de protocollen, de beslisondersteuning, integratiemogelijkheden met andere software en de flexibiliteit. Zaheri: ‘We wilden niet te vaak van systeem hoeven te veranderen, want we zijn een kleine stichting en zulke ingrepen vragen een grote investering. Met DataCapTree zijn we klaar voor de toekomst.’ Het komende half jaar ligt de prioriteit van de stichting op het verder uitrollen en finetunen van het systeem. SHM heeft op langere termijn de ambitie om te experimenteren met geautomatiseerde data-invoer.

Stichting HIV Monitoring (SHM) is in 2001 opgericht en is door het Ministerie van Volksgezondheid, Welzijn en Sport aangewezen als de instantie die de registratie en monitoring van mensen met hiv in Nederland. SHM streeft naar het volledig in kaart brengen van de hiv-epidemie in Nederland om daarmee een bijdrage te leveren aan de kennis over hiv. In samenwerking met alle hiv-behandelcentra in het land heeft SHM een solide raamwerk opgezet om gegevens over hiv systematisch te verzamelen en de langetermijn follow-up van alle geregistreerde mensen vast te leggen. Nederland is het enige land ter wereld met een dergelijke registratie, wat zorgverleners in staat stelt de hoogst mogelijke kwaliteit van hiv-zorg na te streven.

Naast de nationale rapportages beschikken zorgverleners ook over centrum-specifieke rapportages om de door hen verleende zorg te monitoren en verder te optimaliseren. Daarnaast worden SHM-data ook op verzoek beschikbaar gesteld voor hiv-gerelateerd onderzoek binnen en buiten Nederland. Uitkomsten van SHM’s onderzoek en internationale samenwerkingen leveren tastbare bijdragen aan hiv-behandelrichtlijnen en leiden tot verbetering van de hiv-zorg in Nederland.

ICT Group wil overige 50% aandelen in InTraffic overnemen van joint-venturepartner Movares

Vertaling van Engelse versie. Engelse versie is leidend.

Als 100%-dochteronderneming gaat InTraffic de positie van ICT in Smarter Cities versterken

ICT Group N.V. (ICT) kondigt vandaag de ondertekening aan van de intentieverklaring tot overname van de resterende 50% aandelen in InTraffic B.V. (InTraffic) die nu nog in bezit zijn van joint-venturepartner Movares Group B.V. (Movares). Na de overname bezit ICT 100% van de aandelen van InTraffic. Met de volledige overname van InTraffic versterkt ICT zijn positie in het strategische thema ‘Smarter Cities’.

InTraffic, dat gevestigd is in Nieuwegein, ontwerpt en bouwt applicaties voor Traffic Management, Infrastructure Monitoring en Travel Information. De onderneming werd opgericht in 2003 als een joint venture van ICT en ingenieursbureau Movares. Met 150 professionals genereert InTraffic een jaaromzet van ongeveer € 19 miljoen.

Jos Blejie, CEO van ICT Group: “Ik ben ervan overtuigd dat deze transactie goed is voor zowel InTraffic als ICT. InTraffic sluit perfect aan bij onze strategie voor Smarter Cities. Door onze krachten te bundelen kunnen we onze positie versterken en onze innovatie en productontwikkeling op het gebied van railinfrastructuur en mobiliteit verder verbeteren. Na 15 jaar nauwe samenwerking met onze joint-venturepartner Movares op het gebied van openbaar vervoer ben ik zeer verheugd over ons streven om InTraffic onderdeel te maken van ICT.”

Sander Eijgenraam, CEO van Movares: “ICT heeft al bijna 15 jaar een strategisch samenwerkingsverband met InTraffic. In die jaren is de rol van IT bij railinfrastructuur en mobiliteit sterk veranderd. Door die verandering is InTraffic nu voor Movares van minder strategisch belang voor onze kernactiviteiten als consultants en ingenieurs. Na afronding van de transactie zullen Movares en InTraffic de samenwerking bij ProRail als belangrijkste klant van beide partijen voortzetten.”

Bert van Elburg, CEO van InTraffic: “We kijken uit naar de volledige overname door ICT Group. Ik denk dat deze transactie voordelen met zich meebrengt voor de werknemers en de klanten van InTraffic. De combinatie van de sterke positie van InTraffic in mobiliteit en railinfrastructuur en die van ICT in openbare infrastructuur heeft een positief effect op beide partijen en zal de positie verder versterken.”

Naar verwachting zal de transactie eind maart 2018 worden afgerond. Vanaf dat moment wordt InTraffic volledig geconsolideerd. Het huidige belang van 50% van ICT zal worden gerapporteerd als resultaat uit joint ventures. De koopsom voor de 50% van de aandelen wordt betaald in cash. Er worden geen nadere financiële details over deze transactie bekendgemaakt.

ICT Group completes acquisition of NedMobiel

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ICT Group N.V. (ICT) announces that it has completed the purchase of 100% of the shares of NedMobiel B.V., a Dutch expert consultancy company for complex infrastructures. The purchase consideration has been paid in cash.

NedMobiel has extensive expertise in (tunnel) safety, asset management and project management. NedMobiel will work closely with ICT Netherlands’ business units Water and Infrastructures and Engineering Contractors and will be able to benefit from the strong position that ICT holds in the national rail, road, water and infra sectors. This acquisition supports ICT’s transition from a leading software integrator to a total technology and service provider, by increasing revenue from projects as well as from services.

ICT Group nominates Gina van der Werf for appointment to the Supervisory Board

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ICT Group N.V. (ICT) today announces the nomination of Mrs. Gina van der Werf for appointment as member of the Supervisory Board of ICT Group. Her nomination made by the Supervisory Board will be on the agenda of the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of ICT Group on 9 May 2018. Gina van der Werf is CEO of First Dutch Innovations and has the Dutch nationality. Mr. Jan Sinoo, whose second term ends on 9 May 2018, will not be available for re-election.

Gina van der Werf (46) is CEO of First Dutch Innovations, a multinational company active in the TIC-sector (Testing, Inspection and Certification), Metrology and in Life Sciences. In the past she was Chairman of the Management Board of Priority Telecom NV after corporate positions within the Liberty Global. She also held several Supervisory Board positions within the IT sector and within the Noordelijke Hoge School Leeuwarden (NHL). She holds a degree in Corporate Law and International Organisations from the University of Groningen.

Theo van der Raadt, chairman of the Supervisory Board of ICT Group: “We are very pleased to nominate Gina van der Werf for appointment to the Supervisory Board. With her broad and international management experience and extensive background in the tech sector she will be a valuable addition to our Supervisory Board. I am convinced that ICT Group will benefit from her involvement in developing innovative companies and promoting entrepreneurship. At the same time, I would like to thank Jan Sinoo for his valuable contribution over the past eight years in which ICT made significant steps forward.”

Gina van der Werf will be nominated for appointment for a period of four years until the AGM in 2022. The nomination for appointment will be made under the condition that the general meeting does not make use of its right of recommendation. After her appointment, ICT Group’s Supervisory Board will consist of the following members: Theo van der Raadt (Chairman), Deepak Luthra, Fritz Fröschl and Gina van der Werf. Mrs. van der Werf will become chair of the Remuneration and Appointment committee.

ICT Group ranked in top service providers and listed ICT companies!

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We are very proud to announce that ICT group has reached the 8th place in the top 15 ICT service providers and the 5th place in the top 15 listed ICT companies in the Computable 100.

Based on the financial list of the Computable 100, the advisors of MBCF drew up several lists. The score is based on the type of organization, Dutch origin, a stock exchange notation and whether an investor participates in the company.​

Click here to view the lists (in Dutch).

ICT Group in top 15 Computable 100 financial research 2017

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We proudly report that this year, ICT Group has reached the 15th place in the Computable 100 financial research.  A rise of 57 places compared to 2016. The financial research was conducted by MBCF. The score takes in to account: turnover growth, EBITDA-margin, solvency and turnover per employee over a period of three years.

Click here to view the whole list.