SmartFleet helps rail companies to increase rolling stock availability

Global technical consultancy firm Ricardo needed to have a service to globally scale their knowledge. The new service should bring more value to its current customers, but also open the opportunity to expand to new customers and unconventional business models. ICT Group developed a solution that transforms decades of Ricardo’s experience into a digital service: SmartFleet. This Microsoft IoT Suite platform brings together a wide range of data streams available from operational rolling stock and presents them in clear and precise intelligence reports.

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SmartFleet enables maintenance teams to schedule their depot engineers with full knowledge of the work required. Thanks to SmartFleet the technical reserve of rolling stock is reduced by 15%. By tracking repeated failure patterns, the service also helps engineers to tackle the root cause of failure, rather than resorting to temporary fixes due to time pressure to get rolling stock operational. This leads to greater overall fleet reliability. Finally, SmartFleet’s real-time dashboard reveals exactly how a problem occurred, enabling maintenance teams to address the underlying root cause. This results in a decline of unplanned maintenance work with 20%.


Companies have to be able to rely on complex and robust software. However, it is easy to make mistakes, which cost extra time and money. How do you develop error-proof software?


ICT Group develops software with Cordis Suite according to the principles of Model Driven Engineering. With this toolset, everyone involved in a project works together in a single model, keeping errors to a minimum. This saves time and money

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