ICT Group lays foundation for Remeha’s digital transformation

Remeha’s challenge is to transform a manufacturer of heating systems into a big data-driven service provider. The heating company wants to use data to gain more insight into the behaviour and use of the central heating system. Thanks to the use of this data, Remeha’s installation engineers will be able to offer better advice and help users to predict maintenance requirements.

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To gain the desired data, the boilers have been connected to Remeha Connect, which is an IoT platform developed by ICT Group, consisting of Microsoft IoT Suite products in an Azure Cloud. The data from the boiler is processed into reports that provide insight into usage and behaviour. The data is the basis for Remeha Connect, the service the installation engineers use. The predictive maintenance module enables the installation engineers to draw up an optimal maintenance plan. The IoT solution offers end users more flexibility and higher satisfaction, because it helps prevent outages. The Remeha Connect platform also enables Remeha to offer remote services. The company can carry out firmware updates or diagnostics remotely. And, in the future, Remeha can opt to add new functionalities quickly and cheaply.


Transform Remeha from a manufacturer of heating systems into a big data-driven service provider.


With the IoT platform Remeha Connect, ICT Group lays the foundation for Remeha to build its digital proposition.

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