Hack For The Future

Picture this, an office floor filled with technology enthusiasts, programmers, strange hardware contraptions, weird software solutions and pizza. Wondering what is going on? It is a typical Hackathon. Cool, but what the hell is a Hackathon? If you ask Google this is what you get “ [ ˈhakəˌTHän ]  an event, typically lasting several days, in which a large number of people meet to engage in collaborative computer programming. “, true but it’s so much more than that. It is also a place where were you can put your creativity to work, meet new people, learn new things and most of all have fun with technology. This year the Hack Together hackathon is organized in Sofia Bulgaria with Strypes as a sponsor. The topic? Nothing less than the future! How can you improve the world of tomorrow? This hackathon will last for 48 hours and is held during the weekend. There are no specific programming languages specified, no hardware limitations, no topic limitations and therefore no limit to the creativity and imagination. tumblr_njpx9gcend1qh5tg1o1_500_bigger

The Team

As a forward looking company ICT Group is sending a team of enthusiasts to the Hackathon. The team consists of ICT Hackathon 2015 winners Gertjan van Zon, Niek Linnenbank and software solution expert Edo Noordhuizen. All part of the Machine and System Unit. A team is no team if it has no name. So in honor of Operation Manager Inge Pebesma who brought the team members together, the team is called I.N.G.E. which stands for ICT Nerd Gets Euphoric. Because we are all nerds and very Euphoric about this Hackathon! The Jury In a Hackathon everybody is a winner but as the proverb says, some more than others. But how do you determine a winner of a Hackathon? Is it by originality, functionality, presentation or the amount of fun the team had making the project? Luckily they have found some people to carry that burden. The jury consists of the Chairman of BASSCOM and the founders of HackBulgaria, MOVE.BG and LAUNCHub. Personally those name don’t mean anything to me but in Bulgaria they are the well-known in the Technology, Programming and Start-up scene. The Prizes Of course there are prizes, what would a contest be without prizes? Without any doubt the first price are the eternal bragging rights that you have won this hackathon. Besides that, there are also some more trivial prices like money and goodies. The Preparations How did the team prepare for this hackathon? The best way to prepare for a hackathon is to have some open minded brainstorm sessions. So the team ordered some pizza’s and came up with some great ideas. Some were even too experimental and impossible to make in just 48 hours, but you should always have dreams. During the hackathon the idea will probably change course a couple of times but that’s all part of the fun. Check out this blog and Twitter to find out what kind of technical stuff we are taking with us. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hacktogether/ Website: http://hacktogether.eu/ Twitter: #gertjanvanzon