ICT Group starts partnership with KISTERS for adaptive water management through smart steering

ICT Group NV, a leading system integrator in the public water sector, is entering into a partnership with KISTERS AG. KISTERS offers innovative solutions for water management. The company is specialised in flexible, efficient and future-orientated software applications that integrate, manage, analyse and apply measurement and prediction data for smart water system steering, “dynamic level management”.

The cooperation with KISTERS is a nice addition to ICT Group’s Water & Infra Business Unit, supplementing current partnerships with system suppliers in operational technology (OT) such as ABB, Siemens, Schneider and Wonderware. The addition of the KISTERS solutions enables us to offer a more complete solution for the water system (surface water), water chain (wastewater) and drinking water.

The collaboration will help our customers to realise their digital transformation by integrating OT and IT and applying data science to ultimately achieve the goals and optimisations for the water sector. An example of this is smart steering in the water system.

Smart steering with a Decision Support System (DSS)

A DSS with real-time optimisation meets the emerging need to be able to steer smartly. Moreover, it contributes to increased climate sustainability amidst changing weather conditions such as extreme heat, drought or rainfall. The KISTERS approach is based on the structure of a Digital Twin of the specific water situation. Data flows from WISKI and/or Delft-FEWS are combined with detailed simulation models such as SOBEK, D-Hydro and HEC-RAS to achieve the best possible real-time representation of the system. The Digital Twin can be used in combination with KISTERS Real-Time Optimisation (RTO) and the Water Portal. This provides administrators with a tool that allows them to optimise level management in an intuitive and accurate manner.

Accelerating innovation

As part of the smart steering approach, more and more barrages, inlets and pumping stations are currently being converted from manual to automatic in order to facilitate faster, continuous (24×7) and more autonomous steering. This requires integral OT/IT execution and management, and this is where the cooperation between ICT Group and KISTERS can ensure an optimal level of implementation.

Martijn Schram, ICT Group’s Water & Infra Business Unit Manager: “Our vision of technology and innovation in the water sector is based on three pillars; these are the integration of OT and IT, digital transformation and cyber security. Driven by the challenges within the water sector, we continuously investigate which companies offer strategic solutions that play a role in achieving the required objectives, and in which ICT Group can participate. KISTERS is an ideal collaboration partner for offering more “IT and data driven” solutions. The fact that both of us have more than 40 years of experience in designing, building and managing “mission critical”, real-time and continuous (24/7) systems for vital infrastructure is a nice bonus.”

Michael Natschke, Head of Business Development Water & Strategic Partnerships at KISTERS: “Working with ICT Group offers clear benefits for our customers in terms of expanding our local presence and knowledge of real-time, closed-loop operation with the field, the integration of all objects and the 24×7 hours support. We look forward to collaborating more intensely and accelerating innovation even further.”

For more information about the cooperation between ICT and KISTERS or smart water management, please contact Arjen van Dam Business Consultant Water.

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