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Region: Eindhoven  

The Hightech industry is one of the main economical drivers of the Dutch economy. In this sector, innovative solutions are developed for social challenges in the areas of energy, mobility and sustainable production. As we are moving closer to the limits of what is physically and electronically possible, ICT Group faces the challenge to push the boundaries with increasingly clever software and systems solutions. At ICT Group, we work for various customers in complex environments to develop products that matter. These range from medical devices to consumer devices and from small or large machines to the integration of entire systems.
If you are willing to challenge yourself by working on such solutions, apply for a position at ICT Group!


We have a variety of assignments and projects in different domains. But in order to be successful as a LabVIEW Engineer within the high tech projects at and for our customers, you will need at least 2 years of experience in a multidisciplinary context. We prefer experience in a regulated high tech industry (e.g. medical / automotive / aerospace / high tech equipment). Not only do we look at your technical abilities, your personal competences are equally important. Nowadays, being able to communicate with members of your team, customers and other stakeholders is a very important aspect of working as a software designer.
Would you like to use your LabVIEW knowledge to contribute to smart system developments within Industry 4.0? At our Machine & Systems unit we develop advanced operating systems for machine and equipment manufacturers and for major system integrators. Along with your colleagues, you ensure the products are connected and functioning at peak performance.
We deliver complete products (hardware, OS and software applications) and provide added value by executing entire projects at one of our locations (assuming accountability for the results), providing knowledge and experience on location with our customers and offering consultancy services.

How do you put your smart ideas into practice?
You are an important link in every step of the software development process, i.e. from the specifications to the design, implementation and testing phases. You work primarily in a multidisciplinary team to devise software solutions for mechanical or physical issues. For example, this may involve finding a way to embed software in a machine in order to predict when it will need to be services.


  • You will stay up to date on all the latest developments in the field of technical software. This will allow you to evaluate the options and implement them effectively.
  • You will be actively engaged in innovative machine and equipment construction and system integration.
  • You will have the freedom to hone your skills within your team.
  • You will work on location for customers in your region (in the north-east or south of the Netherlands depending on your place of residence).

Are you looking for a technical, challenging and complex environment where you can work alongside colleagues in your area of expertise? If so, we have a fantastic opportunity for you.


Our ideal LabVIEW Software Engineer:

  • has at least three years of experience as a LabVIEW Software Engineer;
  • has experience with embedded software;
  • holds higher professional education or academic education comprising a relevant technical degree;
  • has experience with physical / electrical measurement techniques and methods;
  • has experience with data acquisition and instrument control;
  • is preferably experienced with NI Teststand;
  • has good communication skills in English (written and verbal proficiency)
  • has a valid drivers’ license.

Are you ready for this job and want to relocate to the Netherlands? Read below for more information about relocation to the Netherlands

Let us explain
The job we offer is located in the Southeast of the Netherlands, in the so called “Brainport Eindhoven” region. We have an office in the city of Eindhoven and work for multiple national and international clients.
With 28 different nationalities working for us, we have a strong international environment within our company.
As the job is in the Netherlands, we invite you to consider moving to our beautiful country.
We do realise that this is not just a simple question we ask, as it means, you having to leave your trusted environment. To support you in embracing this idea, we’d like to inform you what to expect.
Coming to the Netherlands means living in a small but densely populated country with cultural diversity, tolerance of differences and receptiveness of foreign influences. The Dutch are down to earth and we perceive consensus, equality, reliability, utility, creativity and a well-organized society as essential. The Netherlands is home to a wide variety of cultures, primarily in the larger cities and it is a safe country to live in. Brainport Eindhoven is internationally recognized as a top technology region and a great place to work, live and learn.

What can you expect?
What matters most to us is for you (and your family) to feel at home when you come to work for ICT Group. Therefore we’d like to help you with this big step.
We assist you in the relocation process. We provide housing, support you with all the paperwork and have an advisor available to answer all your questions. To support your integration in the Netherlands, we offer Dutch language courses and training on Dutch culture and society. We want you to be successful in your new job and feel right at home in your new country. We like to think that it’s our responsibility to support you the best way we can.
So let’s work together on this! You are considering this challenge and would like to convince us? Send us your resume and motivation and we will get in touch with you.


What can we offer you?

  • A gross salary
  • A fixed 13th month
  • 29 vacation days
  • Depending on your situation we offer a company car of mobility compensation
  • A net reimbursement fee of € 90,76 each month to pay for your small expenses
  • Pension fund
  • Training and development, keep your knowledge up to date within our ICT Academy
  • A bookbudget of € 150,- per year to buy books or hard- and software for yourself

Always respond!

Are you interested in this position, please contact Dèveny Stultjens at or +31 (0)88 908 2000.

Would you like to work for us? Please send your application to us using the online application form or by e-mail to Not the right time to apply? If you want to read the vacancy at a later moment, leave your email address and we’ll send you the job profile.

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