Challenge yourself

Personal development

In the IT world, time never stands still. So it is vitally important that you develop yourself to the maximum, both personally and in terms of your career. Knowledge development and knowledge sharing are a constant challenge, with passion and ambition as the key factors.

We are not here to do things, but to achieve things

Our goal is to create successful ICT employees; and we want to work on achieving this goal together with you. Getting the most out of yourself starts with a generous portion of ambition and a passion for technology. What are you good at and where do your talents lie? Your strong points are the guiding principle for your personal development: we help you to do things better and develop yourself further. It is important that you take control over your development, which means learning what you want to learn and working on projects that suit you.

Our five mainstays are an important element of this endeavor. As innovative pioneers, we are always looking for ground-breaking solutions. Thanks to our versatile business units, we can design high-value solutions using our specific knowledge of the industry. We offer you a high level of freedom of action, while taking personal responsibility is what makes our top technicians really passionate about their work. To facilitate your development, we have designed a variety of guidelines.

ICT Academy

We create a mindset that stimulates you to become the best version of yourself. To achieve this, we involve more than 50 technical and personal training courses, e-learning and self-study. It’s all up to you: you decide exactly how your development will take shape.

One of our training courses is called Professional Leadership: this is a program that has been set up for professionals who want to develop themselves and are looking for concrete guidance. A career plan will help you to turn your strong points into reality.

Developer Day: a day of colleagues for colleagues

Developer Day is all about acceleration, innovation and change. External speakers and internal trainers give you food for thought, and tell you all about their own experiences. We introduce you to the latest technological highlights and show you how other business units work. The main focus of Developer Day? Sharing and acquiring knowledge.

At ICT everyone has a people manager with whom you draw up your career. We support you by providing courses, e-learning, books and development kits. Also we organize several events throughout the year to share our technical knowledge with you and to get to know your colleagues better.