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Outsourced services

Our world revolves around technology 24/7. A remarkable fact, but a major challenge at the same time. Not everyone knows how to keep ICT environments up and running. The ICT Group responds to this. How? With outsourced services.

Our software services

The ICT Group manages software for its customers. This allows us to create a good balance between investment and yield. We have extensive knowledge of various development fields and methods at our disposal and we know how to efficiently manage software.

We can’t do this alone: we need ambitious software developers who will fully commit themselves to the development, management and execution of software solutions. You’ll respond to our customers’ needs, but you also have enough knowledge to provide our customers with unsolicited advice and offer them even greater support.

A customised career

As a software developer, you’ll be shaping your own career within the ICT Group. This means working with technologies which suit you, in industries you find interesting. From healthcare and high-tech to energy and mechanical engineering. We assure you time won’t stand still: would you like to get a taste of another technology or industry? It’s all up to you!

Are you ready for a great deal of freedom and personal input? Take on the challenge at the ICT Group and help us make the world a little smarter. Take a look at our vacancies and shape your own career.

Service Engineer IA

As an IA Service Engineer at ICT Group, your main responsibility will be managing Service Level Agreements signed with clients, which cover both preventive and reactive maintenance.

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Service Engineer Microsoft

As a Software Expert, you will be assisting industrial companies, rather than consumers, with their software questions and/or problems. This challenge calls for specialists with the right attitude and appropriate knowhow.

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