Challenge yourself with our

Embedded jobs

A continuous investment in the latest technologies, that’s what makes ICT at the ICT Group so challenging. Together we can create innovative software solutions, which will provide greater convenience, increased speed, more sustainability and a higher yield.

Implementing intelligent behaviour

Optimising charging stations for electrical vehicles, generating energy and distributing this as efficiently as possible and providing devices with software which can predict when servicing is needed. These are typical issues in the field of embedded software. All questions which revolve around software and innovative solutions for mechanical and physical problems.

Irrespective of whether it concerns mechanical engineering, healthcare or automotive: embedded software plays a vital role in making sure technology is operational 24/7 and, more importantly, that it moves with the times and anticipates future developments. As an embedded developer, you’ll use your knowledge and experience to achieve this goal. You won’t be doing this alone, but together with a large team of colleagues, who will support you and provide you with feedback.

Let us be your next challenge

A career within the ICT Group is more than just a career; it’s an educational journey which will introduce you to all aspects of the job. You’ll develop yourself in technical terms, as well as on a personal level. That’s what makes each problem a challenge.

Are you fascinated with embedded software and do you think you can make our world a little smarter? Then do take a look at our vacancies.