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Improving quality of the Liver Assist Organ Perfusion System

The Liver Assist is Organ Assists dedicated device for ex vivo perfusion of donor livers. Two different pump units provide a pulsatile perfusion of the hepatic artery and a continuous flow to the portal vein. The first generation software, developed by a self-employed software engineer, was created on product bases. Due to the growth in […]


Massachusetts General Hospital

Managing the workflow of radiation therapy Hospitals by their very nature produce huge quantities of data. Medical images in a wide range of formats, test results and medications are only a small part of it. The scope of the medical specialism or the complexity of the data usually means that considerable funds and attention are […]


PALGA Foundation

PALGA Protocol Module The PALGA Foundation (Pathological Anatomical National Automated Archive) was set up in 1971 by pathologists to promote communication and information supply within and between pathology laboratories and to make the information obtained available for health care. All 56 pathology laboratories in the Netherlands take part in the PALGA network. ICT (ICT) developed […]