RadiomiX – Revolutionizing Precision Medicine with Quantitative Imaging Biomarkers

RadiomiXRadiomiX concerns the high-throughput mining of large amounts of quantitative features, derived from (standard-of-care) medical imaging for knowledge extraction. RadiomiX is in particular promising  within decision support systems, which allow for better clinical decision-making.  It contributes to optimizing personalized medicine and improved care for patients.

OncoRadiomics has developed an innovative imaging analysis software RadiomiX. It enables the extraction of unique quantitative image features (and associated radiomic signatures) from standard medical images to guide personalized cancer diagnosis and treatment. Within the scope of the project, ICT Healthcare developed a secure online SaaS (Software as a Service) application which is ISO 13485  / IEC 62304 compliant as well as created all applicable documentation for CE Class I submission.

Professionalising of a working prototype
OncoRadiomics developed a working RadiomiX prototype in MATLAB specifically tailored for research purposes.  The prototype was a standalone application, which lacked important features to be suitable as a clinical grade software, such as secure multi-user access, support for multiple platforms and an intuitive user interface. Furthermore, for clinical use, the application needed  CE Marking accompanied with proper documentation.

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