Hemics HandScan: A network module for connectivity

The HandScan is based on the patented Optical Inflammation Detection technology, a non-invasive, fast and objective method that supports rheumatologists in the quantification of inflammation, a key parameter in the treatment of patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA). The HandScan incorporates both a DICOM and HL7 interface. Inflammation of tissue is characterized by redness, swelling and increased temperature; symptoms which are all caused by vascular changes, including vasodilation (widening) and increased permeability (leakage) of blood vessels. An inflammation is easily recognized, but it’s the level of inflammation that is difficult to quantify. The patented Optical Inflammation Detection technology of Hemics B.V. supports physicians in establishing the level of inflammation of RA patients by visualizing the hemodynamic response to an applied stimulus. Click here for the (technical) project reference Hemics HandScan A network module for connectivity

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