Webinar | Cyber security in IT/OT environments

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30 March 2021
10:00 - 11:00
Microsoft Teams

IT and OT (Operational Technology) are becoming increasingly intertwined. This offers many advantages, such as easy and continuous access to information, higher levels of efficiency and the way technology adds value to processes. However, it also creates new cyber security risks and challenges.

In this webinar, we as ICT Group will give our vision on cyber security for IT and OT systems, but above all we will share some interesting practical examples. Our 3 guest speakers, Onno Wierbos (Dutch Railways), Henk van Ee (Saxion University of Applied Sciences) and Martijn Kooij (Raster Industrial Automation) will share their knowledge and experience based on relevant security challenges and solutions from daily practice.

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Do you want to know more about cyber security in the process automation and OT-domain? On the basis of practical cases from experienced security specialists? Then this webinar is for you! This webinar is in Dutch.

Tuesday, March 30, 10:00-11:00 a.m.
“Cyber security in IT/OT environments”

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Choosing an integrated approach

Securing IT and OT systems properly is just as important today as developing them. This can be complex and comprehensive. ICT Group helps you to gain insight into this puzzle and to set the right priorities. As far as we are concerned, starting simple and opting for an integral approach is the best advice.


Towards an agile, but also secure NS organization

Onno Wierbos, IT Lead of the Test Competence Center at Dutch Railways

If you want to be agile in your IT delivery, complete outsourcing of cyber security is no longer an option. You have to get going yourself. But how do you go about that? Where do you start? How do you build up knowledge and skills? And how do you retain it? Onno Wierbos has carried out this transformation for Dutch Railways over the past 5 years. With success. He tells about the course of the past years, discusses the difficulties and the solutions. And he looks ahead to the next 5 years, because Dutch Railways is only halfway.

Onno Wierbos

With 20 years of experience in software development and telecommunications, Onno Wierbos’ craftsmanship is deeply rooted. Both in terms of content and management. Since 2012 Onno has been in charge of high quality IT production at Dutch Railways. His greatest passion is performance testing, security testing and sustainable implementation of test automation. 


Process automation in the OT domain

Henk van Ee, Lecturer in Security Management at Saxion University of Applied Sciences

Process automation, for example, controls traffic lights, locks, bridges and a machine in a cookie factory. For a long time, this was a kind of black box and the domain of technicians with the main objective: ensuring optimal availability of the system. Now that more and more systems and processes are linked to the Internet, you see that cybercriminals only need one hole to take over the operation of the processes, for example. With all its consequences. Henk van Ee talks about a number of practical assignments he has done for the Municipality of Apeldoorn. What is the state of cyber security of the matrix signs in the city, the control of locks and pumping stations and the operation of parking garages?

Henk van Ee

In addition to his work as a lecturer at Saxion University of Applied Sciences, Henk van Ee is active at the MKB Cyber Campus in Leeuwarden, where they carry out risk scans in the agricultural sector. There are often high fences around agricultural businesses to keep out physical burglars, but ‘digital’ fences against cybercriminals are limited. He has also done several assignments together with students within the Cybersecurity Center Maakindustrie Oost Nederland.


Cyber security detection on oil and gas production platforms

Martijn Kooij, Managing Director at Raster Industrial Automation

Security solutions for IT are widely adopted, but for OT environments there are still considerable challenges in that area. For example, Raster equipped an oil and gas production facility in the North Sea with a cyber security detection solution. By monitoring the network for unpredictable behavior and intruders, the continuity of production at the plant is guaranteed. Martijn Kooij explains what the reason was for implementing Raster’s cyber security solution here and what benefits this solution brings to the customer.

Martijn Kooij

Raster is a project-oriented system integrator specialized in production and process automation. From his expertise in operational excellence, industrial automation and various control and safety systems, Martijn Kooij jumped into the gap of cyber security solutions for OT systems with Raster Industrial Automation.


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