Round-table: Harmonisation within radiotherapy environments

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27 June 2019
13:00 - 17:30
Philips Stadion

Welcome at the ICT Healthcare round-table about harmonisation within radiotherapy environments. During this afternoon, we share knowledge and have an informed discussion about how different aspects within radiotherapy can be better coordinated. We do this from different perspectives from technology, clinic and research.


Challenges of the Data & Workflow management in the radiation oncology
Harold Beunk – Sr. Technical Consultant Healthcare interoperability
A novel seamlessly integrated Radiation Oncology workflow experience, facilitating state-of-the-art adaptive radiation oncology and personalized medicine research requires adoption of new IHE-RO profiles and DICOM 2nd generation objects. How do we prepare for the future from an integration point of view?

Improving patient treatment with online adaptive MR-guided radiotherapy
Dr. Miguel Palacios – Medical Physicist Amsterdam UMC
Integration of magnetic resonance in the radiotherapy workflow has allowed to improve patient care by adapting the treatment plan each day and reducing the volume of irradiated healthy tissue. In this presentation an overview of the implementation path and experience over the last three years with this new modality will be presented.

Acceptance of prediction models is a choice!
Dr. Johan van Soest – Postdoctoral researcher Maastricht University
Prediction models are becoming ubiquitous in radiotherapy. Not only for outcome prediction, but especially for operational excellence. Why does this happen, and does it matter?

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