Productie Proces Automatisering (PPA) event 2019

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29 January 2019
9:30 - 17:00
Hart van Holland

Meet ICT Group at the PPA event on January 29 at the convention and register for the inspiring presentation of ICT Group. At 11.00 hours the presentation The role of MES in the digital transformation at ‘NS Treinmodernisering’ will start.

Title presentation: The role of MES in the digital transformation at ‘NS Treinmodernisering’.
Speakers: Alexander Spaans (NS Treinmodernisering) and Ruud van Drielen (ICT Group).
NS Treinmodernisering is the revision and modernization company for parts and wagons of trains. In Haarlem, the wheel sets of trains are overhauled. A new building was realized in 2017 with new machining lines for the axles, with components such as wheels and brake discs. This revision process has been fully digitized and MES has been introduced as the “conductor” of the process. Based on inspection of the incoming axes, the route (workflow) is determined by the revision process. Various operations take place which are controlled and recorded by MES. The analyzes of this process have also been fully digitized, including production reports, OEE and Work-In-Progress, resulting in new insights.

ICT Group will give a presentation together with ‘NS Treinmodernisering’ about the design of the new revision process, the operation of the automation and the role of MES to achieve fully digitized production.

Other presentations during the PPA event will focus on Industrial Internet of Things, intelligent sensor technology, standards, predictive analytics, plant asset management and continuity of production. Take a look at the full program.

Effectiveness and efficiency have been the key words for the production and process industry over the years. Current developments in Industry 4.0, the Industrial Internet of Things, Big Data and  also Cyber ​​Security require concrete and at the same time strategic choices.

A visit to the PPA event offers you knowledge to make the right choices. Both in the context of technological innovations and in the cooperation with the chain. The added value lies in the use of industrial automation and system integration.

Watch the event video of the Production Process Automation video of 2018.

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