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8 September 2020 - 9 September 2020
Whole day

ICT Netherlands is a proud sponsor of GDevCon: an independent conference open to all graphical developers. The conference exists to help LabVIEW developers to level up and to build connections between developers of all levels.

ICT also has knowlegde in LabView. We build software tools that enable customers to optimise production quality and reduce production costs. Our In-Line-Testing and Vision applications not only result in shorter testing times and faster time-to-market, they also lead to higher quality by minimizing human error. Click here to learn more about ICT and out LabVIEW expertise.

About GDevCon

GDevcon is all about world-class graphical programming, organised by the community for the community. Organised by leaders in the LabVIEW™ community, GDevCon is focused on delivering world-class graphical programming material covering a wide spread of topics relevant to today’s discerning developer. It exists to help LabVIEW developers to learn and to level up together by building connections developers of all levels. It provides ongoing, practical learning for existing and emerging processes and technologies.

GDevCon is run as an independent, community-driven event – operating as a not-for-profit to make the event accessible to as many developers as possible. During the two day conference, there will be presentations by LabVIEW peers from all over the globe.


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Inge Pebesma

Business Unit Manager

t +31 88 908 2000 | +31 6 27 08 73 14


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