FLEXCON – Co-create Flexible Energy

The energy transition is rapidly changing our world, but not fast enough. To increase renewables and lower the consumption of fossil fuels, we need to increase the flexibility in our grid and energy demand. Most people are aware of solar panels, wind mills, batteries and electric vehicles. Yet, they are unaware that matching their energy consumption with varying renewables will make them even more sustainable.

ICT Energy provides on Flexcon an USEF talk. Marten van der Laan will explain how the flexibility market according to the USEF market model will look like. In particular, the role and opportunities of the Aggregator within this new market will be discussed. Do you want to know more about USEF? Please take a lokk at our onze website.

In addition, together with Cisco, ICT Group provides a technical workshop demonstrating how ICT Group applies the Cisco products within EnergyNXT.

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Heine van Wieren

Business Development Manager Energy

t +31 6 27 08 74 76