Extending the Clinical Decision Support system Synoptic reporting

Since 2013, PALGA uses the PALGA Protocol Module (PPM) for synoptic reporting, developed by ICT Group using Logicnets software. The PALGA Protocol Module is primarily developed for Synoptic Reporting, including Standardized Structural Reporting. This reduces the registration burden on these parties, while improving the quality of the recorded data. The PALGA Protocol Module consists of a generic medical framework and multiple histological protocols. Currently more than twenty protocols are used by the laboratories. All such protocols are formally approved by the Dutch Society of Pathology before being implemented. This new project is about the enhancement of the framework of the PALGA Protocol Module to make it modulair (PPMm) and about the development of an improved Cervix Registration Information System protocol (called CRIS4). Click here for the (technical) project reference on the Clinical Decision Support system Synoptic reporting. You’re invited to see it by yourself. Come and vist our Demolab event, May 11th, 2017.

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