DICOM in Brachytherapy: A DICOM module for SagiNova® Afterloader connectivity

ICT Healthcare supported the development of a fully integrated DICOM import and export module, that provides a seamless integration of the SagiNova® afterloader in the hospital networks. This enabled full usage of the existing hospital infrastructure.

Eckert & Ziegler BEBIG contacted ICT Healthcare because of the extended knowledge on DICOM and Radiotherapy to develop a new DICOM interface for the SagiNova® afterloader.

ICT Healthcare gained this knowledge/experience through the close cooperation with the IHE-RO technical committee (since 2007) and multiple DICOM-RT (RadioTherapy) implementations. This knowledge consists of the meaning of every single DICOM attribute, DICOM association or Transfer Syntax to be used in a clinical workflow to the knowledge of medical software development.

Download the full-featured Project Reference DICOM Brachytherapy: A DICOM module for SagiNova® Afterloader connectivity, to read it by clicking the button below.

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