​​ICT Group Water Congress 2017 ‘Water and IT, from field to policy’

In 2017, ICT Group ​organizes the leading ICT Group Water Congress. This year, the theme is ‘Water and IT, from field to policy’. In doing so, ICT Group addresses the issues arising from the extensive integration of various automation and information systems and sensors.

From field to policy
Extensive integration requires a good information architecture to realize the complexity of business management, management and maintenance. In addition, the architecture must be well-connected to the operational, tactical and strategic goals ‘from field to policy’. The program of the ICT Group Water Congress 2017 addresses this central theme and has been comiled together with the Water Companies, Drinking Water Companies, Municipalities, Engineering Offices and System Providers.

Do you work at a water company, drinking water company, municipality or engineering consultancy and do you deal with (process) automation in the field of wastewater, surface water or drinking water?
Then you can not miss this leading ICT Group Water Congress 2017 – ‘Water and IT, from field to policy’, in Vianen on October 12th 2017! We will inform you about Process Automation, Information Architecture, Cybersecurity, Process Optimization and Digital Transformation in Water. This year includes demo rooms where system vendors bring you in the latest technologies.

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Water news update: Trending topic in the Water sector, save the date, 24/7 service and more

With the Water Updates, ICT Group is pleased to keep you informed about the latest developments in IT solutions in the Water sector. Especially if you are reated to a water company, drinking water company, municipality or engineering consultancy, this information is likely to be relevant to you. In the July 2017 edition of the news update, you will read more about necessity of sustainability and energy neutrality in the Water sector, our 24/7 service, the Water and Process Automation Congress 2017 and more.

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ICT Automatisering signs agreement to operate and control new Botlek bridge

ICT (ICT) has signed an agreement with CS-A15, a partnership of Croon Elektrotechniek and Strabag, for the supply of software to operate and control the new Botlek bridge. The new Botlek bridge will become one of the biggest lift bridges in Europe; the bridge will be wider and higher than the current bridge. As a result of this, shipping traffic can pass the bridge from both sides and therefore it has to be opened less often.

 “We’ve selected ICT as a partner because of its experience with complex projects, involving software operation. Based on a fixed scope including milestones CSA-15 made inquiries among various market parties. ICT matched CSA-15’s selection criteria.”
Arjen van Dam, Business Development Manager ICT: ”As of the first moment we are cooperating smoothly and we are proud to contribute to the new Botlek bridge. The entire project requests a high level of security and application of specific technologies and development methodologies. Over the years we have built a broad experience in remotely operating decentral infrastructure. Once more, this knowledge can be used well in this project.”
A-Lanes A15 is a partnership between Ballast Nedam, John Laing, Strabag and Strukton. For the specialist tunnel and traffic technical installations Croon Elektrotechniek and Strabag (together in the partnership CS A15) are important partners.
The proceedings involve the widening of the route and the building of a new Botlek bridge. The A15 is an important connection between the expanding Rotterdam harbour and industrial area and the European hinterland. The agreement has a duration of 25 years and a total nominal project value of approximately € 1.5 billion. With this the A15 MaVa project is the largest tender by the Department of Public Works ever.
For more information:  website of Department of Public Works About ICT
ICT’s goal is to simplify and improve our clients’ business, production and communication processes and to make them more flexible. We do this by using our high-grade technological expertise. We deploy this expertise in the form of inventive and effective product and market combinations. ICT is organised in line with the markets we serve. We have six verticals: Automotive, Industrial Automation, Logistics, Machine & Systems, Healthcare and Energy. Within each vertical professionals offer specific know-how and expertise of their market’s products and processes. For more detailed information on ICT, visit our website at  www.ict.eu.

Energy consumption in the water sector

Driven by fast-paced technological developments, the water chain is expected to go through a process of ongoing and far-reaching automation in the future. Your stored historical data is actually the DNA footprint of your system and your organization. It is therefore only logical that an effective analysis of your organization’s Big Data will enable you to improve the efficiency of your processes, predict and prevent malfunctions, and minimize downtime. Read more

ICT Automatisering wins Rijn en IJssel tender

ICT (ICT) announces that it has won a European tender put out by the Rijn en IJssel water management authority for the delivery of a new system to manage its waste water purification plants. These systems ensure that residents’ waste water is purified and meets surface water quality standards. The contract specifically covers the development, delivery and implementation of the process automation at Lichtenvoorde purification plant and the sewerage plants linked to that system. Read more

With PVSS well prepared against flood in the Netherlands

PVSS GIS Viewer, a brand-new feature of the latest version of PVSS has become established in the first project in the Netherlands. The Dutch system integrator HUMIQ has developed a new control system named WaterProof for Hoogheemraadschap van Delfland to get better and faster water level information in the Delfland area. HUMIQ (formerly ICT Procos) focuses on providing services to industrial companies, including water boards, regional planning authorities, water extraction, water purification facilities and water quality & water management activities. Read more