Corporate Magazine: Issue 1 – 2019

We have launched a new edition of our Corporate Magazine: Issue 1 – 2019. We are thrilled to share stories that show our dedication to make the world a little smarter every day.

Every Corporate Magazine has a theme. Issue 1 – 2019 is all about Developing the Future. That is our ambition and we aim to achieve this by connecting people, technologies and ideas. You can read about several projects, our CoLab initiative, OrangeNXT, our expansion to Sweden and more. Just see for yourself.


Shipping the 2500th main controller!

A few weeks ago, the unit Machine & Systems shipped their 2.500th main controller to a leading manufacturer of drinking water systems. Only two year after shipping the first one, they already shipped the 2500th main controller set to the customer.

What is a main controller?
A main controller consists of a custom made main board, LCD display with resistive touch interface, interconnection material and, of course, custom made software. All these things together make it a custom made product which the client uses for many of its products. Not only is the main controller a standalone application, it is also the gateway to other custom made products we develop and produce for our customer. Think of different types I/O cards and a pressure regulator.