Water nieuws update: Asset management, Cybersecurity, Waterinfodag, nieuwe opdrachten en meer…

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Met de Water updates (nieuwsbrieven) houdt ICT Group u graag op de hoogte van de laatste ontwikkelingen op het gebied van IT oplossingen in de Water sector. Met name wanneer u werkzaam bent bij een waterschap, drinkwaterbedrijf, gemeente of ingenieurs- adviesbureau is deze informatie relevant voor u.

In de ‘Water Update van maart 2018’ leest u over ‘Asset management, Cybersecurity, de Waterinfodag, nieuwe opdrachten en meer…’

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ICT Group at the Waterinfodag

The Waterinfodag is the annual independent congress with a exhibition floor on information provision in the water sector. Governments, companies and knowledge organizations inform each other about experiences, new developments and ambitions.

ICT Group is also present during the Waterinfodag to inform visitors about the development within Water. We will participate in conversations on the exhibition floor and the visitors will be informed during the presentation on ‘The information architecture to take advantage of the benefits today and tomorrow’ by ICT Group.
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Outsourced Services obtains assurance statement ISAE3402 type 1

Customers of ICT Group (ICT) increasingly outsource an essential part of the service to us. Therewith ICT takes over crucial business processes. A disruption in these processes can have a major impact on the continuity of the customer’s organization.

Customers want assurance. Assurance about important aspects such as risk management, internal control or data integrity.

ISAE 3402 is the international assurance standard for security in outsourcing. ICT can provide this assurance.

Outsourced Services, management, maintenance and updating of applications and information systems, is proud that on February 13th, 2018 KPMG issued the assurance statement ISAE 3402 type 1 for the service to our customers. In the past year ICT Group worked hard to secure the processes and procedures so well that the service to our customers may carry this quality stamp.

ICT Group attends PPA Event (Productie Proces Automatisering)

ICT group is also present at the PPA Event as exhibitor and as presenter on trends and applications of apps on mobile devices in the production industry!

Trends and applications of apps on mobile devices in the production industry
The use of apps on mobile devices is increasing enormously and can no longer be ignored from our daily lives. What possibilities does this offer for production companies? What does the new generation of employees expect from digital tools? ICT Group outlines the trends in this area and shows which practical applications already exist. For example digitizing forms for inspection rounds and maintenance instructions via an app. But also the challenges that exist when using apps to keep them constantly up-to-date and to quickly adapt. We show you in a live demo how you can implement this quickly and future-proof.

Jeroen Donkers – ICT Group

Do you have a challenge that demands the maximum from ICT Group? Challenge us at the PPA Event 2018!

More information about the PPA Event.

ICT Group in top 15 Computable 100 financial research 2017

We proudly report that this year, ICT Group has reached the 15th place in the Computable 100 financial research. A rise of 57 places compared to 2016. The financial research was conducted by MBCF. The score takes in to account: turnover growth, EBITDA-margin, solvency and turnover per employee over a period of three years.

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TNO selects ICT Group’s Motar solution for EcoTwin project

TNO, an independent organization for Applied Scientific Research in the Netherlands, recently selected the Motar solution of ICT Group (ICT) to add value to their prestigious EcoTwin project.

The EcoTwin project uses a 3-Truck platooning concept, in which three trucks cooperate by using automated driving technology. The intention of the EcoTwin development is to show that when vehicles drive within a short distance of each other, any vehicle in the platoon is technically able to follow the vehicle in front of it by using radar, GPS, V2V and camera information. The vehicles are connected with wireless technology and the following vehicles can automatically accelerate, brake and even steer. The ICT Motar solution was an important tool in this project. You can watch the video here

Eeuwke Wielinga, Business Unit Manager ICT Automotive & Mobility: “We are proud that TNO selected our Motar solution for this unique EcoTwin project. With Motar,we offer a solution in which your ECU firmware is ready as soon as the control algorithms are finished. Once your Simulink® prototype model is ready, you can build and flash your model on a production class automotive hardware target with the simple click of a button. Motar really bridges the gap from model to target.”

Eymert van Rooij, Project leader EcoTwin at TNO, “We have selected the ICT Motar solution to support the “EcoTwin” project because it significantly reduced both development time and development costs.

With almost forty years of experience, ICT Group is a leading organization in the Netherlands, especially in the field of industrial automation. ICT wants to make the world a little smarter with their innovative solutions. This project shows that technology based-innovations are critical for the competitive edge of our customers, as in time EcoTwin can make transport more efficient through fuel saving and CO2 emission reduction.

Sense4Baby: home-monitoring of medical pregnancies

Monitoring the pregnancies of women with health issues is vital to prevent child mortality. But this form of healthcare is also very expensive. Telenatal and BMA, ICT Groups’ IT healthcare specialists, have developed a way to improve monitoring and make it less expensive.

In the NOS journal of Saturday, September 16th you can see a good example of the use of Sense4Baby by a pregnant mother who did her own monitoring, without any help from a nurse or midwife. Specialists at the hospital can check the readings via a web portal. The CTG readings can also be added to the patient’s records in the hospital system via a seperate interface. The Mosos system of BMA.

Please take a look at the website of the NOS journal and watch the item about Sense4Baby.

ICT Group N.V. celebrates 20 year listing on stock exchange

ICT Group opened the trade on the Amsterdam exchange by sounding the gong. This was done to celebrate the fact that they have been listed on the stock exchange for 20 years. Apart from this, ICT Group acquired High Tech Solutions (HTS) and passed the milestone of 1.000 professionals.

Roy Jansen, COO: “ICT Group and HTS have worked together on many occasions in the past and it was obvious that there was a cultural fit between the two companies.  HTS brings new clients and specialized knowledge to the ICT Group and because of this acquisition our company now has more than 1.000 employees. Therefore, we are very proud to be here today.”

New Managing Director to take over at InTraffic on September 1, 2017

Bert van Elburg is joining InTraffic as Managing Director on September 1, 2017. Jan Koers will continue his career as Chief Innovation Officer. InTraffic is a joint venture of ICT Group and engineering firm Movares with 180 employees. InTraffic manufactures and maintains complex information and operating systems for the traffic and transport industry. The combination of industry expertise, years of experience and highly specialized employees has established InTraffic as the leading IT specialist in transport and traffic in the Netherlands. Jos Blejie, CEO ICT Group: “We have known Bert van Elburg for years as a very experienced and capable manager, and we are extremely happy that he has decided to continue his career at InTraffic. We are very grateful to Jan Koers for the way in which he has taken InTraffic into this decennium. InTraffic has grown, it has a much broader customer base, and it offers a more extensive portfolio of transport solutions than before. We are therefore very happy that Jan remains involved with InTraffic as Chief Innovation Officer. Read the InTraffic press release here: PRESS RELEASE New Managing Director to take over at InTraffic on September 1, 2017