Dashboard in a Day #4

On October 31st, you can follow our course Dashboard in a Day!

Dashboard in a Day is a daylong, instructor led, hands-on tutorial to accelerate understanding how to use Power BI to gather and transform data, to create visualizations, to gain insights culminating in creating and sharing Power BI dashboards. Upon completion of the hands-on tutorial, students then apply the lessons learned to their own data, with the end goal of leaving the class with a solid foundational knowledge of Power BI and a working dashboard of their data.

This course is perfect for business analysts and other business leaders who must glean insight from history, make assertions for change, and take a direct action with data-driven cases.
Interested in attending this complimentary event? All you have to do is bring your Windows-based Notebook and we’ll supply the rest, including lunch.

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Date & Location
October 31st, from 09:00 – 17:00
InTraffic, Nieuwegein

Free on a first come, first served basis

ICT partner Studentteam InMotion aims to solve the last problem of electric driving

Since 2015, ICT has been a partner of InMotion. ICT has helped the student team with the development of their first electrical car: Fusion. By providing a model-based development Production Platform, Motar, ICT has developed the Electronic Control Units (ECU’s) for the complete car. Motar consists of the ECU’s hardware and platform software. The platform ensured that InMotion could develop and test software for their Fusion car which could be re-used in their new car: Vision.

During their “Revealing the future” event in Eindhoven on September 18th, InMotion announced a new development in electric driving. You can read the complete press release of Inmotion here.

Photos in this article: Johan van Uden and Gerlach Delissen


OrangeNXT at Big Data Expo
This year,  OrangeNXT, an ICT Group company, participates at Big Data Expo on September 19 & 20 in Jaarbeurs Utrecht. We will be present at Microsoft’s stand, number 44. During the expo, Jeroen Delcour will give a presentation.

The presentation is all about high accuracy mapping from videos for efficient asset management in cities.
Asset management in a city is a though job. To do this efficiently, construction companies need highly accurate and up-to-date maps of the environment. Google Maps isn’t enough, but doing on-site surveys is expensive and time-consuming. However, driving through and recording 360° video from a car is cheap and easy. By modelling camera optics and applying machine learning, we automatically generate high-accuracy maps of the environment from video.

Visit the presentation on Thursday, September 20th at 15:00h in the Tech Demo Hall.

Meet OrangeNXT at stand number 44
OrangeNXT: connecting People, Devices and Data.

People, mobileNXT, focus on Field Service
Demo: mobileNXT demo
References: Bavaria, ECT, Engie, BPost.

Devices, conNXT, focus on Asset Management
Demo: conNXT demo
References: Ampelmann, Greenflux, Hytech, Flamco, Remeha, etc.

Data, digitalNXT, focus on Connected Factory (IT / OT convergence), Data Science projecten
Demo: BAM Asphalt/Telecom/Rail, IHC, etc.
References: IHC, BAM, etc.

“Big Data is the future. It provides insights in the past, the present, but also in the future. It creates a basis you – as a person and as an organisation – can use to make accurate strategic decisions and to actively find and implement smart solutions and efficiency improvements.” – Big Data Expo

ICT Group nominated as service integrator of the year

We are proud to announce that ICT Group has been nominated for the Computable Award 2018 in the category: Best Service Integrator of the year! This is the proverbial icing on the cake for the 40th anniversary of ICT.

ICT-magazine Computable presents the Computable Awards for the thirteenth consecutive time in 2018. Based on 28 nominations, a general jury has nominated ten service integrators. The awards are granted to companies, projects and people who, according to Computable readers, have clearly distinguished themselves in the past year.

ICT’s nomination: machine learning in cooperation with BAM Infra

Together with ICT, BAM Infra has examined whether the recognition of damage to asphalt can also be done by a self-learning algorithm. A model has been used that is good at recognizing images. By analyzing images of 360-degree road cameras with this self-learning system, BAM Infra expects to be able to ascertain and classify asphalt damage much more quickly. Experts only have to assess 2 percent of the images. For the general jury of the Computable Awards 2018 a reason to nominate ICT Group in the category Service integrator of the Year.

Do you want to know more about the project? Read the whitepaper and case study here.

Vote now!

Now that an independent jury has chosen the nominees, the audience can vote. The voice of the market eventually determines the winner for 50 percent. The other half is determined by the jury. Voting is possible up to and including October 7th, 2018. On October 30th the winners will be awarded per category.

There are 21 categories. You can choose a favorite within each category. There is no need to cast a vote in all categories. ICT Group can be found under Service Integrator of the Year.

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ICT Group Golf tournament 2018

In June 2018 ICT Group celebrated its 40th anniversary. The closing of this festive month was a golf tournament organized by ICT Group for the benefit of a number of different charities, all of which aim to improve the well-being of children.

On one of the finest golf courses in the Netherlands, “The Dutch” in Spijk, a golf tournament with the theme ‘Children are the future’ was organized. At the end of a very successful day, ICT Group was proud to donate an amount of € 25,000 which was divided between the following organizations:

ICT’s Outsourced Services appointed as Solution Partner Siemens ETM

We are proud to announce that Siemens ETM presented ICT Group’s Outsourced Services as a WinCC OA Solution Partner. ICT Group has already been a Siemens partner for years for several Siemens product groups (PCS7, S7, WinCC).

WinCC OA partners are the number 1 contact for all potential customers interested in Siemens’ high-tech SCADA system, which opens numerous business opportunities. Siemens provides WinCC OA as a state-of-the-art solution platform while their partners apply their industry and/or country specific expertise to the project and develop customized applications. The end-customer thus benefits from highly developed software tailored to satisfy his requirements.

ICT Group as a Solution partner
An enterprise becomes an WinCC OA Solution Partner when it is specialized in integration of industry-specific solutions. Therefore, ICT had to pass a certification program comprised of various training courses. ICT has WinCC OA experience with the execution of projects and the maintenance of systems, for example the Surface Water Management System of HH Delfland, the waste water management system of the Municipality of Utrecht, the Willem van Oranjespoortunnel in Delft and the new Botlek bridge.

Wasaweg Energieneutraal: massaal slim energie uitwisselen

– Dutch only – 

Dertig bedrijven aan de Wasaweg in Groningen gaan onder de naam Wasaweg Energieneutraal slimmer met – duurzame – elektriciteit om. De bedrijven zetten nieuwe technologische tools in die vraag en aanbod in de straat op elkaar afstemmen, waardoor ze duurzaam opgewekte energie onderling kunnen uitwisselen. Donderdag 21 juni verrichtte wethouder Duurzaamheid Mattias Gijsbertsen bij ICT-bedrijf Bossers & Cnossen de officiële start van dit grootschalige energie-innovatie-project.

“Het is voor het eerst in Groningen dat zoveel bedrijven samen kennis delen en innoveren op het gebied van duurzaam energiegebruik”, zegt Gijsbertsen. “Dit soort initiatieven van bedrijven leveren een belangrijke bijdrage aan onze ambitie om Groningen in 2035 energie-neutraal te laten zijn.”

Een sleutelrol voor ICT Group

Door middel van slimme sturing van alle apparatuur zorgt ICT ervoor dat het opwekken en verbruiken van energie optimaal op elkaar afgestemd wordt. Tevens wordt de lokaal opgewekte energie zoveel mogelijk lokaal gebruikt, waarbij we rekening houden met de capaciteit van het netwerk. Met slimme meters wordt het energieverbruik gemonitord. Via Jules Energy wordt de koppeling naar de energiemarkten gelegd, zodat er maximale waarde wordt gerealiseerd wat uiteindelijk leidt tot een lagere energierekening.

Alle sturing loopt centraal via het energyNXT platform. Dit product is speciaal ontwikkeld voor dit soort toepassingen en is eerder ingezet in de projecten Energiekoplopers Heerhugowaard en het lopende GridFlex Heeten project. Daar ging het om huishoudens, nu vormt het zakelijke segment de doelgroep. Op de Wasaweg in Groningen wordt een community van ondernemers ingericht. EnergyNXT is daartoe uitgebreid met nieuwe koppelingen en sturingen zodat we helemaal klaar zijn voor zakelijk energiemanagement in de breedste zin: energiemonitoring, besparingsmonitoring, optimalisatie, batterijsturing, marktkoppelingen, balanceringsdiensten en speciale proposities gericht op communities.


Success story: ICT Group scouts and guides talent

Recently an article appeared in Navisie from Navitas Captial. In this article, CEO Jos Blejie explains that he does everything he can to attract and retain young people. The internal ‘Binden & Boeien’ program – which is about equity participation – is an example of this. Innovation manager Bart Lamot maintains good contacts on behalf of ICT Group with the various technical programs throughout the Netherlands and with their students.

The current run on techies is called A ‘battle for talent’. Renowned companies compete with each other to attract the best IT staff. ICT Group opts for intensive coaching of talents, sometimes even before they work at the company. By recognizing and acknowledging talent, the company experiences little scarcity to date.

–  The article is only available in Dutch – 

Winners of the Dezyne challenge 2018

The Business Unit High Tech of ICT Group has won the Dezyne challenge 2018 which is organized by Verum Software Tools BV in the category “Best Dezyne example”. This year’s challenge was to develop a compact and illustrative example that uses concurrency and / or in the domain of IoT.

As electrical vehicles become more and more mainstream, the demand for charging stations grows. At the same time, the available power at a site may put a limitation on how many cars can be charged simultaneously. For the contribution to the Dezyne Challenge 2018, a team of ICT employees has developed a smart charger for electrical vehicles. When connected in a network, these smart chargers will dynamically divide the available electric power amongst them, whilst taking the overall demand into account. This way, the chargers are able to efficiently share the power available, while respecting the site’s limitations.

If you would like to join our Model Driven Engineering expertise group at unit High Tech, please have a look at the following positions:

Designer Model Driven Engineering
Technical Consultant Model Driven Engineering