ICT Group involved in software development of Instrument Cluster for electric Porsche Taycan

The first fully electric Porsche was announced last September. ICT Group has developed software for two components of this sports car: the Instrument Cluster displayed on the driver’s dashboard and the operation of touch panels that allow the driver and passengers to use the comfort functions.

The Instrument Cluster is displayed on a large, curved LCD screen located behind the steering wheel. Porsche Taycan drivers can use control buttons on the steering wheel to select the information they want to see on the Instrument Cluster in addition to the speedometer. This includes meters that show how fast the car accelerates, the G-forces, the battery status and a navigation screen. In total the Cluster offers some thirty applications with screens. ICT Group developed the software for these applications that efficiently retrieve, process and display information from a large number of other sub systems embedded in the sports car. Prioritisation as well as fast and reliable availability of data are essential requirements for the Instrument Cluster.

ICT Group has also developed the software required for two touch panels that operate the comfort functions of the middle console. The touch panel with haptic feedback is located in front of the middle arm support and allows the driver to operate functions such as the phone, radio and navigation without having to move his hand to the middle console in the front. Passengers on the back seat have their own touch panel for operating the comfort functions.

ICT Group was chosen because of its extensive experience with the Automotive AUTOSAR standard, which offers a platform for embedded software development, as well as the Volkswagen-specific BAP communication protocol. Eeuwke Wielinga, director R&D Engineering at ICT Group: “We have already shown our knowledge of both standards and our ability to integrate them. What’s more, we have proven that our work processes are in compliance with the Automotive SPICE standard, and take into account the functional safety requirements in accordance with ISO26262. This is a requirement in order to be permitted to develop ‘automotive-grade’ software for the automobile industry.”

Qbuzz signs contract with ICT Group for Mobility as a Service

Bus transport company Qbuzz has been awarded the contract for bus transport in the Groningen and Drenthe regions for the next ten years. The contract will come into force on 15 December. Qbuzz’s tender includes Maas services. Qbuzz signed a contract with ICT Group for providing the Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) platform TURNN in the Groningen-Drenthe region.

Intermodal travel planning and tracking

TURNN reduces the uncertainty for travellers during their journey and combines all available modes of transport into an optimised travel plan that is aligned with personal circumstances.  This means that from 15 December, Qbuzz allows travellers to plan their entire journey from door to door, and track their journey with the intermodal TURNN app. The app sends real-time notifications and change notices to travellers informing them if the bus or the next mode of transport is not leaving on schedule. Qbuzz wishes to enter into a long-term partnership with ICT Group, and during this partnership, both parties will gradually add more functionality to the TURNN app. Work on the first addition has already started, and this entails the expansion of the travel planner with an intermodal booking platform. A further plan is to enable payments by means of the app.

TURNN as leading platform

The objective of Qbuzz is to combine forces. “You can’t get anything moving unless you do something” says Gerrit Spijksma, Qbuzz’s General Manager. He doesn’t want to wait for government policy but is taking the lead himself. “We have opted for the best MaaS platform currently available in the Netherlands. With TURNN we want to show the positive impact of MaaS for the traveller and for public transport service providers.”

Accelerate MaaS developments

Taking the lead implies a risk for Qbuzz, but this does not bother Spijksma. “Innovating means taking risks. Our industry has been talking about MaaS for years, but the developments are very slow because of the large number of opposing forces in the world of public transport. Our mission is to combine forces and thus create a natural and ground-breaking movement. We’re going to use the Groningen and Drenthe region to show that it actually works, and we hope that after seeing this example, others will also choose the TURNN platform.”

The Groningen-Drenthe region is extremely well suited for this showcase because it comprises the complete range of dynamics: from a large town with a large number of public transport movements to smaller villages that haven’t had any bus services for years. “If MaaS is successful in this region, it will be a success everywhere”, says Spijksma with conviction.

Expansion with booking and payments

ICT Group’s Dirk Grevink is very happy with the contract. “We have been working together with Qbuzz for a number of years. Both parties are convinced that the way people travel is going to change during the next couple of years, and that MaaS will become a real alternative for travelling by private transport. A crucial factor in this transition is a high quality level of service that connects all links of the chain (bus, train, (shared) car, (shared) bicycle and taxi), and that fully supports the journey. Everyone at TURNN is fully committed to this belief.”

Media source: OV-bureau Groningen Drenthe

ICT completes acquisition of Proficium

Today ICT Group N.V. (ICT) announces it has completed the acquisition of 100% of the shares of Proficium B.V. and Proficium OVK B.V. (collectively referred to as “Proficium”). The acquisition of Proficium is in line with the growth strategy of ICT and fully fits ICT’s strategic objective to become a total solutions provider.

Proficium is a fast growing company delivering consultancy services and secondment in the infra market. Its services include developing and deploying tooling and database applications. Proficium has over 20 employees and generates an annual turnover of around € 3 million. With the existing water & infrastructure activities of ICT Netherlands and the acquisitions of NedMobiel and InTraffic, ICT is  firmly positioned in the Dutch infra consultancy and engineering market. The specific skills of Proficium with regard to asset management and maintenance engineering further strengthen ICT’s position in this market.

Further financial details will not be disclosed.

ICT Group N.V. is a leading industrial technology solutions and services provider. Our specific industry knowledge of various markets, enables us to realise innovative solutions. Approximately 1400 passionate technical specialists are working for the ICT Group. The following subsidiaries are the main operating entities of the ICT Group: ICT Netherlands, ICT Belgium, Additude (Sweden), CIS Solutions Germany, Strypes (Bulgaria), Raster Industriële Automatisering, InTraffic, NedMobiel, BNV, BMA, OrangeNXT and Improve.

This press release contains information that qualifies as inside information within the meaning of Article 7(1) of the EU Market Abuse Regulation.

No digital challenge is too complex for ICT Group

— Only available in Dutch —

Met meer dan 1400 professionals koppelt ICT Group domeinkennis aan innovatieve en integrale IT-oplossingen en biedt ondersteuning aan een breed scala uitdagende projecten. Op de beurs ICT & Logistiek zal de nadruk komen te liggen op oplossingen voor distributie- en retail logistiek.

Maaltijdenbezorger HelloFresh dient op die beurs als voorbeeld van een excellente executie. Het leger van circa 750 Hello-Fresh bezorgers beschikt dankzij de ICT Group op het juiste moment over de juiste informatie. Daar zit een element planning in, waarbij de bezorger just in time informatie krijgt over het volgende afleveradres. Tegelijkertijd bestaat uiteraard de uitdaging om de route zo efficiënt mogelijk in te plannen, terwijl er voor de klant tevens ruimte is voor notificaties. Zo kan de klant bijvoorbeeld aangeven of de bezorger op tijd is aangekomen.

Ook in de meer traditionele retail wereld heeft de ICT Group een rijke ervaring opgebouwd. Zo wordt op dit moment het 25-jarig samenwerkingsverband gevierd met A.S. Watson, het formulehuis achter onder meer Kruidvat en Trekpleister. Deze formules hebben ruim 1.450 filialen. Zonder digitale processen en optimalisatie van de logistiek en het transport zal het nooit lukken om dit wijdvertakte netwerk aan winkels op tijd van het juiste productaanbod te voorzien. Dat vraagt veel van de (digitale) organisatie. Om een voorbeeld te geven: Kruidvat heeft in Heteren een distributiecentrum van maar liefst 78.000 vierkante meter tot zijn beschikking. Per dag verwerkt dit state of the-art logistiek systeem om het proces vloeiend te laten verlopen. Vrachtwagens rijden er af en aan. Dat betekent organisatorisch een forse uitdaging, waarbij uiteraard kostentechnisch een scherp budget geldt. Bij ICT Group gaan wij deze en andere uitdagingen graag aan.

Lees het volledige artikel in het FD.

BMA introduces web-based CTG system MososNXT CTG

BMA, a subsidiary of the ICT Group and specialised in ICT solutions for healthcare in the field of obstetrics, is introducing MososNXT CTG.

MososNXT CTG is a web-based CTG system that integrates seamlessly with any EPD. A CTG provides an easy way to check the condition of a child in the womb. Thanks to the complete integration of the CTG data in the EPD, health care providers have a complete set of the information on mother and child at hand in one single environment.

Integration of CTG and EPD data

MososNXT CTG offers multiple advantages in several domains. Midwives and gynaecologists have a complete set of data available in one, central location: the EPD. Everyone benefits from the advantages offered by working with specialised software, without experiencing the drawback of ‘yet another system’. The quality of healthcare improves while at the same time efficiency increases. Asking a colleague for advice becomes extremely simple with direct access of CTG traces using a phone or tablet.

What’s more, MososNXT CTG provides an Analysing Centre. This is particularly handy for midwife practices that offer CTG registrations at home or in their clinics. The Analysing Centre allows them to share a CTG automatically with a gynaecologist, who can view the CTG from a separate location. The gynaecologist receives a signal when the CTG needs to be assessed, and subsequently the midwife sees the assessment straight away and, if necessary, can take the required action immediately. This is how MososNXT CTG contributes to decentralised healthcare.

Simple and secure access

Because MososNXT CTG is a web-based system that includes an interface with all available EPDs, the IT department does not need to pay any attention to the solution’s management. The software can run in a public or a private cloud, or in a data centre of a hospital. Gynecologists and midwives can have secure access to the CTG data by means of single sign-on, and hospitals that offer a patient portal can make the CTG data available via this portal.

In addition, MososNXT CTG helps in reducing the total cost.

Specialised expertise in the domains of CTG and web-based software

BMA, which is a subsidiary of ICT Netherlands, developed MososNXT CTG in collaboration with Medlife, an Israeli company specialised in web-based CTG solutions. BMA has 35 years of experience with CTG monitoring systems and has a customer base that is located throughout Europe. Joining the expertise of the two companies enables them to meet their customers’ demand for a specialised CTG solution that integrates seamlessly with their EPD more efficiently and faster than ever before.

MososNXT CTG Fits seamlessly in BMA’s product portfolio for the total cycle of pregnancy and birth.

For more information, take a look at the website: www.bma-mosos.nl

Vakbeurs Energie 2019

Dutch only

ICT Group is aanwezig op de Vakbeurs Energie. Deze beurs is hét live B2B platform gericht op duurzame energieopwekking en energiebesparing. Het is een platform boordevol innovaties, lezingen, live demonstraties en waardevolle contacten.

ICT Energy aanwezig met een stand

De unit Energy heeft haar eigen stand op de Vakbeurs. Bezoek ICT Energy op stand D.039. Wij vertellen u hier meer over energyNXT, het eigen geavanceerde IoT-platform van ICT Group.
Daarnaast vertellen wij u samen met partner iwell waarom batterijen een aantrekkelijke en duurzame business case hebben. Lees meer in de case study.

Tijdens de beurs wordt er dagelijks van 10.30 – 11.00 uur een presentatie gegeven. Deze wordt gehouden in het theater Smart Energy. Leer hoe u kunt voldoen aan de wet door energyNXT in te zetten als Energieregistratie- en bewakingssysteem (EBS). Tevens vertellen wij u hoe het platform kan fungeren als energiemanagement systeem en hoe u het inzet als virtual powerplant.

Presentatie – “Vergroot uw resultaten met EMS door aansturing van batterijen”

In de gebouwde omgeving wordt veel gesproken over opslag als missing link in de energietransitie. ICT Group en iwell presenteren de “Cube”, een toepassing in appartementencomplexen met een sluitende business case: piekbelasting door de lift wordt uit de batterij geleverd waardoor woningbouwcorporaties en VVE’s met een goedkopere aansluiting kunnen volstaan.

Maar er is meer mogelijk: ICT biedt met energyNXT een compleet EMS systeem. Het geeft volledig inzicht in de energiehuishouding van pand(en) en kan dienen als (verplicht) Energieregistratie en Bewakingssysteem. Verder biedt het optimalisaties voor CO2 reductie en lagere energieprijzen. Tot slot kunt u meedoen in een virtual power plant: inzet van de batterij op energiemarkten waardoor de waarde optimaal wordt benut.

Gratis registratie!

U kunt zich nu gratis aanmelden via onze speciale registratiepagina. Wij heten u van harte welkom op de beurs op stand D.039.

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Van harte uitgenodigd
Ook in 2019 organiseert ICT Group weer het toonaangevende ICT Group Water Congres. Werkt u bij een waterschap, drinkwaterbedrijf, gemeente of ingenieurs- adviesbureau en heeft u te maken met onder andere (proces)automatisering op het gebied van afvalwater, oppervlaktewater of drinkwater en wilt u op de hoogte blijven van slimme IT-oplossingen in Water? Dan mag u het toonaangevende ICT Group Water Congres in het midden van het land niet missen!

Dit jaar informeren wij u graag over drie belangrijke thema’s binnen Water: Automatisering, Informatisering en Water 4.0. Bekijk het volledige programma.

Keynote spreker
Oliver Grievson is gespecialiseerd in ‘Analysis of water and wastewater’, ‘Experimental Project Design’, ‘Water and Wastewater operational management’, ‘Process Engineering’, ‘Wastewater Instrumentation’, ‘IWA Instrumentation, Control and Automation (ICA)’ en de Smart Water Industry. Tevens is hij eigenaar van Water Industry Process Automation & Control (WIPAC) en partner van CIWEM als reviewer en lid van het ‘professional standards committee’. Oliver is betrokken geweest bij de totstandkoming van de publicatie van het IWA Digital Water rapport dat onderdeel is van het International Water Association’s (IWA) 5-jaar Strategic Plan 2019 – 2024. Op het ICT Water Congres geeft Oliver een toelichting op ‘Digital Water’ waar ook Water 4.0 onder verstaan wordt. Ook is er voldoende tijd voor interactie met Oliver rondom zijn kennis, kunde en netwerk.

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InTraffic ontwikkelt multimodale reisplanner

– Only available in Dutch –

InTraffic (een ICT Group onderneming) ontwikkelt voor het eerst een volledig multimodale reisplanner inclusief deelplatformen. Dit is een mooie aanvulling op de bestaande reisplanners, omdat hier een werkelijk geïntegreerd en gecombineerd advies wordt gegeven voor een reis met verschillende modaliteiten. Bovendien zal het op termijn mogelijk zijn om op basis van voorspellende data reisadvies te geven dat nog actueler en beter is toegespitst op de reiziger. De reisplanner komt na de zomer op de markt.

De multimodale reisplanner wordt aangeboden onder het label TURNN, een onderdeel van InTraffic en ICT Group en sluit aan bij de ontwikkeling van Mobility as a Service in Nederland. De oplossing is meer dan een reisplanner. Reizigers kunnen een reis plannen en boeken waarin OV, deelsystemen en taxi kunnen worden gecombineerd.

De app van Google biedt tegenwoordig weliswaar de mogelijkheid om een Uber te boeken, maar in feite is dit slechts een verwijzing naar de app van Uber. “Bij ons zal het echt mogelijk zijn om meerdere modaliteiten te combineren en direct te boeken”, aldus Dave van Straten van InTraffic.

Lees het volledige artikel op intraffic.nl.


Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) have a long, isolated history. Both developed along separate paths, with different goals, operating in completely different ecosystems.

The gap between these two critical elements hinders manufacturers and (small) chemical companiesin having necessary information on hand. The lack of proper information at the right time can get translated into wrong decisions and unreliable outputs.

Digitalisation, new developments and technologies immediately raise the question of what this means for your company. Do you have to make choices now to stay ahead in your market in the future and if so, which ones? IT and OT won’t remain isolated forever…

ICT Group presents on September 26, in cooperation with OrangeNXT, DSM and various other companies, this unique chance to network with Industry experts in a small setting at Brightlands Chemelot Campus in Geleen.
Join the conversation and find out!

Do you work at a production company, a small / large chemical company or within Industrial Automation? Take a look at the program and register free of charge.