Consultancy and engineering company of the future

The name INNOCY is relatively new. Nevertheless, the consultancy and engineering firm has a wealth of experience. The company is part of ICT Group and was created by the merger of NedMobiel and Proficium. Companies with a lot of experience in the field of infrastructure. In January, INNOCY further expanded with the acquisition of Strypes Netherlands. Jos Blejie, CEO of ICT Group: “By bringing together the expertise of these three companies, INNOCY is the consultancy and engineering firm of the future. INNOCY is already a strong player in the infra industry in its approach of the full V-model. With the addition of Strypes NL, INNOCY has expanded its market position in the area of technology and (industrial) automation within the infrastructure sector and beyond.”  

“We have already worked with Strypes on the Zeedoksluis lock in Den Helder and the Gaasperdammertunnel in Amsterdam. Strypes adds additional expertise in the planning, design, and testing phases. Together, we are strengthening our market position as an innovative, versatile and flexible consultancy and engineering firm.” INNOCY Director Bram ten Klei: “We see that times are changing, there is a huge shortage of engineers and this will only increase. We want to solve this partly by attracting new employees, but technology also plays a very important role.”

Involved in entire life cycle

INNOCY focuses on five domains: asset management, project management, safety, data and information and technology and automation. Ten Klei: “With services in these areas we cover the entire life cycle of complex rail, road and water infrastructure. From the planning phase, to the execution, maintenance and finally the demolition phase. With our technological background, we want to make everything just a little bit smarter.”

Ten Klei says the goal is always to deliver added value that actually benefits the customer. “We are switching more and more to turnkey projects. Like with the extension of the A9 between Badhoevedorp and Holendrecht.” For a fixed price, INNOCY supports customers throughout the asset management organisation. “We are involved in various aspects of the bid from the beginning. We mapped out the risk profile and found an optimum between the risks, performance and costs and benefits during the project and during the maintenance period that follows. We not only make the plan, but provide the right people throughout the contract period, from asset manager to failure coordinators.”

A responsible partner

INNOCY consciously wants to assume part of the risk and responsibility for a project. “We don’t want to charge for our hours, but want to be a partner who takes on a project and assumes responsibility for it. This also applies to the maintenance phase. For example, INNOCY provided a system in a tunnel that gives early warning of safety risks. “Smart technology helps to improve our services.” INNOCY also deploys this technology internally. Ten Klei: “We are working on securing our knowledge and experience with technological solutions. Thanks to the development strength of the ICT Group, we aim to automate 80% of the work. Engineers can then focus on 20% of the interesting and creative part of the work.” In this way, we remain an attractive employer for our employees and a true Lifecycle Master for our customers.  

Strypes Netherlands and INNOCY continue together as the consulting and engineering firm of the future

As of January 1, 2022 Strypes Netherlands and INNOCY, both subsidiaries of ICT Group, will continue together as the consulting and engineering firm of the future under the name INNOCY B.V. Wilko in ‘t Anker is the new general manager of INNOCY with effect from January 1, 2022. 

The combination of Strypes Netherlands and INNOCY will allow us to serve our customers even better in the entire life cycle of complex assets. INNOCY is already a strong player in the infrastructure industry in its approach to the full V-model. With the addition of Strypes Nederland, we have expanded our market position in the areas of technology and (industrial) automation in the infrastructure sector and beyond. 

INNOCY has been involved in almost all new road and train tunnels in the Netherlands in recent years to ensure the safety, management and engineering of the connections. INNOCY also contributed as a consultant to almost all DBFM (Design, Build, Finance and Maintain) contracts in the Netherlands. INNOCY serves the continuous life cycle of complex infrastructure. Strypes has an excellent reputation in the Transport & Infra market which has resulted in large projects related to the design of control software for bridges, tunnels, dams and locks. In addition, Strypes provides consultancy, energy advice and project management on mission critical technical and industrial automation projects at clients in the industry, transportation and infrastructure.   

The Strypes Software Development Center in Lisbon will be added to the nearshoring activities of ICT Group, in order to expand from there. 

INNOCY B.V. is located in Houten: 
Heemsteedseweg 24 
3992 LS Houten 
+31 (0)88 584 1000  

AllSolutions and ICT Netherlands launch OnTime, the app for lightning-fast time registration

Rotterdam, 14 December 2021 – Software supplier AllSolutions launches OnTime in collaboration with ICT Netherlands. This web application enables employees to easily and quickly register hours, claim expenses and take leave.

“Administering hours, is nobody’s favorite activity,” says Jan van Wijngaarden, Managing Director at AllSolutions. “It is of great importance that keeping track of hours, but also declaring expenses and requesting leave, is done properly, because in many cases business operations depend on it. For example, the sooner an employee records his or her hours worked, the faster the finance department can invoice. That means money comes in faster,” Van Wijngaarden continued. “To make those administrative tasks easier, faster and more fun for employees, we developed OnTime together with ICT Netherlands.”

OnTime app

Secure integration with AllSolutions

In the responsive web application, employees can register hours worked, claim expenses and take days off via their smartphone, tablet or laptop. “Just from the couch,” Van Wijngaarden explains. “All in an intuitive interface with Single Sign-On, and fully and securely linked to our online business software AllSolutions.” The link allows employees to register their hours on the project numbers and phases that they also use in AllSolutions. So all the data comes directly from the system, with the great advantage that the app itself does not store any data.

“We are proud to have created this product in co-creation with AllSolutions, Our 1,500 employees already benefit from the app themselves. We look forward to also helping other organizations to make their employees’ work easier.”

Almando Coutinho, Business Consultant Data Analytics at ICT Netherlands

Simpler work for employees

The Woerden-based software provider created the application together with ICT Netherlands, a software integrator that provides innovative solutions and has been a customer of AllSolutions since 1993. “We are proud to have created this product in co-creation with AllSolutions,” says Almando Coutinho, Business Consultant Data Analytics at ICT Netherlands. “Our 1,500 employees already benefit from the app themselves. We look forward to also helping other organizations to make their employees’ work easier. In this way, we will ensure more satisfied employees, satisfied customers and satisfied finance departments.”

Would you like more information about the OnTime app or request a demo? Go to:

Turnn with mobility awareness campaign at Dutch Design Week Eindhoven

Smarter, more sustainable and safer travel is a must. Certainly in a fast-growing region like Brainport Eindhoven. In order to keep the region accessible, liveable and safe, Turnn (part of ICT Group), Brainport Development, the Municipality of Eindhoven and ASML are launching an awareness campaign and actions this month to encourage employees of Brainport companies to travel smarter, safer and more sustainably. With the slogan: ‘How zero are you?’ and a serious game, they are calling on employers and employees in the Brainport region to think about mobility.

Exhibition fromAntoBrainport during Dutch Design Week

On Monday, October 4th, the initiators started the awareness campaign for employers and employees. With a serious game that inspires you to think about how you travel more sustainably, the parties will visit the campuses in the region. The central question is: “How zero are you?” During the Dutch Design Week (DDW) from 16 to 24 October, the serious game will be set up for a broad audience. In it, Turnn takes travellers on a journey into the future of sustainable mobility. This will be brought to life at the exhibition during DDW.

In an interactive and visual way, a picture is formed of the Mobility As a Service (MaaS) pilot that was recently launched to keep the Brainport region liveable and accessible. The cooperation with ASML, Eindhoven municipality and Brainport Development to stimulate sustainable business travel is central to this.

Turnn app ready for regional scaling

One of the possibilities for more sustainable travel is the MaaS project with the Turnn app. With it, employees can plan, book and pay for their business trips. “The Turnn MaaS app has been extensively tested by more than 750 users over the past period,” says Davy van de Haar, one of the people involved in Turnn (part of ICT Group). “Together with the users, we improved the app and prepared it for regional scaling. With Turnn, companies will be able to travel by train without an OV chip card, declare their own transport and book shared transport from 1 October.”

Team of 500 Power Women in the Amstel Gold Tour

What an amazing sight to see a special team of 500 women at the start of Amstel Gold Race on Saturday 11 September 2021. ICT Group was the main sponsor of this great initiative by Leontien van Moorsel, Wendy van Dijk and Anouk Smulders.

In this team there were also a number of colleagues from ICT Group. In just two months’ time, these nine power women were trained by Leontien van Moorsel for a long ride through the Limburg hills. The Geulhemerberg, Kloosterberg, Fromberg and of course the Cauberg. Nothing stopped them from reaching the finish line.

 “We are so proud of these women”, says Carla Stuifzand, marketing director. “They have shown that with perseverance, training, fun and togetherness you can achieve anything. I invite you to meet Inge, Priya, Merle, Khushboo, Anisha, Jyotsna, Claudia, Floor and Jolijn and hear their story.”

“Just like cycling, the IT world is still mainly a man’s world”, says CEO Jos Blejie. “We are happy with the influx of women into our company and want to to offer them the opportunity to develop themselves. It was therefore a logical step for us to support the initiative.”

The sponsorship is part of ICT Group’s Go for IT! campaign, in which well-being, vitality, inclusiveness and collaboration are key.

Intelligent Water tijdens Waterinfodag

ICT Group would like to meet you again in 2021 on the Water Info Day in Den Bosch! The program is varied and has an interesting themes.

We would like to meet you at our stand (106) where we will tell you more about Intelligent Water. Smart, data-driven, IT solutions for a sustainable water cycle and smart water management for water boards, drinking water companies and governments. Or during our presentation on ‘Smart Water Management’ given by Oasen and OrangeNXT (an ICT Group company).

Presentation at 16.00 hours

Smart Water Management
Jonathan Vondeling (Oasen) and Bas Lamme (OrangeNXT, part of ICT Group)

The availability and quality of drinking water in the Netherlands is extremely high. On average, we are cut off from the tastiest drinking water in the world for less than 20 minutes a year. Further improvement is only possible with new digital solutions, data is key! What are the developments of the Digital Twin on the way to a self-managing pipe networks? From more and better insight into the behavior of the pipe network, to anticipating and eventually acting fully automatically with the help of Artificial Intelligence. The considerations and choices for technology, architectures (OT/IT), platforms (IoT Central/Digital Twin) and partners (3D / Drone / Cloud / PA / UX / Mixed Reality) will be discussed in detail. We look forward to welcoming you at 16.00 in room De Galloway. Read the case ‘Oasen adopts a pioneering approach to public provision with Azure IoT’.

See you in Den Bosch on Tuesday, September 7!

Waterinfodag ICT - Intelligent water

Revolution, the newest Endurance Racer from InMotion, revealed

Yesterday, InMotion, the TU/e student racing team, presented its Revolution: the newest Endurance Racer. ICT Group has been a partner of InMotion since 2015 and supports the team with its model-based development Production Platform Motar.

ICT has helped the student team with the development of their first electrical car: the Fusion. Thanks to Motar, ICT has developed the Electronic Control Units (ECU’s) for the complete car. Motar consists of the ECU’s hardware and platform software. The platform ensured that InMotion could develop and test software for their Fusion car which could be re-used in the car that followed; the Revolution.

Gerlach Delissen Photography

The InMotion team has done plenty of testing since the end of 2020. For example, the battery pack, the heart of this unique electric racing car, has been tested for its fast charging capabilities. Charging now takes twelve minutes. The racing car was also extensively tested at Breda International Airport. Here the first driving tests were done up to 205 kilometers per hour. These tests were done to collect valuable data and to make sure the racing car drives as stable as possible.

The fact that recharging takes only 12 minutes is a very impressive achievement. Student team InMotion is working towards the 24h of Le Mans, where they want to compete in 2023. “The team is already very proud of the performance we achieved during testing.  We think that with this car we are making a great first step in the direction of “Electric Refueling”, says the more than proud team manager Rainier Heijne. Laura van Erp, account manager at InMotion reacts to this: “ICT is a trusted partner of InMotion and we are proud to team-up with an innovation-driven company like this. Thanks to the partnership, it is possible for our Endurance racer to drive its first meters and to fast charge on the track.”

Up till now, the team has already several lap records on its name: the electric lap record on Circuit Zandvoort, Circuit Zolder and TT Circuit Assen. Koen Peppelman, ICT’s Business Unit Manager R&D Engineering Products: “We are excited to contribute to the goal of InMotion to make charging as fast and convenient as refueling. With the Revolution, InMotion is one step closer to its final goal: Le Mans in 2023. Being at forefront of many of the latest developments in the automotive industry, we successfully developed the Motar platform. The platform assists with the most complex part of innovation processes: compiling the process model into code for the embedded software. In case of InMotion, the Motar ECUs are used for the control of every electronic function in the car. We have been developing in close collaboration and Motar enables us that a lot of the developed and tested software can be reused for the team’s next cars. We cannot wait to start breaking the next records.”

ICT Group nominated for Computable Awards: vote for us!

ICT Group has been nominated for the Computable Awards 2021 in the Service Integrator category. The reason for this nomination is the won tender for the PALGA contract. Will you help us win this award? From 5 July to 10 October you can vote for us via this link. Thank you in advance for your support!

Computable Awards 2021 ICT Group

PALGA contract for ICT Group

PALGA, the Pathological-Anatomical National Automated Archive, manages a database with all pathology results of the Netherlands, as well as a computer network for data exchange with all pathology labs of the Netherlands. The existing infrastructure is intended for the exchange of orders and pathology reports between the 49 affiliated laboratories and the storage of the 85 million examination reports that the database now contains. Because the infrastructure needed replacing, a European tender was issued. This was won by ICT Group. For the general jury of the Computable Awards 2021, this was reason enough to nominate ICT Group in the Service Integrator category.

The development of the new communication service will start in December 2020. The implementation is planned from the end of 2021 and will be completed in 2023. It involves the design, implementation and management of a new communication service. The contract has a term of ten years. ICT Group was awarded the tender because they showed in their offer that they understand what the work is about and how the responsibilities should be divided..

With its Smarter Industries solutions, ICT Group provides services to the automotive, manufacturing and high-tech, food, chemical and pharmaceutical, oil and gas, and logistics industries. The Smarter Cities solutions focus on water, rail and road infrastructure, as well as public transport and mobility. The Smarter Healthcare unit provides solutions for the exchange of medical data and services and/or products in the fields of radiotherapy and obstetrics. In addition, ICT Group provides its own cloud-based software for iot, digital transformation and artificial intelligence.

Please vote for us!

Half of the opinion of the professional jury determines who will win, the other half is in the hands of the public vote. Therefore we appreciate it enormously if you want to vote for our nomination! This can be done via the voting procedure on the Computable website. After filling out a form you will receive a voting link. You can only vote once per category. Our PALGA project can be found under the category Service Integrator. Voting is possible until Sunday, October 10. The winners will be announced on November 2.

ICT Group nominated for Computable Awards 2021

ICT Group is nominated for the Computable Awards 2021. For the general jury the PALGA contract was the reason to nominate ICT Group in the category Service Integrator.

About the Computable Awards

Ict trade title Computable has handed out ten nominations within the Computable Awards 2021 in the category Service Integrator. People can vote as from July 5th  and the winner will be announced on November 2nd.

A group of in total 21 Computable experts has digitally assessed the 36 nominations in the category Service Integrator. Their assessment formed the basis for the general jury of the Computable Awards 2021 to choose the ten nominees. This jury team consists of Artie Debidien, Stijn Grove, Bart van der Mark, Ruud Mulder and Fred Streefland. The nominations have been tested on the distinguishing capacity of the supplier, the distinguishing capacity of the product and what makes the company special according to the submitter.

Read the jury’s report of ICT’s nomination here (Dutch only). 

Container Terminal Automation Conference 2021

Visit ICT Group on CTAC 2021

ICT Group is one of the exhibitors at the Container Terminal Automation Conference (CTAC) 2021. This fully virtual event will take place from Tuesday, May 18 to Friday, May 21.

This year’s event will host debates on the state of the sector featuring C-Level leaders from the industry, explore the emerging technologies that are revolutionising the sector and help guide your continued journey towards automation.

Key topics for 2021:

  • Automation in brownfield terminals
  • Big data and emerging technologies
  • The state of the sector

CTAC 2021 follows the success of the 2020 virtual event, which saw 450 attendees which included over 200 terminal operators. Over 60 speakers will present and discuss across the four days of CTAC 2021 which will feature C-level representatives from Container Terminals from DP World Limassol, all the way to Hutchison South East Asia and many in between, all sharing their own insights and case studies.

Smart Port webinar

As a follow-up to the CTAC 2021, ICT Group is hosting a Smart Port webinar on Thursday, May 27. In this webinar, of interest to anyone involved in port logistics and container shipping, we would like to share with you our vision on container terminal automation. How to achieve Smart Port Logistics, like we do for ECT and PSA.

Open systems and data-driven orchestration

A wave of technological innovation and integration is enabling industries, including ports, to operate in a more data- and insight-driven way. A Smart Port uses automation and innovative technologies. Data intelligence and IoT improve performance and optimize Return on Investment.

The ports of the future will expand their role by orchestrating information flows to improve the efficiency of their entire ecosystem. Information is the cornerstone of Port 4.0. As revolutionary as closed automation silos were in their days, today they limit your business. A new approach is needed if you want to stay in control and ahead of the curve. Replacing closed automation silos with open orchestrated systems is the key.

Sign up now and learn more about Smart Port Logistics!