ICT selected as AVEVA Model-Driven MES Practice Partner

Being a part of the exclusive AVEVA Model-Driven MES Practice allows ICT to offer elevated benefits to customers.

ROTTERDAM, May 3, 2021 – AVEVA, a global leader in industrial software, driving digital transformation for industrial organizations managing complex operational processes,  has selected ICT Netherlands, part of ICT Group, to join its Model-Driven Manufacturing Execution System (MES) Practice Partner Program. ICT Netherlands is one of only three partners from the Benelux region who has qualified for this elite program by meeting AVEVA standards and requirements. As a development partner, ICT will help AVEVA to build a knowledge base with reusable templates. This contributes to expanding industry  best practices and functionality in AVEVA’s software library  and enables ICT to realize projects much faster, bringing in enhanced benefits to end customers.

We are proud to be part of AVEVA’s worldwide Practice Partner Program as one of only three partners in the Benelux.

Erwin Pouwels, Strategic Partner Director of ICT Netherlands

Mark Satink, General Manager of AVEVA Distributor Wonderware Benelux, said, “The Model-Driven MES offering is our solution for a Manufacturing Execution System at production companies that want to step into the Industry 4.0 era to become a truly smart factory with optimal automatized and paperless workflows. We need knowledgeable partners that have the necessary skill to integrate our solution. ICT already has a proven track record in the implementation of our SCADA and MES offering, and we are  delighted that they are taking this next step.”

Model-Driven MES is a processcentric approach to the digital transformation of best practices for reuse, sustainable standardization, and continuous improvement in plant and multi-site manufacturing operations. AVEVA’s Model-Driven MES approach combines the traditional benefits of a manufacturing execution system with modern digital workflow management technology to bring people, organizations, and processes together for increased efficiency as well as for capturing work processes and operational procedures in digital workflows and related user experience configurations (models).

AVEVA logo

As a supplier, AVEVA has chosen to focus primarily on  developing, and  delivering the software product portfolio including service and support. Delivering projects with their software products is reserved for these elite system integrators. This allows all parties to do what they do best.

Erwin Pouwels, Strategic Partner Director of ICT Netherlands, said, “We are proud to be part of AVEVA’s worldwide Practice Partner Program as one of only three partners in the Benelux. ICT is a major player in the European technology solutions market. We have already realized several large projects with AVEVA MES. In addition, we have a large group of expert engineers who have extensive domain knowledge, mainly in the Food, Chemical, Pharma and Water market segments. Thanks to this intensive partnership with AVEVA, our customers will benefit from the advantages of Model-Driven MES.”

ICT reports revenue and EBITDA growth

Q1 2021 results ICT Group

Highlights Q1 2021

  • Revenue in Q1 2021 up 5% to € 43.7 million (Q1 2020: € 41.6 million)
  • Organically revenue was flat, mainly due to the tight labour market
  • EBITDA increased 20% to € 5.4 million (Q1 2020: € 4.5 million) due to increased productivity levels and cost control measures 
  • On 1 April ICT announced the closing of two acquisitions in industrial automation  
  • The future business impact of the pandemic is difficult to predict, therefore we refrain from giving an outlook for the full year 2021.

Intended public offer

  • On 5 March 2021, a Consortium led by NPM Capital announced an intended public offer for ICT Group
  • The Offer Memorandum related to the intended public offer was filed with the AFM for review and approval on 1 April 2021
  • Unconditional approval of the Netherlands Authority for Consumers & Markets (Autoriteit Consument & Markt) in connection with the Offer is obtained

Key figures

Jos Blejie, CEO of ICT Group N.V.:
“In Q1 2021 we saw the trends continuing, including the ongoing strong performance of our nearshoring and project businesses, and at the same time the impact of Covid-19 still weighing on other activities. Moreover, Covid-19 is constraining our recruitment activities, which makes it harder to attract new talent. This in particular contributed to a flat organic revenue development. Thanks to the contribution of the acquisitions Yellowstar and Esprit, reported revenue growth came in at 5%.

The EBITDA development reflects the increased productivity levels, which we saw improving since last summer. In combination with our continued cost discipline, EBITDA improved compared to Q1 2020. 

As expected, the uncertainties related to Covid-19 continue to limit our visibility. Furthermore, the tight labour market continues to pressure organic growth. We are however well positioned and well equipped, thanks to our enhanced business agility, to continue our strategic journey.”

Financial developments
In the first quarter of 2021 revenue increased by 5% to € 43.7 million from € 41.6 million in the same period last year. This increase is mainly attributable to the acquisitions of Esprit (consolidated as of July 2020) and Yellowstar (consolidated as of January 2021). Organically, revenue was at the same level as Q1 last year. 

EBITDA increased 20% to € 5.4 million in the first quarter of 2021 compared to € 4.5 million in the same period in 2020. This increase is attributable to increased productivity levels as well as cost control measures. 

The EBITDA margin came in at 12.4%, an improvement compared to Q1 2020 (10.9%). 

At ICT Netherlands we saw an improvement in productivity levels, mainly in the Engineering R&D segment where the Automotive activities improved versus the first quarter last year. 

COVID-19 impacted the public transport activities, including TURNN and also Improve continued to be affected as the market for trainings is still at low levels. OrangeNXT faced lower project activity levels. 

The nearshoring activities in Bulgaria continued their strong performance, both in revenue and result. The productivity levels of the Swedish activities are improving versus the first quarter 2020. Also in Sweden, the tight labour market is limiting growth. 

On 1 April 2021, ICT announced the closing of the acquisition of Profit Consulting Eindhoven B.V. and Profit Consulting Apeldoorn B.V. as well as the acquisition of Strypes Nederland B.V. The latter includes a subsidiary in Portugal, Strypes Technical Software Unipessoal LDA Portugal, which provides ICT with a new nearshoring location. 

The labour market remains challenging and we foresee recruitment activities still being hampered by COVID-19, therefore we expect organic growth to continue to be pressured. Because of this, combined with the difficulty to predict the future business impact of the pandemic, we refrain from giving an outlook for the full year 2021.

Tunnel Challenge boring? Not according to the participants: ‘There is a lot of technology behind a tunnel’.

For third-year students of Electrical Engineering and Technical Informatics, 12 and 13 April at Avans Hogeschool in Den Bosch were all about the Tunnel Challenge. Thinking about automation in tunnels was the challenge. There is much more to it than meets the eye”. ICT Group, INNOCY together with partner Schneider Electric were proud sponsors of this event.

On the top floor at Avans on the Onderwijsboulevard in Den Bosch, groups of students are working fully focused behind their laptops on Tuesday morning. In the middle of the classroom there is a large digital screen, on which a tunnel can be seen. It is a simulator that the students operate. Every now and then, several cars race past. When third-year Technical Computer Science student Youri Leenman presses a button on his laptop, a bright light suddenly shines in the digital tunnel. It took a while for this to work, but now that it has, it’s great fun to do”, he says, laughing.

Read more about the students’ experiences here. Only available in Dutch.

ICT Group sponsor Amstel Gold Race

This year, ICT Group is the proud sponsor of the Amstel Gold Race. The cycling event will take place on Sunday, April 18th.

ICT Group considers the health and well-being of its employees extremely important. Especially in a time when working from home is the norm, it is more important than ever to stay fit and vital. We are happy to contribute to this sporting event, in which we are also involved from a technological aspect.

AP Hogeschool Antwerpen anticipates digital developments in obstetric care

An acceleration of digital care has taken place in recent years. Staff shortages result in increased caseload and healthcare costs are increasing. In addition, there is an increased need to be flexible and to focus on the patient’s wishes. Offering the correct type of care in the right place can reduce the pressure on the second line of care. Healthcare needs to be redesigned to make it future-proof. Obstetric care is no different. With that in mind, the Midwifery training programme of AP Hogeschool Antwerpen recently became the first obstetric training programme to use the Sense4Baby unit, deliverd by ICT Healthcare & Technology Solutions (ICT HCTS) to prepare its students for a new way of working via telemonitoring.

AP Hogeschool Antwerpen offers students a three-year training programme to become a midwife. They can then decide to work as a midwife on the obstetric, maternity, fertility, gynaecology or neonatology departments, or in an independent practice. From now on, this training programme will also teach them to work with Sense4Baby, a portable and wireless system for pregnancy monitoring. It is a mobile version of a CTG monitor that is used to record the foetal heart rate. The midwife can perform this recording, or the pregnant woman can do it herself at home. The resulting data are sent to a secure online portal, so that the treating healthcare practitioner can view the CTG recording in real time or at a later time. This allows for remote monitoring of the heart rate of both mother and child, as well as the mother’s blood pressure and any contractions. This product has been used extensively by hospitals for more than eight years.

By purchasing the Sense4Baby, AP Hogeschool Antwerpen is anticipating on a development that has been ongoing for some time. By incorporating the recording and interpretation of CTGs remotely in the curriculum, AP Hogeschool Antwerpen is leading the way in the training offered to future midwives.

Eveline Mestdagh, Head of Training for Midwifery AP Hogeschool Antwerpen explains:

“We consider it our role as a knowledge institute to prepare healthcare providers for the future. Therefore, we want to give them the opportunity to become acquainted pro-actively with new and future developments in obstetric care. Students must be given the opportunity during their studies to familiarise themselves with and practice using new medical technology and devices. The use of Sense4Baby fits perfectly in this vision. Telemonitoring contributes to a balance between health economics and the patient’s wishes.”

Telemonitoring with Sense4Baby
Digitalisation in obstetric care has resulted in the monitoring of women with high-risk pregnancies (such as high blood pressure, growth retardation, PPROM, diabetes, etc.) increasingly being performed at the patient’s home via telemonitoring. They receive a lightweight Sense4Baby case to take home, which contains a transducer, tocograph, pulse oximeter, chargers, belts, gel and a smart phone/tablet with the Sense4Baby app. The user receives instructions on paper and in an instruction video, both in addition to the training received from the hospital. Patients will record a CTG on a daily basis at the agreed time, depending on the indication and the hospital’s protocol. The patient can also enter notes, for example when she experiences pain or when movement is observed. Vital signs, such as temperature, can also be entered. The treating healthcare practitioner will assess the CTG at a later stage, or will view the CTG in real time via the streaming functionality. The patients will return to the consultation for a check once a week. This type of telemonitoring allows women to avoid lengthy admissions or daily trips to the hospital. As a result, the care is more efficient, whilst the pregnant woman remains in her familiar environment and makes daily use of the hospital’s expertise remotely.

Over the last few years, the University Medical Centre Utrecht (UMCU) has worked with three other hospitals on the HOTEL study: HOspital care versus TELemonitoring in high-risk pregnancy. This study revealed that telemonitoring yields a major benefit for the pregnant woman. She can remain in her own familiar surroundings and continue caring for her family, which reduces stress.

Would you like to know more about Sense4Baby?
Do you have questions about Sense4Baby? Please contact Marco van Elst (T: +31641617263, E: marco.van.elst@ict.eu)

ICT closes two acquisitions in technical automation

Today ICT Group N.V. (ICT) announces the acquisition of 100% of the shares of Profit Consulting Eindhoven B.V. and Profit Consulting Apeldoorn B.V. (jointly called ‘Profit’) as well as the acquisition of 100% of the shares of Strypes Nederland B.V. (‘Strypes’). The acquisitions are in line with the growth strategy of ICT which is geared towards being a leading European technology solutions provider in defined markets.

Profit is a service provider in technical automation which was founded in 1998. It designs, develops and implements complex software solutions for high-end technical surroundings in a broad range of industries: healthcare, automotive, semiconductor, aviation and spacecraft industry and government. The acquisition of Profit increases ICT’s scale and market share in the technical automation industry. Profit employs approximately 30 FTE and reported revenue of € 3.9 million in 2020. 

Strypes is a service provider in the field of technical and industrial automation. The company mainly operates in the transport and infrastructure market and is also active in the Life Sciences, High Tech, Industry and Utilities markets. With the acquisition of Strypes, ICT strengthens its position in the Infrastructure market in the Netherlands in terms of scale, products and additional expertise. Strypes has a subsidiary in Portugal, Strypes Technical Software Unipessoal LDA Portugal, which provides ICT with a new nearshoring location. Strypes was founded in 2011 and used to be part of the same group as the current ICT nearshoring activities in Bulgaria. The company employs approximately 40 FTE and reported revenue of € 5.9 million in 2020. 

Jos Blejie, CEO of ICT: “I am pleased to announce the acquisition of Profit and Strypes. With these acquisitions we will increase our scale and enhance our knowledge in specific areas. We warmly welcome our new colleagues to the ICT Group.” 

No further financial details will be disclosed.

Update on intended public offer for ICT Group by a Consortium led by NPM Capital

This is a joint press release by ICT Group N.V. (“ICT Group” or the “Company“), NPM Investments XI B.V. (the “Offeror“) (a wholly-owned subsidiary of NPM Capital N.V. (“NPM Capital“)) and Teslin Ipanema Acquisition B.V. (Teslin Acquisition”) (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Teslin Participaties Coöperatief U.A. (“Teslin“), and together with NPM Capital the “Consortium“) pursuant to the provisions of Section 7, paragraph 1 sub a of the Dutch Decree on Public Takeover Bids (Besluit openbare biedingen Wft, the “Decree“) in connection with the intended recommended public offer by the Offeror for all the issued and outstanding ordinary shares in the capital of ICT Group. This announcement does not constitute an offer, or any solicitation of any offer, to buy or subscribe for any securities in ICT Group. Any offer will be made only by means of an offer memorandum (the “Offer Memorandum“) approved by the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (Autoriteit Financiële Markten, the “AFM“). This announcement is not for release, publication or distribution, in whole or in part, in or into, directly or indirectly, the United States, Canada and Japan or in any other jurisdiction in which such release, publication or distribution would be unlawful.

Rotterdam/Amsterdam/Maarsbergen, the Netherlands, 1 April 2021
Reference is made to the joint press release issued by ICT Group and the Consortium led by NPM Capital on 5 March 2021 in respect of the intended public offer to be made by the Offeror for all the issued and outstanding ordinary shares in the capital of ICT Group (the “Shares”) at an offer price of EUR 14.50 (cum dividend) (the “Offer”). As announced in its 5 March 2021 press release on the annual results, ICT Group proposes a EUR 0.40 dividend per Share for the 2020 financial year which will be brought to a vote at the annual general meeting of 12 May 2021, as convened on 31 March 2021 (see www.ict.eu). If the proposal is adopted at the annual general meeting, the offer price to be received by the shareholders of ICT Group (if and when the Offer is made and declared unconditional) will be adjusted to EUR 14.10 per Share.

Pursuant to the provisions of Section 7, paragraph 1 sub a of the Decree, which requires a public announcement, including a status update on an intended public offer within four weeks after the offer is announced, ICT Group and the Consortium hereby provide this joint update on the Offer.

The Consortium and ICT Group confirm that they are making good progress on the preparations for the Offer. A request for review and approval of the Offer Memorandum will be filed with the AFM today.

The Consortium and ICT Group further announce that they have obtained the unconditional approval of the Netherlands Authority for Consumers & Markets (Autoriteit Consument & Markt) in connection with the Offer. Consequently, the competition clearance required to close the Offer, if and when made, has been obtained. In addition, ICT Group’s works council has been requested to render its advice on the intended decision of ICT Group’s executive board and supervisory board to support the transaction and recommend the Offer.

Based on the required steps and subject to the necessary approvals, the Consortium and ICT Group anticipate that the Offer will close in Q3 2021.

Download the complete press release.

ICT convenes Annual General Meeting

ICT Group N.V. (ICT) today published the convocation for its Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (AGM), that will be held via a live video-webcast on Wednesday 12 May 2021.

In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and following the temporary Act COVID-19 Justice and Safety (the “Emergency-Act”), the AGM will only be electronically accessible for shareholders via a live video-webcast. The shareholders can vote through an electronic proxy and have the opportunity to submit questions to ICT prior to the AGM at ava2021@ict.nl.

On the Company’s website you will find further information with regard to registration and instructions about how to submit votes or questions prior to the AGM. All documents, including the agenda, an explanation of the agenda items as well as the accompanying documents and the 2020 Annual Report are available on the website.

Rijnstate Hospital monitors pregnant women with a medical indication from home

During the pandemic, ICT Healthcare & Technology Solutions (HCTS) decided to support hospitals here and abroad by providing a number of Sense4Baby telemonitoring units free of charge. Rijnstate made use of this offer. It now offers this service permanently to women with high-risk pregnancies. 

For indications like premature rupture of membranes, high blood pressure, diabetes and delayed growth, pregnant women in the last phase of pregnancy are monitored more closely. Sometimes a CTG must be done daily. This registers the baby’s heartbeat and the uterine activity. Normally, patients would go to the hospital for this procedure, but nowadays it can be done remotely via telemonitoring.

In the specialist Rijnstate Hospital, around two thousand births are supervised by gynaecologists, nurses and midwives. Telemonitoring of pregnant women with a medical indication was already on the wish list of Rijnstate Hospital’s Maternity Department. The outbreak of COVID-19 accelerated its implementation. By using telemonitoring, patients do not have to be admitted to hospital for long stays or come to the outpatient clinic for daily check-ups. Care can be provided safely and efficiently while the pregnant woman remains in her familiar environment and makes daily use of the hospital’s expertise remotely. In particular, vulnerable pregnant women who are at higher risk of infection are exposed less by being monitored at home.

How does Sense4Baby work?

Sense4Baby is provided in a lightweight suitcase with all accessories needed to monitor the mother’s blood pressure, the mother’s and baby’s heartbeat, any contractions and other vital signs. In consultation with the hospital, the patient sets up and connects the monitor daily at a set time. The monitoring is activated using the Sense4Baby app on the smartphone provided. This allows a recording to be made that can later be sent to the hospital for the gynaecologist to evaluate. Or the streaming option can be chosen, with which the hospital watches the CTG signal live.

ICT Healthcare Technology Solutions B.V. moves to Nieuwegein

With our future-proof solutions, we offer new ways to improve healthcare for mother and child duing pregnancy and childbirth. HCTS is active across Europe with both self-developed products and as a supplier of partner products. The mission of HCTS is to deliver ‘better care’.

ICT HCTS has recently experienced a beautiful growth and is therefore moving to a more spacious and better accessible office in Nieuwegein. The new office offers a pleasant working environment and the space needed for growth.

From Monday, 15 March, the address details are as follows:
ICT Healthcare Technology Solutions B.V.
Iepenhoeve 11
3438 MR Nieuwegein
T: +31 30 666 50 21

Although the visiting address of HCTS has changed as of today, the employees follow the Covid-19 guidelines closely and still work mainly from home.

Do you want to know more about ICT Healthcare Technology Solutions (HCTS)?
Take a look at the website: Healthcare Technology Solutions – ICT