Avoiding Peak Times on the Power Grid

One of the main challenges currently facing the Dutch energy sector is how to balance power grids at a time when it’s becoming increasingly difficult to predict supply and demand due to the emergence of wind and solar energy. A consortium including grid manager Stedin and ICT Group has developed a system to manage peaks in consumption and production, without the need to install any extra cables in the ground.

The Dutch power grid is extremely reliable: a report published by Netbeheer Nederland reveals that the electricity supply was available 99.996015% of the time in 2016. This can be credited to the national grid manager Tennet and the various regional grid managers, including Stedin, Enexis, and Alliander. Tennet is mainly responsible for balancing the power supply and demand, while also handling the transport of high-voltage electricity. The regional grid managers in the Netherlands manage the distribution of electricity at the regional and local levels and prevent medium- and low-voltage grids from overloading.

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